Las Vegas Reopening

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Current Updates on Las Vegas Poker Rooms That are No Longer Operational

In March, prior to the closure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Las Vegas boasted a total of 31 poker rooms. Out of this number, 14 have successfully resumed operations, leaving 17 yet to reopen. Check out the comprehensive list below.

Park MGM

Current Updates on Las Vegas Casinos That Are No Longer Operational

On June 4, 2020, Las Vegas witnessed the reopening of its casinos, with a grand total of 61 establishments resuming operations. However, as time went on, only 25 of these casinos managed to stay open.

The Current Outlook of a Las Vegas Getaway

My spouse and I enjoyed two evenings away recently. One was in the heart of the city, while the other was in the lively entertainment hub. We had an amazing time. We solely...

Nevada Implements Mandatory Face Masks or Partitions for Table Games

Update: In light of recent developments, it has been mandated that all Nevada casinos, along with the majority of public venues, now enforce the wearing of face coverings or masks. The Nevada Gaming Control Board will oversee the implementation of this requirement.


Las Vegas Casino Mask Policies

Update: Effective June 17th, the Nevada Gaming Control Board implemented a new regulation requiring the compulsory use of masks for all table games and poker tables lacking a...

Guide to the Reopening of Gambling in Downtown Las Vegas

During my visit, I discovered that a total of ten out of the eleven casinos in downtown Las Vegas resumed operations on June 4th. Here is the information I gathered from my trip:

Caesars Palace Casino

My Experience of the Las Vegas Strip Reopening Trip: A Detailed Report

On the morning of June 5, I finally ventured out to the Las Vegas Strip after its reopening, with excitement building up. To my surprise, there were a total of 16 establishments that had resumed operations.