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Having been a fixture on Fremont Street for over seven decades, the Golden Nugget holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors. Unlike many of its counterparts on the bustling Las Vegas Strip, this iconic casino has opted to maintain its own independent sportsbook operation. Leading this endeavor is none other than Tony Miller, a seasoned bookmaker with a wealth of experience. Thanks to Miller’s expertise, the Golden Nugget has successfully stayed relevant in the rapidly evolving sports betting landscape, even as the majority of sportsbook activities have shifted towards the glitzy sportsbooks of the Las Vegas Strip.

The official website of Golden Nugget's sportsbook

In terms of its size alone, one could argue that the Nugget is the tiniest establishment in all of Las Vegas. This, of course, imposes certain restrictions on the limits and variety of bets available. Nevertheless, the Nugget manages to compensate for its limitations by offering unique attractions and hosting one of the finest football contests in town. These distinguishing factors make it a place that is definitely worth a visit.

The diverse range of betting options available at Golden Nugget, designed specifically for sports enthusiasts, offers an extensive selection for placing wagers.

At Golden Nugget, you can place bets on a wide range of professional sports including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, MMA, UFC, and NASCAR. They also offer wagering options for college football, basketball, and baseball. While they have a live betting menu for major events, their prop bets are limited to selected events. Being a smaller operator, they don't have a large menu like most others, and they usually try to minimize action on sharper betting markets. Interestingly, they are currently the only operator in town offering -115 juice on all halftime lines.

Every summer, the Nugget puts on a show with their highly anticipated release of the college football Games of the Year. This event draws in numerous college football enthusiasts as they eagerly await the unveiling of point spreads for over 100 games in the upcoming season. It's not just fans who show up; even seasoned bettors make the journey to the desert in June to place their bets and get in on the action. Known for its thrilling atmosphere and the opportunity to wager on exciting matchups, the Nugget's Games of the Year release is a must-visit event for any football aficionado looking to add some spice to their summer.

Sportsbook at Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget football competition

In the world of sports betting, there is a plethora of options available to avid enthusiasts. One such option is the Ultimate Football Challenge, hosted by the Nugget. Unlike other operators who limit their contests to either professional or college football, this challenge presents participants with both choices. To enter, it requires a $1,000 fee and entails making seven picks against the spread every week. It's worth noting that there is a 3% rake, but fear not, as the remaining prize money is distributed among the top ten finishers. So, whether you're a die-hard fan of the pros or a passionate supporter of college football, this challenge offers an exciting opportunity to test your skills and potentially win big.

The betting limits for sports at Golden Nugget

At the Nugget, their cautious approach to bookmaking and relatively smaller clientele means that they are not recognized for their willingness to offer high limits to their players. When it comes to using the app, customers should expect to encounter some of the most restrictive limits in town and, as previously stated, they may have to pay additional fees on specific markets. While house players might have a bit more leeway, it is a rarity to come across any significant wagers being placed at the Nugget.

The Sports Betting App by Golden Nugget

The provided information serves solely for historical reference. In April 2023, Golden Nugget ceased operations of its sports betting app in Nevada.

The Golden Nugget sports betting app does not provide any sign-up incentives for new mobile account registrations. To utilize the app, you can visit the sportsbook and complete a W9 form. Additionally, you will be required to present a valid driver's license and a player's card from the casino. Unfortunately, at present, there are no alternate methods to fund your account using the app. It is noteworthy that Golden Nugget employs the services of Nevada-based Stadium Technology to operate their app.


On a bustling day, the Nugget's book offers a distinctive ambiance and atmosphere that cannot be replicated on the famous Strip. It may be a tad cramped and seating may be somewhat restricted, but it's worth it for the superior viewing experience it provides compared to most areas on Fremont Street. Arrive on any lively weekend and you'll witness a vibrant crowd and an exhilarating energy that fills the packed house.

Downtown Las Vegas boasts a rare gem that enhances the experience of viewing a game on slower nights. Just a few steps away from the Golden Nugget sportsbook, there is a convenient snack bar, catering to the cravings of sports enthusiasts. What sets this sportsbook apart is the exceptional cocktail service provided exclusively to its esteemed guests, ensuring that every moment spent watching the game is accompanied by refreshing libations.

Understanding the odds for parlay and teaser bets.

Golden Nugget provides a wide range of betting options for customers, including parlays on straight bets and futures. However, there are some exceptions for markets that are correlated. On the bright side, they do allow teaser bets for both professional and college football and basketball. Additionally, they offer a variety of cards such as parlay cards, teaser cards, and reverse teaser cards specifically designed for professional and college football. With Golden Nugget, you can explore different betting strategies and maximize your chances of winning.

Teaser Odds for Professional Football 6 points 6.5 points 7 points
2 teams 10/14 2/3 10/16
3 teams 8/5 7/5 6/5
4 teams 12/5 2/1 8/5
5 teams 4/1 7/2 3/1
6 teams 6/1 5/1 9/2
7 teams 8/1 7/1 6/1
8 teams 10/1 9/1 8/1
Promotional Odds for College Football Games in NCAA 6 points 6.5 points 7 points
2 teams 10/11 5/6 10/13
3 teams 9/5 8/5 6/5
4 teams 14/5 5/2 9/5
5 teams 9/2 4/1 7/2
6 teams 7/1 6/1 5/1
7 teams 9/1 8/1 7/1
8 teams 12/1 10/1 9/1
Basketball Teaser Odds 4 points 5 points 6 points
2 teams 10/11 5/6 10/13
3 teams 9/5 3/2 11/10
4 teams 13/5 2/1 3/2
5 teams 4/1 7/2 5/2
6 teams 13/2 5/1 16/5
7 teams 9/1 7/1 9/2
8 teams 12/1 9/1 6/1
Off the Board Accumulator Payout
2 teams 13/5
3 teams 6/1
4 teams 11/1
5 teams 22/1
6 teams 40/1
7 teams 75/1

Updated most recently on May 24, 2023, according to William Stevens.