The current situation regarding the shuttered casinos in Las Vegas

Park MGM

On June 4, 2020, the long-awaited day arrived when Las Vegas casinos were given the green light to reopen their doors. A total of 61 casinos eagerly welcomed back their guests, ready to resume business and bring back the excitement that this vibrant city is known for. However, not all casinos were able to join in on the reopening festivities. Out of the 86 casino-hotels in Las Vegas, 25 remained closed, unable to resume operations at that time. It was a bittersweet moment for those establishments that had to keep their doors locked, but there was hope on the horizon. As time went on, nine of those properties managed to reopen their doors, providing a glimmer of optimism for the industry. Unfortunately, 16 casino-hotels were still shuttered as of July 24, 2020, their fate uncertain in the face of the ongoing pandemic. The future of these remaining properties hangs in the balance, with the list below providing a glimpse into what is currently known about their reopening plans.

Shuttered gambling establishments on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard

On the Las Vegas Strip, there are currently five shuttered casinos, with only a single one having a set date for reopening.


Cromwell seems to be facing a delay in reopening, as reports suggest that Love Island, a popular reality TV show, will be utilizing the hotel for filming a quarantine edition of the series. Although specific details regarding the filming dates have not been disclosed, it appears that this arrangement will keep Cromwell closed for an extended period of time. Due to its compact hotel size and casino floor, coupled with its heavy dependence on nightclub operations, it was anticipated that Cromwell would be one of the last properties under the Caesars brand to resume operations.


Latest news: Mirage has confirmed that it is set to resume operations starting from August 27th.

Mirage, unfortunately, remains closed until further notice. However, despite its temporary closure, the hotel is still allowing guests to make reservations. Nevertheless, once the anticipated date arrives, these guests are being redirected to one of the other remarkable properties owned by the same company. As I had previously mentioned when discussing the predictions during the shutdown, Mirage appears to be the odd one out among the MGM Resorts properties in Las Vegas. Unlike its counterparts, Mirage is not interconnected with any of the other magnificent establishments owned by the company. Considering this, I anticipate that Park MGM will be the next property to reopen its doors before Mirage. Interestingly enough, Park MGM is the sole remaining casino property owned by MGM Resorts that is currently still shuttered.

Update: The reopening date for Park MGM has been set for September 30th.

Park MGM 

I can't predict when Park MGM will reopen, as rumors have circulated that it was reserved to accommodate NBA or NHL players for the season's completion in Las Vegas, which ultimately did not occur. However, I do anticipate it being the next MGM Resorts casino to resume operations, although this could potentially take several months. Interestingly, there are indications suggesting that it might become a nonsmoking establishment upon its return.

Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood, one of the properties under the Caesars Entertainment umbrella, does not yet have a confirmed reopening date. However, considering the recent opening of Bally's, another Caesars property, it is safe to assume that Planet Hollywood will be the next to welcome back guests. Despite the reopening of Bally's, the current demand for an expanded hotel capacity is rather low. As a result, Planet Hollywood may remain closed until closer to Labor Day, and there is even a possibility that it could extend beyond that timeframe.


September 1 was the original date set for Tropicana, one of the five Las Vegas Strip casinos that had closed down. However, plans have changed, and now the revised open date is September 17. Unlike the other four casinos, Tropicana is the sole establishment with an announced reopening date. Guests can look forward to visiting the vibrant casino again in just a few weeks' time.

In close proximity to the famous Las Vegas Boulevard.

Several casinos in close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip are still not open, catering primarily to visitors rather than residents.


The Palms establishment has temporarily ceased operations without a set reopening date. They are currently not accepting any bookings. Nevertheless, Palms Place is still operational and guests can book accommodations there.

Latest Information: Oyo resumes operations starting from September 16.


Oyo, the property formerly known as Hooters, has had to delay its reopening multiple times. Initially, it was scheduled for July 1, but then it was rescheduled to July 16. However, the date was pushed back once again to August 5, and now the current reopening date is set for September 1.


Starting August 3, Rio is now open for reservations, but here's the catch: when the date arrives, it tends to bump existing reservations to the Strip. Out of all the establishments listed, Rio appears to have the highest probability of never reopening. The property's future under Caesars Entertainment is facing a dilemma due to the two-year leaseback, which is already about one-third over.

Downtown Las Vegas

Main Street Station

In downtown Las Vegas, Main Street Station stands as the sole shuttered casino. Boyd Gaming, the owner of this establishment, also owns two other downtown casinos. Interestingly, one of these casinos is physically linked to Main Street Station. However, it operates at a much slower pace than usual. Unfortunately, Main Street Station's reopening is not anticipated until Hawaii relaxes its travel restrictions with the mainland. Regrettably, this is still likely to be several months away.

Casinos in Las Vegas that are popular among the residents

Seven local casinos are still closed, with only one having a scheduled reopening date.

Eastside Cannery

Jokers Wild and Sam's Town, casinos owned by Boyd Gaming, are open on Boulder Highway. However, the Eastside Cannery, which has faced difficulties since its establishment in 2008, is currently closed indefinitely. The casino, acquired by Boyd Gaming in 2016, has downsized its operations and is not accepting reservations for any date.


Eldorado, a Henderson casino situated in downtown, is currently closed with no specified reopening date. The establishment falls under Boyd Gaming's ownership.

Fiesta Henderson along with Fiesta Rancho

Station Casinos owns both Fiesta Henderson and Rancho, and currently, both properties are closed with no set reopening date.

Rainbow Club

Rainbow Club, situated in downtown Henderson, has been acquired by the owner of Emerald Island. Presently, Rainbow Club is undergoing renovations and is anticipated to resume operations on September 16th.

Silver Nugget (now operational after the original publication date)

The reopening date of Silver Nugget in North Las Vegas is currently unknown, but its sister casino, Lucky Club, is now welcoming guests.

Texas Station

Texas Station is among the four properties owned by Station Casinos that have been temporarily closed, and there is currently no specified date for their reopening.

Primm and Jean

Buffalo Bill's in Primm is temporarily closed until at least October, while Terrible's in Jean remains closed with no set reopening date. Details about their future can be found in a recent trip report that I've written.