Nevada mandates the use of face masks or partitions for all table games.

Latest update: Nevada casinos and various other public venues now mandate the wearing of face coverings or masks.

On Wednesday, the Nevada Gaming Control Board made it clear that anyone participating in a table or card game has to wear a face covering. This rule applies not only to the players but also to the spectators who are within a six-foot radius of the table. However, if there happens to be a partition in place that completely separates the players and the dealer, then this requirement doesn't apply.

Based on the official document from the Nevada Gaming Control Board:

If there is no barrier, partition, or shield between the dealer and each player, patrons engaging in table and card games should be mandated by licensees to wear face coverings. This rule is not limited to just players, but also extends to spectators and anyone within a 6-foot radius of any table or card game.

Throughout the comprehensive eight-page report, emphasis is placed not only on the mask mandate but also on a range of measures pertaining to social distancing and the proactive provision of masks to guests by casinos. The release goes beyond a mere mask requirement, underscoring the importance of safety in various contexts. In addition to outlining policies related to social distancing, the report highlights the active role that casinos must play in ensuring guests have access to masks. Safety is a recurring theme throughout the entirety of the extensive document, reinforcing the commitment to protecting the well-being of all individuals involved.

In my experience, I've noticed that the majority of casinos in Las Vegas don't have partitions separating players at table games. However, there are a few exceptions that I've come across. These exceptions include all the properties owned by MGM Resorts, Tuscany, and half of the tables at Wynn, Encore, Ellis Island, and El Cortez. One important thing to note is that at MGM Resorts casinos, patrons playing craps and roulette are required to wear masks. This is because there is no shield or barrier between the players and the dealers at the table. It's a safety measure to ensure the well-being of everyone involved in the game.

All Nevada casinos must comply with the new directive, which requires them to either install shielding at their table games or mandate that patrons wear masks when they are within six feet of a table. It is essential for the casinos to prioritize the safety and well-being of their customers, ensuring that proper measures are in place to prevent the spread of any potential illnesses. This directive aims to create a safer environment by reducing the risk of close contact between players and providing an extra layer of protection. Whether through physical barriers or the use of masks, the goal is to maintain a safe and enjoyable gambling experience for all visitors.

Prevalence of masks in Las Vegas prior to official guidelines.

At 25 Las Vegas casinos, we explored how many individuals were seen wearing masks. The percentage varied significantly, with a minimum of 12 percent and a maximum of 72 percent. It was fascinating to observe the range of mask usage among patrons visiting these casinos in Las Vegas. On Monday, we delved into this topic, gaining insights into the varying levels of compliance with mask-wearing protocols.

In our survey, we discovered that Caesars Entertainment casinos had the highest rate of mask usage among all participants. Remarkably, this company stood out among the rest in Las Vegas as they were the only ones who implemented a mandatory mask policy for all players at the table games, even before it became a requirement by Nevada regulators.