The Utilization of Masks in Casinos in Las Vegas


As of June 26, mask usage is now mandatory at all Nevada casinos and most other public venues. The Nevada Gaming Control Board took the initiative on June 17 to require masks at table games or poker tables that lack a partition between players and the dealer. This new regulation aims to ensure the safety and well-being of both players and staff. By implementing this policy, the authorities are taking proactive measures to prevent any potential spread of the virus within these establishments. It is essential for everyone to adhere to these guidelines in order to maintain a healthy and secure environment for all patrons.

Since Las Vegas reopened, the question I have been asked the most is about mask usage. To curb the spread of COVID-19, particularly in situations where keeping a safe distance is not feasible, the CDC recommends wearing a mask in all public spaces. This advice has undoubtedly become a significant concern for many individuals.

While Nevada casinos are urging their guests to adhere to the mask guideline set forth by the CDC, it appears that a significant number of visitors to Las Vegas are resistant to embracing this precautionary measure. In their quest to recreate a sense of normalcy during their much-needed break from their everyday lives, some tourists opt to forgo wearing masks altogether. Despite the sincere efforts made by the casinos to prioritize the health and safety of their patrons, it seems that the desire to relish in the carefree atmosphere of pre-pandemic times outweighs the importance of following recommended guidelines.

During the afternoon and early evening hours on Saturday, June 13, my wife and I conducted a thorough investigation into the usage of masks in all the open casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip and downtown area. We meticulously observed the situation, paying close attention to every detail. The Strip, bustling with activity, was teeming with individuals adorned in masks, ensuring the safety and well-being of themselves and others. Our data collection in downtown Las Vegas, on the other hand, took place on Friday, June 12, during the same hours. We were pleasantly surprised to find a similar level of compliance with mask-wearing, indicating a widespread awareness and adherence to the recommended guidelines. The findings of our survey provided a valuable insight into the responsible behavior exhibited by the visitors and locals alike in these popular casino areas.

During our visit to various casinos in Las Vegas, we conducted a survey with the aim of assessing the validity of claims suggesting that only about 10 percent of individuals were wearing masks. Contrary to such assertions, none of the casinos we visited reflected such a low compliance rate. In fact, three of the establishments showed a mask usage rate in the teenage percentage range. However, it is noteworthy that a substantial number of four casinos displayed a mask usage rate exceeding 50 percent. These findings shed light on the prevailing attitudes towards mask-wearing within the casino environment in Las Vegas.

The method of gathering the information

When we conducted our observations, we made it a point to focus on the northern section of the Las Vegas Strip as well as the downtown area. Our aim was to keep track of the initial 20 individuals engaged in table games, and whenever feasible, we also noted the first 30 slot players we encountered. As for the expansive properties along the bustling Las Vegas Strip, we expanded our count to include 40 individuals participating in table games and 60 individuals engrossed in slot games. This comprehensive tally typically encompassed a significant portion, if not the entirety, of the casino floor's clientele. In instances where there was a shortage of table players, we supplemented the figures by including individuals occupying the slot machines.

The majority of mask usage tended to be among slot players in most instances, except for casinos that specifically required table game players to wear masks.

Counting individuals wearing masks was a meticulous process, with strict criteria in place. Our focus was solely on the players actively engaged in games or slots, deliberately excluding any employees. To be accounted for, a player had to be physically present, seated at a table or occupied with a slot machine. Our methodology included considering players who were smoking or drinking, as long as they had a visible mask on. Such individuals were classified as mask users, effectively contributing to our count.

The statistics provided are solely for the primary casino area; data on patrons in bars, exclusive salons, or outdoor gaming areas is excluded.

In our analysis, we made sure to consider only a single type of table game from the data. It should be noted that certain casinos lacked a diverse selection of open table games, resulting in the inclusion of multiple tables for the same game. This approach enabled us to present an accurate representation of the number of table games at casinos that enforce mask mandates without the use of plexiglass.

The utilization of masks along the Las Vegas Strip.

I would like to highlight the mask policies on the Las Vegas Strip. It is worth noting that Caesars Entertainment casinos have implemented a rule stating that all players participating in table games must wear a mask. On the other hand, MGM Resorts has specifically mandated the use of masks for individuals playing roulette and craps. Interestingly, these establishments have opted not to employ plexiglass dividers between players and employees at these tables. It is important to mention that, to the best of our knowledge, there are no other casinos on the Strip with such strict mask policies, except for the general encouragement of mask usage.

The prominence of these two companies in the list can be attributed to the clear explanation of table game rules in their casinos.

The average rate of mask usage on the Las Vegas Strip is 39%.

  • Linq: 72%
  • Caesars Palace: 67%
  • Harrah’s: 65%
  • Flamingo: 57%
  • MGM Grand: 40%
  • The Strat: 40%
  • Bellagio: 38%
  • Circus Circus: 34%
  • Excalibur: 34%
  • Wynn: 30%
  • New York-New York: 29%
  • Sahara: 26%
  • Venetian: 24%
  • Treasure Island: 16%
  • Cosmopolitan: 16%

The utilization of masks in the downtown area of Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas casinos do not have any mandatory mask regulations, but they all strongly advocate their usage.

The average rate of mask usage in downtown Las Vegas stands at 28%.

  • Binion’s: 36%
  • Fremont: 36%
  • California: 34%
  • The D: 30%
  • Downtown Grand: 28%
  • El Cortez: 28%
  • Four Queens: 28%
  • Golden Nugget: 24%
  • Plaza: 24%
  • Golden Gate: 12%

Usage of masks in the poker room of Venice.

While keeping a keen eye on the bustling atmosphere, I couldn't help but notice that the Venetian, located on the famous Strip, stands as the sole establishment providing an open poker room. Amidst the lively commotion, it proved to be quite a challenge to conduct an accurate assessment of the number of players donning masks, considering the constant flurry of activity. Every single table in the room was occupied, creating a mildly chaotic ambiance, all the while ensuring strict adherence to social distancing guidelines and the limit of having only five players per table.

During my visit to the Venetian poker room, I couldn't help but notice that nearly every table had a player wearing a mask, while the majority had two individuals donning face coverings. However, I didn't come across a single table where three or more players were wearing masks. From what I observed, I would estimate that approximately one-third of the people in the poker room were utilizing masks.