Exploring the Orleans Poker Room in 2023: A Comprehensive Review.

Poker room at the Orleans

In the vibrant city of Las Vegas, amidst the aftermath of the COVID-19 closure, the Orleans poker room emerged as a beacon of excitement on June 4, 2020. As the second poker room to reopen its doors, it swiftly became a haven for poker enthusiasts seeking thrilling cash games and tournaments. With the capacity to accommodate nine players, the room buzzes with energy day and night, remaining open 24 hours to cater to the insatiable appetite of the poker community.

In The Orleans poker room, Omaha hi/lo reigns supreme, attracting a larger player base than any other variant in Las Vegas. It's a bustling hub of activity, with numerous tables dedicated to this exciting game. However, The Orleans doesn't limit itself to just Omaha hi/lo; it also offers Texas hold'em and a variety of mixed games. Whether you prefer cash games or tournaments, you'll find them all here. To fully grasp the intricacies of the poker room at The Orleans, delve into our comprehensive review below, where we've compiled all the essential information for your convenience.

At The Orleans, there is a total of 43 poker tables, out of which 20 are exclusively reserved for tournaments.

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The cash games of poker at The Orleans

When it comes to cash games at The Orleans, Omaha hi/lo takes the crown as the most popular choice. You'll find the standard limits of 4/8 and 8/16 with a half-kill, ensuring there's plenty of action to go around. During busy times, you might even come across a 15/30 Omaha 8 or better game that pops up, adding an extra level of excitement. Keep an eye out as well for the occasional appearance of a 4/8 Omaha hi game, offering a different twist to the Omaha experience.

At The Orleans poker room, you'll find a great deal of enthusiasm for fixed limit Texas hold'em. During peak hours, the room offers a variety of games, including 3/6, 4/8, and 8/16. For those who prefer the thrill of no limit hold'em, the blinds typically range from 1/3 to 2/5. If you join the 1/3 game, you can buy in for anywhere between $100 and $500. On the other hand, the 2/5 game requires a buy-in of $200 to $1,000.

The poker competitions at The Orleans.

The poker room at The Orleans offers a total of 17 weekly tournaments. On Mondays to Saturdays, at the early hour of 11:05am, players can join a thrilling no-limit hold'em competition with a $100 buy-in. It's worth noting that this tournament comes with a $7,500 guarantee, adding an extra level of excitement and potential winnings. As the week progresses, Tuesdays and Thursdays bring another opportunity for poker enthusiasts to participate in a $100 no-limit hold'em tournament. This evening event, scheduled at 7:05pm, boasts an even higher guarantee of $10,000, making it a must-attend for those seeking a thrilling poker experience.

I'm excited to share some information about the poker tournaments happening at the Orleans Casino this weekend. On Friday evening, starting at 7:05pm, they have a thrilling $150 no limit hold'em tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $25,000. If you're looking for some high-stakes action, make sure to mark your calendar for the Saturday night tournament. It's a $200 no-limit hold'em event with a guaranteed prize pool of $20,000. Finally, on Sunday morning at 11:05am, they have a $200 no-limit Texas hold'em tournament with an impressive guaranteed prize pool of $40,000. Oh, and here's an extra perk - there's a rake-free $100 add-on available for participants. So, if you're ready to test your poker skills and have a chance at winning some serious cash, these tournaments at the Orleans Casino are definitely worth checking out!

On Mondays at 4pm, you can join the thrilling HORSE tournament with a buy-in of $130. If you prefer No Limit Hold'em, there's an exciting $200 NLH tournament at 7pm, available on both Mondays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays also feature a unique blend of Omaha hi/lo and seven card stud hi/lo with a buy-in of $105, starting at 4pm. For those who enjoy Omaha hi/lo, Saturdays present a fantastic opportunity with a $150 tournament starting at 4pm.

The special offers and deals for poker players at Orleans

At The Orleans, we have a special promotion that involves a $2 drop. This drop is used to fund the bad beat jackpots, which adds an extra level of excitement to our games. One of the promotions we offer in Omaha is the steel wheel promotion. This means that if you have a five-high straight flush, you'll receive a payout. It's a great opportunity to win big with a strong hand. Additionally, we have promotions like the royal flush promotion, which offers double payouts on certain days and times. This gives our players the chance to maximize their winnings during specific periods. And if that's not enough, we also have freerolls available for players who put in a certain number of hours of cash game action within a specific timeframe. It's our way of rewarding our dedicated players and adding even more excitement to their gaming experience.

Texas hold'em enthusiasts are thrilled with a wide range of seasonal offers, frequently connected to sports competitions, exceptional winning hands, or exciting raffle draws. Additionally, players of Texas Hold'em can also take advantage of the enticing bad beat jackpot.


At The Orleans, poker enthusiasts can find themselves immersed in a vibrant atmosphere with an impressive array of 23 cash game poker tables. Additionally, to cater to the excitement and competitiveness of major events, there is a dedicated tournament section that boasts an impressive 20 tables, offering ample room for participants. Uniting players from all walks of life, this bustling poker scene attracts both locals and tourists alike, creating a dynamic blend of personalities and playing styles.

As a Las Vegas native, I can proudly say that the Orleans poker room stands out among the dwindling number of establishments that offer Omaha and Omaha hi/lo. It's a rarity to find such a place in this bustling city these days. What sets this poker room apart is not only the variety of games it offers but also the expertise of its dealers and floor staff. They are well-versed in all types of games, making it effortless to organize a private cash game or any other unconventional request. Next time you're in town and looking for some poker action, head over to the Orleans poker room for an exceptional experience.

The Orleans poker room has remained relatively unchanged throughout the years. While it may not boast luxurious amenities, it caters perfectly to its target audience - the local poker enthusiasts.

The poker rake at The Orleans casino

The maximum amount of money collected from each pot in the game is limited to $5, while an additional $2 is set aside for the jackpot fund.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for poker at The Orleans.

Does The Orleans poker room operate around the clock, 24 hours a day?

Indeed, the establishment operates continuously round the clock.

Which types of poker games are offered at The Orleans?

Fixed limit Omaha hi/lo is widely played, being the game of choice for many players. In addition to that, Omaha hi, mixed games, fixed limit hold'em, and no limit Hold'em can be enjoyed at any time throughout the day.

What is the seating capacity of The Orleans poker tables?

Each table at The Orleans accommodates a maximum of nine players.

Does The Orleans host any poker tournaments?

Indeed, Orleans Casino offers a minimum of two poker tournaments every day. The tournaments feature a variety of games including no-limit Texas hold'em, fixed-limit Omaha hi/lo, and pot-limit Omaha hi/lo, ensuring a diverse and exciting experience for poker enthusiasts.

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