The Current Outlook of a Journey to Las Vegas

Last week, my spouse and I enjoyed a couple of nights away from home. We stayed in one hotel located downtown and the other one was situated on the Strip.

We had an amazing time, enjoying ourselves to the fullest. During one night, we tried our luck at gambling, while the other night was dedicated to a luxurious resort date.

A Completely Unique Las Vegas Adventure

When considering a trip to Las Vegas amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for potential guests to be aware of the numerous changes that have taken place. Those who are willing to venture out and visit this renowned city are fully cognizant of the risks associated with travel during these uncertain times, yet they still choose to proceed, despite the recent upward trend in infection numbers. Throughout the duration of their stay, visitors will find themselves constantly reminded of the various measures in place to curb the spread of the virus. It is mandatory for all guests to don a mask or face covering within virtually every indoor establishment, and even in select outdoor areas, adherence to this requirement is expected.

The pool is considered a special case where masks are not required as long as people maintain proper distance. To my knowledge, all the top hotels ensure compliance in their pool areas. Avoiding a tan on the face is everyone's preference.

Should you manage to overcome that initial obstacle, there are a few other inconveniences and setbacks you'll have to contend with. In the event that you choose to travel by air, it might be wise to consider renting a car. It's worth noting that the rideshare sector has yet to fully bounce back. Consequently, if you find yourself without a vehicle or in need of transportation after indulging in alcoholic beverages, it would be prudent to prepare yourself for the possibility of having to pay taxi fares, just in case you're unable to find a driver through a rideshare application.

Few entertainment options

In this city, the range of entertainment choices is quite restricted. However, if you're in the mood for a good laugh, you can catch a comedy show downtown at Neonopolis, where local comedians showcase their talents. As for attractions, there are some options to consider. The High Roller, a magnificent Ferris wheel, allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of the city. If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, the exhilarating New York-New York roller coaster is ready to whisk you away on a wild ride. Additionally, Circus Circus Adventuredome offers a world of fun and excitement for both kids and adults. But wait, there's more! Starting July 1st, Caesars will be opening the Eiffel Tower, allowing visitors to experience a taste of Paris right in the heart of the city. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can also try out the Linq zipline for a thrilling aerial adventure. However, apart from these options, the city seems to lack significantly in terms of available entertainment choices.

Closure of restaurants, particularly during weekdays.

There are certain upscale dining establishments that remain closed, extending their closure beyond the properties that have yet to reopen. Among the ones that are open, it is common to observe a period of inactivity during the week due to insufficient business to support a full staff.

Verify the casino's official website to confirm the availability of dining options that suit your taste. Please note that these offerings may occasionally undergo modification without prior notification.

And here's the positive update.

I have some great news for you if you managed to make it through that. If casual dining or fast food is more your speed, there is a plentiful selection of places to eat. The majority of downtown restaurants operate during regular hours, so you won't have any trouble finding a spot to grab a bite. You'll find that many of the dining choices, particularly fast food establishments, can be found at the open properties.

The hotel rates during this time of the year are truly remarkable. They are often as inexpensive, if not cheaper, than the rates during the least busy periods, particularly on weekdays. If you happen to have a record of playing at a prominent gaming corporation, I recommend checking for any exclusive deals online. In the event that you don't see any offers while logged into your account, I encourage you to proceed with reserving a room nonetheless. There's a possibility that you might be eligible for unadvertised discounts or complimentary amenities that are not visible otherwise.

If you're already a patron of a smaller casino or have an assigned host, reach out to them via email or phone. Inquire about the perks and incentives your usual gambling establishments are willing to offer to entice you to visit. Currently, there seems to be a bountiful supply of complimentary amenities available. When booking a room, make sure to do it directly through the casino's official website. By doing so, you might have the opportunity to utilize your accumulated comps to cover the expenses, granted that you've wagered a sufficient amount and received a favorable offer during your stay. Before leaving, don't hesitate to approach a host and ask if this option is feasible.

During weekdays, Las Vegas is the ideal time to pay a visit. Most establishments experience a significant downturn in activity, allowing for a more tranquil ambiance. It becomes much easier to secure a table at excellent dining establishments. Moreover, the likelihood of being offered upgrades rises substantially. The low foot traffic on weekdays also ensures that practicing social distancing becomes effortless, as a multitude of casinos remain sparsely populated.

Las Vegas casinos are currently offering the most affordable table game minimums that we've seen in years. The majority of establishments on the famous Strip are setting minimums at $10 or $15, while other casinos are opting for lower minimums of $5 and $10. Interestingly, the triple zero roulette and 6:5 blackjack tables seem to be less popular, as they often remain unoccupied. This is good news for video poker enthusiasts, as they will find it easier to secure a seat at machines with superior paytables due to the decreased demand for their preferred games.

In American casinos, there are certain restrictions on the number of seats allowed for players at different table games. Generally, most table games have a maximum of three seats available. However, exceptions are made for popular games like roulette and baccarat, which can accommodate up to four players. Live poker tables, on the other hand, have a slightly larger capacity, varying between five and six seats, depending on the presence of partitions. Furthermore, craps tables offer a total of six seats, with three seats located on each side of the table. These regulations ensure a balanced and enjoyable gaming experience for all players in the casino.

If you plan to visit Las Vegas on weekdays, you'll have a higher chance of finding available spots at the tables, as the games with fewer players tend to fill up faster on weekends.