The Park MGM Casino and Resort offers a one-of-a-kind experience for guests.

3770 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada | Dial 702-730-7777 | Discover the Park MGM

Park MGM, the sole casino in Las Vegas that strictly prohibits smoking, sets itself apart from the rest. Every corner of the establishment, be it the vibrant casino floor or the cozy hotel rooms, is designated as a haven for non-smokers. In order to indulge in a drag or enjoy a puff, patrons are kindly requested to venture outside the premises. Whether it's a cigarette or an e-cigarette, the refreshing outdoors await those seeking a nicotine fix.

I am a helpful assistant here to provide you with a unique passage, completely different from the provided excerpt. Please find the passage below: Situated in the heart of Las Vegas, you will find the iconic Park MGM, previously known as Monte Carlo, under the management of MGM Resorts. Along with their other properties, the MGM Rewards card can be utilized at the casino, offering a seamless and convenient experience for guests. Boasting an impressive number of approximately 3000 rooms, the hotel provides ample accommodation options for visitors. Notably, the inclusion of NoMad Las Vegas adds an extra touch of luxury and sophistication to the overall experience. At Park MGM, gastronomy enthusiasts will be delighted to discover a diverse selection of over a dozen restaurants, catering to various culinary preferences. From upscale fine dining establishments to casual eateries, there is something to satisfy every palate. Additionally, guests can indulge in top-notch entertainment amenities such as the renowned T-Mobile Arena and the immersive Dolby Live experience. These exceptional venues offer captivating performances and memorable moments for visitors to enjoy during their stay. In summary, Park MGM, managed by MGM Resorts, stands as an exceptional destination in the bustling city of Las Vegas. With its extensive range of rooms, including the luxurious NoMad Las Vegas, and a collection of over a dozen restaurants, guests are guaranteed a memorable and immersive experience. The presence of world-class entertainment venues such as T-Mobile Arena and Dolby Live further enhances the allure of this remarkable destination.

At Park MGM, visitors can conveniently access a tram station that provides seamless connections to Aria and Bellagio. Additionally, guests can also enjoy the convenience of an interior walkway leading directly to Aria.

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Park MGM casino

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the magnificent Park MGM, where I was astounded by the sheer grandeur of its casino floor. Spanning an impressive 100,000 square feet, the bustling casino is a hub of excitement and entertainment. As I strolled through the vibrant atmosphere, I couldn't help but notice the vast array of gaming options available. With over 1,000 state-of-the-art slot machines and a staggering selection of 60 table games, there was never a dull moment to be found. One particular highlight was the presence of the renowned BetMGM sportsbook right within the property itself. Sports enthusiasts and avid bettors alike can revel in the opportunity to place their wagers on a wide range of thrilling sporting events. The convenience of having such a reputable sportsbook right at hand truly adds to the overall allure of the Park MGM experience. While the absence of a poker room within Park MGM may initially be perceived as a downside, I quickly discovered that the world-class Aria casino is just a short walk away. With its own exquisite poker room, Aria offers a delightful alternative for those seeking to indulge in the beloved game of poker. This proximity between Park MGM and Aria ensures that guests are never too far from the excitement and camaraderie that accompanies a thrilling poker match. Overall, my visit to the Park MGM left an indelible impression on me. Its expansive casino floor, featuring an impressive assortment of slot machines and table games, coupled with the convenience of the on-site BetMGM sportsbook, provided an unforgettable gaming experience. And should the desire for a poker game arise, the nearby Aria casino stands ready to cater to every player's passion.

Table games

If you're in the mood for some table games, Park MGM offers around 60 options, although the selection is somewhat limited. For a wider variety of poker pit games, you'll have to check out Aria, MGM Grand, or New York-New York. In the pit, players can enjoy baccarat, blackjack, crapless craps, regular craps, roulette, and a handful of poker games. Typically, the minimum bets start at $15 or $25.

In the high limit salon, you can find a double-deck game that follows the standard double down rules and stands on soft 17. Additionally, there is a six-deck version of the game available, which allows for normal double down rules, surrender, and re-split aces. It's worth mentioning that on the casino floor, the game hits soft 17, while in the salon, it stands on soft 17. Lastly, there's a pit in the back where you can play 3/2 blackjack.

In the salon, you'll find the single zero roulette table, which offers European rules and the option of "la partage." This means that if the pill happens to land on zero, half of your even money bet will be returned to you. To add more variety, there are also double and triple zero options for roulette.

Craps and crapless craps provide odds that can be multiplied by 3-4-5. In both games, a roll of 12 results in a triple payout on the field bet.

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Exciting shows and performances await at Park MGM.

The Dolby Live Theater at Park MGM, boasting a capacity of 5,200 seats, showcases a diverse range of shows, including both one-night-only performances and limited-time residencies.

Indulging in exquisite cuisine and refreshing beverages at Park MGM.

Park MGM offers a variety of dining choices, boasting more than twelve restaurants. Numerous options conveniently lie within proximity to the bustling casino area.

  • Bavette’s Steakhouse & Bar – Steak and seafood.
  • Best Friend – Korean barbeque.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook & Bar – American bar fare.
  • The Crack Shack – Chicken sandwiches.
  • Eataly - Authentic Italian bazaar and culinary hub.
  • La La Noodle – Pan Asian cuisine.
  • La gastronomia italiana offre una vasta selezione di delizie, tra cui spiccano la famosa Pizza e La Pasta. - Delicious pizza and mouthwatering pasta entrees.
  • The NoMad Bar – Stylishly relaxed attire. Plates and snacks meant for sharing.
  • NoMad Library Restaurant - Chic informal attire. Traditional American food.
  • Primrose – Brunch and lunch.
  • Side Betty Grill - All-day dining. Fast and convenient bites at the bar.
  • Starbucks - Grab a cup of joe and some delicious snacks.
  • Toscana Ristorante & Bar - Relaxed office attire. Delectable Italian dishes.

Hotel accommodations

Arrival time: 3pm | Departure time: 11am | Additional charge: $39 per night for resort fee

I am thrilled to inform you that the Park MGM resort is a complete smoke-free haven, meticulously designed to ensure a refreshing and clean environment. This commitment to a smoke-free experience extends to all the delightful hotel rooms and luxurious suites, guaranteeing a comfortable stay for every guest. With an impressive collection of over 3,000 rooms, including accommodations that warmly welcome your furry companions, Park MGM ensures that there is a perfect space for everyone. The resort boasts a wide array of amenities, inviting you to indulge in a world-class spa and salon, explore the delightful shopping options, stay fit and active at the well-equipped fitness center, and take a refreshing dip in any of the three inviting pools. Prepare to be pampered and captivated at Park MGM, where every detail is carefully crafted to provide an unforgettable experience.

Park MGM offers a variety of amenities to ensure a comfortable stay in all of its rooms. Each room is equipped with essential features such as blackout shades, an in-room safe, an iron/ironing board, and a hairdryer. For those staying in Stay Well rooms, alarm clocks are also included for added convenience. Guests who require refrigeration options can opt for a refrigerator at an additional fee. The standard rooms at Park MGM are spacious, with 406 square feet of space, and offer a choice between a single king bed or two queen beds. For those seeking enhanced views or a more luxurious experience, there are rooms available with upgraded views and suites to choose from.

Book a hotel room at Park MGM

NoMad Las Vegas

Each room and suite at the NoMad Hotel on the Strip exudes a sense of warmth and comfort that goes beyond the typical hotel experience. The renowned NoMad brand, famous for its exquisite properties in New York and Los Angeles, has now brought the grandeur of Europe to the heart of Las Vegas. Step inside and you'll immediately feel transported to a world of romance and elegance. Created by the talented French architect and designer, Jacques Garcia, every detail has been meticulously crafted to make you feel as if you are stepping into a luxurious European home rather than a hotel room. From the sumptuous furnishings to the rich color palette, no expense has been spared in creating an atmosphere that is both opulent and inviting. Whether you're lounging in the plush seating area or sinking into the comfortable bed, you'll find yourself surrounded by beauty and tranquility. So, if you're looking for a truly extraordinary hotel experience that captures the essence of Europe, look no further than the NoMad Hotel at Park MGM.

Book a hotel room at the luxurious NoMad Las Vegas.

Commonly Asked Questions about Park MGM Casino

Does blackjack pay 3/2 at Park MGM?

Located at the rear of the casino, there exists a blackjack pit where winnings are generously rewarded at a 3/2 ratio. Moreover, this exclusive opportunity is conveniently accessible within the high limit salon.

What types of roulette are dealt by Park MGM?

Park MGM offers a variety of roulette games, including European, double zero, and triple zero roulette.

What are the craps odds at Park MGM?

In Craps and its variation, Crapless Craps, players have the opportunity to place bets with odds that can be multiplied by 3-4-5 times.

Is there a sportsbook at Park MGM?

The property has a sportsbook called BetMGM.

Does Park MGM have a poker room?

The absence of a poker room at Park MGM is notable, but an alternative option exists as Aria, which is conveniently linked to it, features a poker room.

Which casino did Monte Carlo in Las Vegas become?

The former Monte Carlo has been transformed into the Park MGM.

Are there any nonsmoking casinos on the Las Vegas Strip?

Situated on the renowned Las Vegas Strip, Park MGM proudly stands out as the sole casino in the city that prohibits smoking.

Last updated: June 1, 2023

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