A First-Hand Account of the Mirage Resort's Reopening Experience


Mirage commenced operations at 10am today, August 27th, with a familiar reception similar to other MGM Resorts casinos, as they eagerly greeted guests following the COVID-19 shutdown.

Kristina and I made our way through the parking deck before encountering a security guard who prevented us from crossing the bridge until 10am. With our timely arrival just a few minutes earlier, we joined a group of approximately 15 individuals eagerly awaiting access.

As we stepped inside, a wave of euphoria swept over us as the spirited employees showered us with jubilant cheers. It was a lively assemblage, comprising a diverse amalgamation of both high-ranking executives and diligent frontline workers. Intriguingly, upon our arrival, we discovered that a throng of guests had already congregated within the premises, having entered through the front door. Judging by a rough estimate, I would venture to say that there were approximately 200 patrons in attendance. However, ascertaining an exact count proved to be quite the challenge, given the multitude of employees and members of the press who were also part of the vibrant gathering.

As I strolled through the property, I couldn't help but notice the multitude of press crews capturing every moment on their cameras. It was as if there were no restrictions or guidelines governing their actions. To my surprise, I witnessed a cameraman diligently focusing his lens on the cashier cage, capturing the hustle and bustle of the financial transactions taking place. Meanwhile, a representative from the esteemed Las Vegas Review-Journal approached us, requesting an interview while we were engrossed in our own photographic endeavors. Politely declining their offer, we continued our exploration, catching glimpses of other interviews being conducted by fellow journalists as we traversed the premises.

The table game area previously present at Heritage Steak has been removed.

At Mirage, the initial observation that caught our attention was the transformation of the table game pit adjacent to Heritage Steak, which had now been replaced by a collection of slot machines. In this particular area, an assortment of exclusive and distinctive games was previously available. However, it was evident that several of these tables had been relocated to the pit near the high limit salon, while a significant number of them were no longer present on the casino floor.

Poker area transformed into a smoke-free environment while maintaining the availability of slot machines.

When Mirage reopened its doors, the poker room was notably absent from the bustling casino floor. Instead, the tables were swiftly removed and replaced with an array of slot machines, creating a new, designated nonsmoking area. It is worth noting that this move is only temporary, leaving room for speculation on the potential return of the beloved poker room in the future, should it even return at all. For avid poker players seeking a game nearby, the closest available options can be found at the esteemed establishments of Caesars Palace and Venetian.

There were merely three tables available.

The majority of the approximately 200 individuals present during the initial opening of Mirage were primarily interested in exploring the surroundings, with only a small number actively participating in slot machine games. As for us, we refrained from playing altogether.

I glanced around the room and noticed that only three tables were currently in operation. The selection of games on offer included 6:5 blackjack, 000 roulette, and Ultimate Texas Hold'em. Each of these games required a minimum bet of $10. It struck me as peculiar that not a single player was seated at any of these tables.

I could tell that more tables would become available in the near future. Many of them had a minimum bet of $10, which applied to various games such as craps, 6:5 Free Bet Blackjack, and a few exclusive card games.

Mirage reopening gallery

These are a few snapshots that Kristina and I captured during our visit to Mirage earlier today.