Las Vegas Downtown Gambling Guide for the Reopening

During my visit to downtown Las Vegas, I observed that most of the casinos had reopened their doors on June 4th, with ten out of the eleven establishments resuming operations. As I explored the different venues, I gathered information based on my observations shortly after their opening. It was interesting to note that some of the casinos, such as California, Downtown Grand, Fremont, Golden Gate, Golden Nugget, and The D, had opened their doors after midnight. On the other hand, Binion's, El Cortez, Four Queens, and Plaza welcomed guests during the afternoon.

Discover more information about the revival of gambling on the Las Vegas Strip with our comprehensive reopening guide.

Experience 3:2 blackjack minimum bets and rules at Downtown Las Vegas.

In downtown Las Vegas, the majority of casinos, specifically nine out of ten, provide blackjack games with a favorable 3:2 payout ratio. However, there is one exception to this pattern, and that is Binion's casino. During regular circumstances, Binion's does not have an authentic blackjack table that follows the standard 3:2 payout. To give you a comprehensive overview, here is a list showcasing the minimum bet required at each casino. The blackjack game in downtown Las Vegas typically employs either a six or eight-deck shoe, allowing players to double down both before and after splitting, unless any specific rules state otherwise. It is worth noting that all the blackjack tables in downtown Las Vegas follow the rule of hitting soft 17.


  • Plaza


  • California (game with two decks where players cannot double down after splitting)
  • Downtown Grand (with the added feature of surrender and the option to re-split aces)
  • El Cortez offers different variations of blackjack including single deck without the option to double down after splitting, double deck, and six-deck with the option to double down after splitting.
  • Golden Gate
  • Golden Nugget (with the added option of surrender)
  • Four royal ladies (two sets of cards, no option to double down after splitting)
  • Fremont (two-level, no additional bet option after dividing)


  • The D

Minimum bets and odds for craps in the downtown Las Vegas area

Plaza plans to reintroduce craps within a few weeks, making it available in nine out of ten downtown Las Vegas casinos.


  • Binion’s (5x)
  • El Cortez (10x)
  • Golden Nugget (3-4-5x)
  • Four Queens (5x)


  • California (2x)
  • Downtown Grand (10x)
  • Fremont (2x)
  • Golden Gate (10x)
  • The D (10x)

Minimum bet for roulette in the heart of Las Vegas' downtown area.

On the first day of operations, roulette tables were unveiled at every casino in downtown Las Vegas. Interestingly, all of them except for Plaza Casino featured double zero tables. Plaza Casino, on the other hand, stood out by introducing its single zero table on June 12th. It's worth noting that none of the casinos opted to open triple zero tables for their patrons.


  • Binion’s
  • El Cortez
  • Four Queens
  • Plaza


  • California
  • Downtown Grand
  • Fremont
  • Golden Gate
  • Plaza (single zero)
  • The D


  • Golden Nugget

Other table games

During the first phase, Plaza won't be opening any of the tables for games other than blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat, just like Golden Gate and The D in downtown Las Vegas. Interestingly, Golden Gate has recently taken the decision to remove all tables that are not specifically dedicated to these three games. Similarly, The D has decided to keep only blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat tables, eliminating the others. It's fascinating to see how these casinos are streamlining their table game offerings to focus on the most popular ones.

Three Card Poker

Binion's, Fremont, and Four Queens had available tables with a minimum of $5, whereas at El Cortez, the minimum is $10.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em

El Cortez was the exclusive downtown destination for playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em, with a minimum bet set at $10.

Texas Hold’em Bonus

In California and Fremont, there was a single table available for Texas Hold'em Bonus, with a minimum bet requirement of $10.

High Card Flush

Golden Nugget was the sole casino located in the heart of the city offering the game High Card Flush, with a minimum wager of $10.

Pai Gow Poker

Binion’s and Four Queens have a $10 Pai Gow Poker option available.

Let it Ride

Binion’s and Four Queens offered the exciting opportunity to play $5 Let it Ride.

A comprehensive gambling guide for the reopening of downtown Las Vegas by various casinos.

As I wander through the vibrant streets of downtown Las Vegas, I am thrilled to witness the revival of ten magnificent casinos that have reopened their doors to eager gamblers. Maintaining a sense of familiarity, these establishments have chosen to preserve their beloved table games from before. However, two notable exceptions, Golden Gate and The D, have undergone a remarkable transformation. In a strategic move, all card tables on the main casino floor that were not blackjack have been gracefully converted into this captivating game, enticing players with its timeless allure. As I explore the revamped interiors, I couldn't help but notice the absence of Ultimate Texas, Let it Ride, and Three Card Poker tables, which have bid farewell to these casinos for now. Yet, there is hope on the horizon, for Plaza has revealed that these beloved games shall be reintroduced in the next phase of its reopening, eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts and novices alike.

Video poker pay tables seem to be identical, with the exception that certain machines are deactivated to ensure adequate distancing.


Binion's has an incredible summer promotion for slots and video poker enthusiasts. For every 100 points earned, players can enjoy $10 in slot play. If you're more into video poker, fret not, as you'll also receive $10 for every $800 in coin-in. But wait, there's more! Once you reach 2,000 points, a delightful $40 comp bonus is yours to relish. And if you manage to rack up 4,000 points, brace yourself for a generous $100 comp boost. The beauty of this offer is that you get to keep all the comps and points you earn at the regular rate while actively participating in this promotion. Remember, though, this promotion concludes on the final day of each month, only to start again in the following month all the way through August.

The table games remained unchanged from prior to the closure. There are no genuine 3:2 blackjack games available within the establishment. Here are the open tables I discovered at Binion's:

$5 Binion’s table games

  • 00 roulette
  • 6:5 blackjack
  • Craps (5x odds)
  • Let it Ride
  • Big Wheel
  • Three Card Poker

$10 Binion’s table games

  • Pai Gow Poker

Top-rated video poker options at Binion's Casino include Loose Deuces (with a payout rate of 99.2%) and Bonus Poker (with a payout rate of 99.17%).


Here is what I found when I visited California - the table games and video poker were just like any other, nothing out of the ordinary.

$5 California table games

  • 00 roulette

$10 California table games

  • Blackjack with two decks and no option to double down after splitting.
  • Craps (2x odds)
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus

Top video poker games in California include the highly rewarding Double Bonus (100.17% payout, mostly found on coin games) and the popular Not-so-ugly Deuces Wild (99.73%).

Downtown Grand

During my visit to Downtown Grand, I noticed that the casino floor remained largely unchanged, with one notable exception. To commemorate the reopening, they introduced a thrilling $1 3:2 blackjack game, which created quite a buzz among the patrons. Unfortunately, the back pit, where the carnival games were usually located, was temporarily closed. However, despite this closure, there were still several other table games available for guests to enjoy.

$10 table games at Downtown Grand

  • A variant of blackjack includes a shoe that allows players to double down both before and after splitting, as well as surrender and re-split aces.
  • Craps (10x odds)
  • 00 roulette

Top video poker games in Downtown Grand casino include Bonus Poker with a 99.17% return rate and Double Bonus with a 99.11% return rate.

El Cortez

During my visit to El Cortez, I observed that a significant portion of the table games, approximately half of them, were equipped with plexiglass barriers. However, I was pleased to discover that the majority of the tables were open for play, offering a variety of exciting games. It is worth noting that at El Cortez, all blackjack games adhere to the favorable payout ratio of 3:2, which is definitely a perk for avid blackjack enthusiasts like myself.

$5 El Cortez casino table games

  • Craps (10x odds)
  • 00 roulette

$10 worth of table games at El Cortez

  • A variant of blackjack where splitting is allowed but double down is not available after splitting.
  • Double deck blackjack
  • Six-deck blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Three Card Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Top El Cortez video poker games: Double Bonus (100.17% payout) and Double Deuces Wild (99.62% payout).

Four Queens

At Four Queens, there was an impressive range of table games available for players to enjoy. The establishment prided itself on offering a diverse selection to cater to different preferences. Live video poker machines were a prominent feature, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience. One interesting aspect was the flexibility it provided for players to switch seats and join others in their group. However, it was important to note that the seats adjacent to the group had to be left unoccupied, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable environment for everyone.

I work as an assistant who loves to share interesting information. Let me tell you about an amazing offer from a company that owns both Four Queens and Binion's. These two establishments have something special in common. They have a promotion where you can earn $10 for every 100 points you accumulate. However, there's a catch. To reach this milestone, you need to play and accumulate a total of $800 in coin-in. But that's not all! There are additional rewards waiting for you. If you manage to earn 2,000 points within a month, you'll receive a $40 comp bonus. And if you reach an impressive 4,000 points, you'll be rewarded with an exciting $100 bonus. Isn't that fantastic? To make things even more interesting, the promotion resets on the last day of each month and begins anew on the first day of the following month. This means you have the opportunity to take advantage of this promotion through the month of August. So, whether you're a fan of Four Queens or Binion's, this offer presents a great opportunity to enjoy some extra rewards while having a good time. Don't miss out on this exciting chance to make the most of your gaming experience!

Here is the compilation of available table games I discovered during my recent visit:

$5 table games at the Four Queens casino

  • 6:5 and blackjack games at the carnival
  • 00 roulette
  • Craps (5x odds)
  • Let it Ride
  • Three Card Poker

$10 table games at Four Queens

  • 3:2 blackjack with two decks and no option to double down after splitting.
  • Pai Gow Poker

Top video poker games at Four Queens Casino include Double Bonus, which offers a generous payout rate of 100.17%, and Double Double Bonus, with a competitive payout rate of 99.96%.


In Fremont, the buzz is all about the absence of coin games. It's the talk of the town. Apart from that, the casino maintained its usual layout without any noticeable changes. However, when it comes to the available games, here's what I discovered:

$5 Fremont table games

  • Three Card Poker

$10 Fremont table games

  • 3:2 blackjack (two decks, split without double down)
  • 00 roulette
  • Craps (2x odds)
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus

Top video poker games in Fremont: Triple Bonus Plus with a 99.8% payout and the impressive Not-so-ugly Deuces Wild game with a 99.73% payout.

Golden Gate

Open for business were the blackjack, craps, and roulette tables at Golden Gate, but there had been a few changes to the table game pit. Gone were the carnival games that once adorned the area, leaving only the classic options for players. As I perused the bustling casino floor, it became evident that the focus had shifted towards the more traditional and widely recognized games. The ambience was electric, with the sound of chips clinking and the anticipation of the next winning hand filling the air. Though the carnival games were no longer present, the excitement of the remaining tables promised an unforgettable gambling experience at Golden Gate.

$5 table games at Golden Gate

  • 3:2 blackjack

Table games at Golden Gate are available for $10.

  • 00 roulette 
  • Craps (10x odds)
  • 3:2 Free Bet Blackjack

Top video poker games at Golden Gate Casino: Enjoy Bonus Poker with a fantastic payout rate of 99.17% and Double Double Bonus with an impressive 98.98% payout rate.

Golden Nugget

During my visit to Golden Nugget, it felt like just another ordinary day, except for the necessary spacing measures that were in place. The majority of the games were accessible and ready for play, providing a wide array of options for entertainment. However, it was worth noting that Pai Gow Poker stood out as the only game that was not available for play during my time there. Allow me to share with you the list of games that were open for enjoyment:

$5 table games at Golden Nugget

  • 000 roulette
  • Craps (3-4-5x odds)
  • 6:5 blackjack
  • Three Card Poker

$10 Golden Nugget casino table games

  • High Card Flush
  • 3:2 blackjack (shoe featuring the option to surrender)

$15 worth of table games at the Golden Nugget.

  • 00 roulette

$25 worth of table games at Golden Nugget

  • 3:2 blackjack with two decks where players cannot double down after splitting.

$50 worth of table games at the Golden Nugget

  • Baccarat

$100 worth of table games at the Golden Nugget

  • 3:2 blackjack with two decks and the option to double down after splitting.
  • 3:2 six-deck blackjack, offering the ability to double down both before and after splitting, surrender, and re-split aces.

Top video poker games at Golden Nugget: Jacks or Better (98.45% payout) and Bonus Poker (98.01% payout).


The table game pit at Plaza is now open for 24 hours, providing round-the-clock entertainment to guests. Currently, the available table games are 0 roulette, 00 roulette, and 3:2 blackjack. These games offer exciting options for players to try their luck and enjoy the thrill of the casino. To participate, players can place their bets with a minimum of $5 or $10, depending on their preference. With the extended operating hours and diverse gaming choices, Plaza ensures that there's always something happening on the casino floor for everyone to enjoy.

I've got the scoop on the top-notch video poker games at Best Plaza! You won't want to miss out on the thrilling action of Joker Poker, boasting an incredible payout percentage of 100.64%. And that's not all, folks! Double Bonus Poker is another fantastic option, offering a solid 100.17% payout percentage. Now, let me tell you the exciting news – all three joker machines are live and ready for you to test your luck. Plus, there's a special treat for pizza lovers! The only Double Bonus machine currently available is conveniently located at Pop Up Pizza. So, grab your favorite slice and get ready for a gaming experience like no other at Best Plaza!

The D

On opening night, the downtown casinos were bustling with activity, and the D Casino was no exception. It was abuzz with excitement and filled to the brim with eager gamblers. The energy in the air was palpable. Remarkably, the limits of the games reflected this unprecedented demand. In order to accommodate the influx of players, the D Casino made some strategic changes. Similar to the Golden Gate, they decided to remove all card games that were not blackjack. Instead, they replaced them with sleek blackjack felts, creating a more streamlined and focused gaming experience. However, for those seeking a more high-stakes thrill, baccarat was still available in the high limit section. This ensured that players of all preferences could find their perfect game within the vibrant walls of the D Casino.

$10 The D casino table games

  • Craps
  • 00 roulette

The cost for playing the D table games is $15.

  • 3:2 blackjack

$50 The D table games - Fifty dollars for playing table games at The D.

  • 3:2 double deck blackjack
  • Baccarat

Top-rated D video poker games: Bonus Poker with a 99.17% payout and Bonus Poker Deluxe with a 98.49% payout.

Kudos to VPFree2 for providing assistance with a few of the video poker games mentioned.