Discover the Best Places for Crazy 4 Poker in Las Vegas by 2023.

During my recent visit to Las Vegas, I couldn't help but notice that Crazy 4 Poker, a once-popular table game, seems to be losing its charm among the gambling enthusiasts. Traditionally, the minimum bet for this game stands at a reasonable $5 or $10, making it accessible to a wide range of players. However, I discovered that a handful of prominent casinos along the Las Vegas Strip have raised the minimum bet to a staggering $15 or even $25, which certainly puts a dent in the pockets of avid gamblers. It's worth mentioning that these minimum bets are subject to increase during peak hours or bustling periods of the day, leaving players with limited options. These findings are based on a comprehensive survey that my team and I conducted during the summer of 2023, highlighting the shifting dynamics of the gambling scene in this vibrant city. receives backing from its member base, sponsorship, and ad revenue. In case you or someone you're acquainted with struggles with gambling addiction, please reach out to 1-800-GAMBLER for assistance.

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Las Vegas establishments offering Crazy 4 Poker at their casinos.

Crazy 4 Poker can be found in a total of 18 casinos in Las Vegas, encompassing a variety of establishments including those on the Strip, downtown, and catering to the local crowd.

Discover the minimum betting requirements for Crazy 4 Poker in Las Vegas

$5 minimum
  • Cromwell
  • Golden Nugget
  • Red Rock
  • Rio
  • Santa Fe Station
  • Sunset Station
$10 minimum
  • Flamingo
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • New York-New York
  • Paris
  • Planet Hollywood
$15 minimum
  • Bellagio
  • Caesars Palace
  • Encore
  • Resorts World
  • Venetian
$25 minimum
  • MGM Grand
  • Wynn

Mastering the art of playing Crazy 4 Poker

When diving into a game of Crazy 4 Poker, the first step is for the player to place two identical bets. One is allocated to the ante, while the other is reserved for the Super Bonus. It is crucial that these wagers meet or exceed the minimum betting requirement. In addition, players must account for potential raises and adhere to the basic strategy to ensure success, which calls for a bankroll of at least five times the minimum bet. For those feeling particularly adventurous, there is also the option to place an optional queens up side bet.

Once the bets are placed, both the player and dealer are given five cards. It is up to the player to choose between folding or continuing the game. Opting to fold means giving up all bets placed on that hand.

When playing a game, it's crucial to consider making a raise. The specific amount of the raise is determined by the cards in your hand. In the case of having a pair of aces or a better combination, you have the option to raise the bet to the same amount as the ante, double the ante, or even triple it. However, if you have a weaker hand, it's important to keep the raise equal to the ante.

If I decide to place a play bet, the dealer will only consider my best four cards for my hand, discarding the fifth one. After that, it's the dealer's turn to reveal the house hand and search for their own best four-card combination. It's important to note that the dealer needs to have a hand with at least a king-high in order to qualify. If the dealer fails to meet this requirement, the ante pushes and no one wins. However, if the dealer does qualify, then my raise bet wins.

When the dealer qualifies, we proceed to compare the hand with that of the player. If the player manages to outperform the dealer, both the ante and raise bets result in a win. However, in the unfortunate event that the dealer emerges victorious, these bets end up in a loss. Should the outcome be a tie, it is considered a push, with no money changing hands.

When playing the Super Bonus bet, if I have a hand of two pair or lower and I lose to the dealer, then my bet is considered lost. However, if I manage to win against the dealer with a hand of two pair or lower, my bet will only result in a push. Now, things get really exciting if I have a straight or better because, in that case, my bet is a sure winner, no matter if I beat the dealer or not.

Exceptional payout for the super bonus feature in the popular game Crazy 4 Poker.

The following pay table illustrates the payout for the super bonus wager, where the amount won is determined by multiplying the bet amount.

  • Four cards with the same value, specifically four aces, have a point value of 200.
  • Other quads: 30
  • Straight flush: 15
  • Trips: 2
  • Flush: 1.5
  • Straight: 1

Discover the rankings for Crazy 4 Poker hands.

  • A set of four
  • Straight flush
  • A trio with the same characteristics.
  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Two pair
  • Pair
  • Ranked by the card with the highest value

Frequently Asked Questions about Crazy 4 Poker in Las Vegas

Can I play Crazy 4 Poker in Las Vegas?

Indeed. It is offered at 17 gaming establishments in Las Vegas.

What is the minimum bet for Crazy 4 Poker in Las Vegas?

The majority of casinos in Las Vegas that offer Crazy 4 Poker feature a minimum bet of either $5 or $10.

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