Current Updates on Shut Down Las Vegas Poker Rooms

Excalibur poker

In March, just before the COVID-19 pandemic forced closures, Las Vegas boasted a total of 31 poker rooms. Now, as the city slowly recovers, 14 of these establishments have managed to reopen their doors and welcome back players. However, there still remains a list of 17 poker rooms that have yet to resume operations. Let's take a closer look at those that are patiently waiting to make their comeback.

No companies have labeled any of their locations as permanently closed. However, there are two locations that have confirmed reopening dates.

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Reopening dates for poker rooms in Las Vegas


I'm excited to share that the poker room at Westgate is scheduled to make a comeback on September 10th, at the stroke of 4pm. The team has put in a lot of effort to ensure that everything is in place for an amazing poker experience. Speaking of hours, they've got it all figured out. From Monday to Friday, you can indulge in poker fun from 4pm until the last game wraps up. And on weekends, you'll have an early start with the poker action beginning at 10am, continuing until the last game concludes. So mark your calendars and get ready for an exhilarating time at Westgate's poker room!

In the bustling poker room at Westgate, the main attraction is a thrilling game of no limit Texas Hold'em, where players test their skills and luck in a high-stakes battle. To ensure the safety and comfort of all participants, plexiglass dividers are strategically placed, allowing up to eight players to gather around each table. Every hour spent in the game earns players a well-deserved $2 comp rate, adding a little extra thrill to their experience. As an exciting incentive, the first eight players to join the action each day in the initial game receive a generous $20 bonus, igniting a competitive spirit right from the start. For those dedicated souls who immerse themselves in the poker world for a continuous 30 hours during a week, a remarkable $200 bonus awaits, recognizing their commitment and passion for the game. It's a place where strategic minds meet, where risk-takers gather, and where, with a stroke of luck, fortunes can be won. Welcome to the Westgate poker room, where excitement and rewards are always on the table.

Silver Sevens

The anticipated reopening date for the Silver Sevens poker pit is September 1st, with the primary game being fixed limit Texas Hold'em with a 2/4 stake. It is scheduled to operate daily in the afternoon.

Las Vegas poker establishments yet to announce a date for resumption of operations.

Caesars Entertainment

Las Vegas boasts four poker rooms operated by Caesars Entertainment that have yet to resume operations. While it is worth noting that the poker room at Planet Hollywood has since reopened since the time this information was published, the rest of the property, as well as the Rio, continue to remain closed with no set timeline for reopening.

The Bally's casino floor is open and bustling with activity, while the tables in the room, which were reopened since the publication of this article, remain unused and idle. Although this may seem like a prolonged situation, a representative from the company assured us that it is still considered temporary.

The closure of Harrah's poker room has led to the removal of all its tables and the unfortunate layoff of its poker staff. However, it's not all doom and gloom as a nonsmoking slots section has taken its place. According to a representative from Caesars Entertainment and two casino employees, the closure of the poker room is considered temporary, giving hope for its potential reopening in the future. On a positive note, poker enthusiasts can still indulge in their favorite game at the poker rooms of Caesars Palace and Flamingo, as these establishments have remained open.

Boyd Gaming

As of now, the poker rooms at Cannery and Sam's Town are still closed, with no reopening dates announced. A spokesperson from Sam's Town expressed optimism about the reopening of their poker room in the future. On the other hand, Cannery seemed less enthusiastic, but they did mention that a final decision has not been made yet. However, it is worth mentioning that Boyd Gaming has already reopened the poker room at The Orleans on June 4th.

Station Casinos

On August 3rd, Boulder Station, Red Rock Resort, and Santa Fe Station welcomed back poker enthusiasts as they reopened their poker rooms. However, poker aficionados will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy their favorite game at Green Valley Ranch and Palace Station as their poker rooms remain closed for the time being.

According to a company representative, Green Valley Ranch has decided to remove the poker tables from their establishment. However, there is no need to fret, as they have exciting plans in store. In just a few short weeks, a brand new football viewing area will be unveiled. Instead of poker, patrons can now look forward to enjoying their favorite sport in a state-of-the-art facility. The future of poker at Green Valley Ranch is not entirely bleak. The company has assured us that they will reassess the situation as business conditions improve. So, while poker may be temporarily on hold, there is still hope for its return in the future.

The problematic location of the poker room at Palace Station presents a significant challenge. Right in front of it, there is a queue for temperature checks. It appears unlikely that the room can reopen under such circumstances, unless there is a configuration that allows the line to be redirected into the sportsbook instead. According to a spokesperson from the company, there are currently no immediate plans to reopen the poker room. However, similar to Green Valley Ranch, the company will reassess the situation at a later time.

Excalibur pokerMGM Resorts

In Las Vegas, there are currently three poker rooms operated by MGM Resorts that have been temporarily closed. The Mirage, which recently reopened, no longer offers poker games as the poker room has been transformed into a non-smoking slots area. The poker rooms at Excalibur and Mandalay Bay are also closed, but the company has assured that they are evaluating the situation regularly and these closures are only temporary. On a positive note, poker enthusiasts can still enjoy their favorite card game at the Aria, Bellagio, and MGM Grand poker rooms, as these establishments remain open to the public.


Binion's, anticipating the need for precautionary measures during the closure, took the initiative to carefully disassemble and pack up its poker room, ensuring the safety and preservation of its valuable equipment. According to two reliable sources within the company, this decision was made due to the unavailability of any other means to adequately secure the room on the floor. Despite the temporary absence of poker from the property, Binion's remains optimistic and reassured that once business levels stabilize and return to normalcy, the beloved card game will make its triumphant comeback to their establishment.

Club Fortune

According to a representative from the company, it appears that the poker room at Club Fortune may have played its final round in March. Last year, the room was shut down and a couple of tables were relocated to the gambling area. While the company hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of reopening the poker room down the line, the decision to close it seemed to lean more towards making it a permanent arrangement.


Indefinitely closed is the two-table poker room at Skyline Casino, as confirmed by a company representative. Although the closure is expected to be lengthy, it is important to note that it is not deemed permanent.

Poker at EncoreWynn/Encore

Reopened after this article was published, the poker room at Wynn and Encore stands as the most unexpected inclusion on this list. Back in June, the company made it clear that they were diligently working towards reopening the room, without setting a specific date at the time.

When I paid a visit to the property last month, I noticed the installation of plexiglass partitions at the poker tables. This action clearly indicates that reopening the poker room is still a priority for the company. Unfortunately, despite my efforts to gather more information, Wynn Resorts did not provide a comment for this column.