Poker Palace's dedicated poker room

Poker Palace, located near Nellis Air Force Base, is a cozy casino frequented by locals in North Las Vegas. Nestled on Las Vegas Blvd, this hidden gem offers a variety of amenities for its visitors. From a compact blackjack pit to a charming poker room with seven tables, there's a game for every enthusiast. When hunger strikes, guests can indulge in a delectable dining experience at the casino's restaurant or grab a quick bite at the snack bar. For sports enthusiasts, Poker Palace also boasts a race and sports book, where they can place bets and cheer for their favorite teams. And of course, no casino would be complete without the classic allure of slots and video poker machines, which are available throughout the property. Moreover, for those who prefer a smoke-free environment while enjoying the thrilling slot action, Poker Palace provides a dedicated nonsmoking section.

On weekend nights, the Poker Palace poker room comes alive. It all starts with an exciting tournament at 5pm on both Friday and Saturday. If the interest is high enough, we might even organize a thrilling no limit Texas Hold'em cash game afterward.

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The 1/2 no limit Texas Hold'em cash game is only available after the Friday tournament.

Poker Palace tournaments

At Poker Palace, we host two thrilling no limit Texas Hold'em tournaments every week. These high-stakes competitions are not to be missed! With a reasonable $20 buy-in, of which $10 is allocated to the prize pool, players have the chance to win big. As the tournament commences, participants are granted a generous starting stack of 5,000 chips, providing them with a solid foundation to strategize and execute their game plan. Should players find themselves in need of a chip boost, re-buys are available in 1,000 chip increments for a mere $5. But that's not all! At the third level, a captivating add-on option presents itself. For a mere $10, players can supercharge their stack by an exhilarating 3,000 chips. This power move could potentially be a game-changer, propelling contenders towards victory. To ensure that no one misses out on the action, late registration is permitted until the add-on stage. So mark your calendars and prepare yourself for the ultimate poker showdown! These electrifying tournaments take place every Friday and Saturday, promptly at 5pm. Don't miss your chance to showcase your skills and compete against the best in the game.

Poker Palace promotions

Poker Palace does not offer any special poker deals or promotions.


Located in the outskirts of North Las Vegas, the Poker Palace poker room may not be the most glamorous establishment in town, but it holds its own charm. Welcoming guests with a friendly and accommodating staff, it creates a cozy atmosphere where regulars and newcomers alike feel at home. This poker room, while not catering to high rollers or professional players, serves its purpose perfectly as a weekend getaway for those seeking low-limit games. With a familiar mix of players who return time and time again, it feels like a close-knit community where camaraderie and friendly competition thrive. The Poker Palace poker room may not be the epitome of opulence, but it offers a comforting haven for poker enthusiasts looking for some good-natured fun.

Poker Palace rake

Poker Palace collects a 10% fee on its cash games, capped at $3. Since there are no special offers, there is no deduction for a jackpot.

Additional activities available at Poker Palace include

At Poker Palace, players can enjoy two different blackjack tables with varying betting limits. One option is the $1 single deck blackjack table, where players have an equal chance of winning or losing. For those looking for a slightly more thrilling experience, there is the $3 six-deck blackjack table, where the odds of winning are slightly higher at 3:2. However, what sets this six-deck game apart is its unique rule that allows players to double down on two or three cards, adding an extra element of strategy and excitement to the game.

Adjacent to the poker room, you'll find the William Hill sportsbook. If you're a new member of the players club, you'll have an exciting opportunity to win up to $100 in complimentary slot play. This bonus can also be utilized for video poker, enhancing your gaming experience. Additionally, the bingo room is open throughout the day, hosting a minimum of four sessions daily. On weekends, they even add more sessions to cater to the increased demand.

Maddy's Paddys Café, a delightful restaurant, is open from 6am every day. They serve a variety of delectable dishes to satisfy your cravings. Whether you visit in the afternoon or early evening, their snack bar is readily available to offer you a quick bite. During the week, the restaurant graciously closes at 9pm, allowing their staff to rest and prepare for the next day. However, on weekends, you have the luxury of enjoying their delightful meals until midnight, allowing you to indulge in a delicious late-night feast.

Poker Palace FAQ

Is the Poker Palace poker room available around the clock?

Negative. The operating hours are limited to Friday and Saturday evenings, commencing with a 5pm competition.

What types of poker games can be found at Poker Palace?

The available poker variant is limited to 1/2 no-limit Texas Hold'em for cash games, with most Friday evenings being the preferred time.

Are there any poker competitions held at Poker Palace?

Indeed, there is an exciting opportunity to participate in a thrilling no limit Texas Hold'em tournament, taking place on both Friday and Saturday evenings. With a buy-in of $10, players can enjoy the adrenaline of competing against skilled opponents. Additionally, the tournament offers the option of re-buys for $5 and a special $10 add-on to enhance the overall gaming experience.

What is the current hourly compensation rate offered at the Poker Palace's poker room?

At Poker Palace, poker players are not offered any complimentary benefits apart from complimentary drinks.

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