Our Matrimonial Union is Nearly Mature Enough to Place Bets

Wedding day photo of John and KristinaSnapshot capturing the heartfelt union of John and Kristina on their special day

We embarked on an unforgettable adventure in Las Vegas to commemorate our inaugural year together. The vibrant heart of the Strip welcomed us with a complimentary accommodation at Harrah's, ensuring we were right in the midst of all the action. As we strolled along the bustling streets, fortune smiled upon us, granting us favor at the craps tables scattered throughout the Strip. The thrill of the iconic High Roller, once perched atop the Stratosphere and now rebranded as The Strat, electrified our senses, leaving us breathless with exhilaration. Additionally, we experienced the adrenaline-pumping loops and twists of The Big Apple Coaster at New York-New York, adding an extra dose of excitement to our jubilant celebration.

We had an absolute blast, prompting us to christen our initial pair of canines after renowned casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, we even extended the tradition to include a handful of pet hamsters named after popular casino games.

To commemorate our ten-year milestone, my partner and I decided to embark on an exhilarating adventure at Sky Jump Las Vegas. It was an incredible experience to take the plunge from the 855-foot zip line, filled with excitement and adrenaline. Unfortunately, our plans for a second jump were thwarted due to an unexpected turn of events during our 20th anniversary—a case of COVID. Nonetheless, we cherish the memories of our first jump and look forward to creating new adventures in the future.

To commemorate the milestone of our marital journey spanning 21 years, my spouse and I resolved to embark on a daring venture. Our aim is to achieve the feat of an unofficial world record. The imperviousness of the official record, which entails playing table games at a staggering 74 casinos, due to the closure of numerous gambling establishments and a decrease in table game availability, has not deterred us in the least. We remain undaunted and determined to pursue our audacious goal.

An endeavor to set a new milestone on the anniversary

On October 4th, we are embarking on an ambitious mission to conquer over 74 casinos within a span of just 24 hours. Our goal? To try our luck on a slot machine at each and every one of these establishments during our whirlwind tour. It won't be merely a fleeting visit either, as we plan to document our presence with photographic evidence at each property. To go the extra mile, we will also be live streaming our entire adventure on our YouTube channel, allowing viewers to join us virtually on this exhilarating journey. And of course, we won't be leaving these casinos empty-handed. Oh no, we'll be holding onto the slot tickets as tangible proof of our exploits. Our epic quest will commence at the renowned One East Fremont Street and culminate at the prestigious One Main Street. With determination in our hearts and lady luck on our side, we are ready to embark on this thrilling escapade that promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Although we haven't settled on our exact route yet, our intention is to explore downtown Las Vegas primarily on foot before venturing onto the famous Strip and then driving through the valley to visit other casinos. The total number of casinos we end up visiting will be influenced by a variety of factors. Nevertheless, we have our sights set on placing our ultimate bets on a duo of slot machines located at the Sand Dollar within the Plaza.

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