Las Vegas

Plaza hotel room

Report on the Luxurious Plaza Suite Journey

My spouse and I were taken aback during our recent visit to Plaza for a mini-vacation. To our delight, we were unexpectedly granted a two-room suite upon check-in...

Double Double Bonus Video poker at El Cortez Hotel & Casino

There is a lot more to the world of video poker than just pay tables.

The pay tables of video poker machines are likely the most crucial aspect to consider when selecting one, as they can differ significantly, even among machines in the same casino.

Strat poker room

The Strat Poker Room, where the cards are skillfully folded.

The Strat's poker room, previously recognized as the Stratosphere, ceased operations on Friday, October 18. Relocating from its previous downstairs spot, the four-table poker room concluded its activities.

Details of the Plaza Coin Game Giveaway explained

Plaza recently declared its decision to eliminate all coin-operated video poker and slots from its casino premises. The machines are set to be relocated elsewhere.

LA Comedy Club inside the Dragon Room at The Strat Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas Comedy Clubs: The Ultimate Prescription for Laughter

There is an abundant array of entertainment choices available in Las Vegas. My spouse and I struggled to reach a consensus on the ones to select during our initial days in the city.

Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Discover the Ultimate Rio WSOP Gambling Handbook

Many poker enthusiasts will travel to Rio in Las Vegas during the upcoming summer with the aspiration of securing a coveted World Series of Poker bracelet, providing them with immense satisfaction. Numerous individuals find great pleasure in participating in this thrilling card game.