Las Vegas Comedy Clubs: The Ideal Remedy

LA Comedy Club inside the Dragon Room at The Strat Hotel and Casino

Living in Las Vegas provides us with an abundance of entertainment choices. As a couple, my spouse and I faced the challenge of selecting the perfect activities during our initial years here. However, in 2015, after much deliberation, we found common ground and settled on attending comedy clubs. Since then, we have indulged in this delightful pastime several times a month. This shared interest has had a profoundly positive impact on our relationship, serving as a wonderful bonding experience and strengthening our marital bliss.

During our visit to Las Vegas, my spouse and I decided to check out the comedy club located at the Riviera hotel. What caught our attention was their enticing offer of a 50% discount exclusively for local residents. With this fantastic deal, the ticket prices were reduced to a mere $15 per person with tax included. The club itself exceeded our expectations, providing an exceptional atmosphere and showcasing comedians who were unafraid to push the boundaries of humor. To our delight, we attended on the final weekend and were pleasantly surprised by an unexpected appearance from none other than the legendary Andrew Dice Clay. His performance was nothing short of remarkable, but what truly caught us off guard was when he playfully poked fun at my beloved wife as part of his act.

LA Comedy Club

My wife and I are frequent patrons of the LA Comedy Club, a place that has recently obtained a significant portion of the equipment previously used by the Riviera Comedy Club. What's fascinating about the LA Comedy Club is that they have chosen to adopt the same approach as their predecessor when it comes to comedy performances - there are absolutely no rules.

The all-you-can-drink well and beer before and during the show cost $25, while any drink can be purchased for $5 after the show. The price range for the drinks is $15 or lower, ensuring affordability for all patrons. An enticing offer of an open bar is available for just $25.

The main event of the night is the Redneck Comedy Magic show, starting at 6pm sharp. Following that, at 8pm, we have the highly anticipated performance by our weekly headliner. But wait, there's more! At 10pm, we bring you the incredible Butch Bradley, except on Wednesdays and Thursdays when the stage belongs to none other than Night Court's very own Marsha Warfield. It's important to note that the supporting acts and emcees for these shows are usually talented local performers, adding their unique flair to the evening's entertainment.

Laugh Factory

Tropicana is where you can find the Laugh Factory, a renowned comedy club that attracts a diverse range of performers. Twice per week, they showcase a headline act that is guaranteed to entertain you. With two shows held every night, you have multiple opportunities to experience the laughter and comedic talent on display. Supporting the headliner are the feature and emcee, who may either be local comedians or touring acts. As you enjoy the show, you can also indulge in a selection of delicious drinks, with prices ranging from $10 to $15.

Caesars comedy clubs

In Las Vegas, there are two fantastic comedy clubs that I highly recommend. The first one is called Comedy Cellar, and you can find it at Rio. The second one is Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club, located at Linq. The great thing is that if you happen to be a Diamond or Seven Stars player, you can receive tickets to either show once a month. Now, let me tell you a bit about what makes each club special. Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club follows the traditional headliner format, where you can expect a hilarious and talented comedian to take the stage and entertain you throughout the night. On the other hand, Comedy Cellar offers something unique with its lineup of five comedians. Among them, you'll find three or four touring comedians who have a knack for making people laugh. Additionally, there might also be a local comedian who will add their own flavor to the evening. So, whether you prefer a classic headliner show or a diverse lineup of talented comedians, both Comedy Cellar and Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club have got you covered for a night of laughter in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Live

Located at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas Live is a comedy club that operates under the same ownership as LA Comedy Club. The resident headliner at this venue is Edwin San Juan, a well-known comedian. Typically, the feature act and emcee are locals, adding a unique touch to each performance. What sets Las Vegas Live apart is the amusing sight of watching a video clip of the headliner appearing on the popular television show 'Cops'.

The Comedy Club owned by Brad Garrett

MGM Grand is home to Brad Garrett Comedy Club, which stands out for its higher prices compared to other clubs. This venue brings in top-notch performers for its nightly 9pm show, attracting audiences from across the nation.

Hilarious 7

Every Wednesday and Friday at 9pm, you can find me at Hooters, laughing my heart out at The Hilarious 7. This fantastic comedy show is expertly hosted by the one and only John Hilder. The lineup boasts six other phenomenal comics, each taking the stage for a crisp ten minutes. As the audience eagerly awaits, a timer prominently displayed on stage counts down during each set. It's like comedy's very own version of short attention span theater, keeping us on our toes and craving for more jokes.


At The D showroom, you can find a delightful comedy show called Jokesters. It's a must-see for anyone looking to have a good laugh. The show starts every day at 10:30pm, making it a perfect late-night entertainment option. What makes Jokesters even more exciting is the mix of talented local comedians and renowned headliners who tour around. They truly know how to tickle your funny bone and leave you in stitches. As for the drinks, you'll be pleased to know that they offer a wide selection ranging from $10 to $15, and best of all, they are all served as doubles, giving you that extra kick of enjoyment throughout the show.

Downtown Grand

I'm delighted to share an engaging piece of information with you! Every Thursday through Sunday at 9pm, Downtown Grand's brand-new showroom buzzes with laughter as a hilarious comedy show takes center stage. What's fascinating is that the mastermind behind this entertaining extravaganza is none other than the same individual who runs Jokesters, a renowned comedy club. The talented performers who grace the stage not only rotate within Downtown Grand's showroom but also bring their comedic brilliance to The D on certain weeks. So, whether you're seeking a night of side-splitting humor or a dose of laughter-filled entertainment, this comedy show promises to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Tips for obtaining discounted tickets for comedy clubs in Las Vegas

Looking for a great deal on comedy club tickets? Look no further! On the famous Las Vegas Strip, you'll find numerous discount ticket brokers offering these tickets at a fraction of the original price. You can snag them for about half price, saving you some serious cash. If you prefer online options, check out websites like Groupon, where you can often find similar deals. And guess what? Right here, you can get LA Comedy Club tickets for just $25! Don't miss out on this fantastic offer to enjoy a night of laughter and entertainment. Grab your discounted tickets now!

Las Vegas, known for its vibrant comedy scene, is a city where locals can enjoy great laughter at affordable prices. Comedy clubs in this bustling city often provide special discounts for residents, offering them half-price or even more on tickets. To further enhance the entertainment options for locals, there are also free ticket sites available, such as House Seats, Fill a Seat, and Plugin Vegas. These platforms offer complimentary tickets to Nevada residents, granting them access to a diverse range of comedy shows throughout the year. With a membership fee ranging from $60 to $80 per year, residents can take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to enjoy top-notch comedy performances without breaking the bank.

Total Rewards, also referred to as Caesars Rewards, offers complimentary tickets to Diamond and Seven Stars players for shows such as Comedy Cellar and Jimmy Kimmel Live. To determine if your card is eligible, simply visit the players center.