Downtown Grand Enhances All Video Poker Machines to Offer Optimal Payouts

Downtown Grand CasinoDowntown Grand Casino

Latest News: Unfortunately, Downtown Grand casino has discontinued its previous offering of 100% video poker games.

Downtown Grand, situated just one block away from Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, has recently undergone a significant upgrade that has caught the attention of avid video poker enthusiasts. This casino has now transformed all of its video poker pay tables into full pay, creating quite a buzz within the community. This exciting development means that players can expect more favorable odds and potentially higher payouts while enjoying their favorite video poker games at Downtown Grand. It's no wonder why this latest enhancement has become the talk of the town among serious video poker players this month.

The titles that offer full pay are Double Bonus (100.17%), Double Double Bonus (100.06%), Bonus Poker Deluxe (99.64%), Triple Double Bonus (99.58%), and Bonus Poker (99.17%).

Latest Update: As of July 24th, 2019, Deuces Wild initially offered a full pay version (100.76%), but it has now been modified to the 99.96% variant.

The mentioned returns are based on the assumption that five coins are bet and perfect play is followed. The available denominations for all games are quarter, half dollar, and dollar.

Ever since the games were initially launched in July, there have been a number of modifications that have taken place. One notable adjustment is the elimination of points from all of the video poker machines, which has certainly altered the dynamic for players. However, it's important to note that points still remain accessible for individuals who prefer to indulge in slots and video keno. This discrepancy in point allocation adds an interesting twist to the overall gaming experience, catering to the diverse preferences of casino-goers.

I anticipated the elimination of the $2 denomination for full pay Deuces Wild to occur more promptly.

During my visit to Downtown Grand on the afternoon of July 19th, I noticed around 50 machines showcasing these particular games. To my delight, a few of them were also multi-hand, providing an even more thrilling experience. I thoroughly examined each machine, and to my surprise, I couldn't find a single one that didn't feature these generous pay tables. As I strolled through the casino, I couldn't help but observe that only about half of the machines were being used by patrons at that time. This left a significant number of seats unoccupied and readily available, especially at the inviting bar area.

If this exceptional opportunity piques your interest, don't hesitate to seize it. There's no assurance of its ongoing availability.

What could be the thought process of Downtown Grand?

When Downtown Grand decided to make these games accessible to players, one can't help but wonder what their intentions were. I surmise that the company was aiming to establish a reputation and generate buzz within the gambling community. However, it seems that they have not ventured much beyond conventional approaches since their inception. It is quite challenging to identify any noteworthy risks they have undertaken. Among the downtown casinos, the shoe blackjack game stands out as a commendable option, second only to Golden Nugget's high limit games. Apart from that, I must admit that I am unable to think of any other notable endeavors on their part.

Until now, the Downtown Grand video poker didn't stand a chance against its neighboring rivals in terms of competitiveness. However, things have taken a turn for the better. Thanks to this recent transformation, it now boasts the most generous betting limits for full pay games throughout the entire Las Vegas market.

Previously, you could only find Full pay Deuces Wild at Skyline Casino for bets up to a quarter, but they recently made changes to the pay tables. Up until that point, they had been offering 10-coin quarters. However, if you're looking for full pay $1 Double Bonus and Double Double Bonus games, Station Casinos has got you covered. On the other hand, if you prefer 10/7 Double Bonus, you can find it at Plaza and Main Street Station for bets up to $1.

I am fond of the bold marketing endeavor. I am optimistic that it will succeed and not be crushed by experts before gaining popularity among the public.