Trip Report for the Luxurious Plaza Suite

Plaza hotel roomPlaza hotel room

Last weekend, my spouse and I had an unexpected surprise upon our arrival at the Plaza hotel for a much-needed staycation. To our delight, we were pleasantly surprised by the hotel staff who graciously upgraded us to a luxurious two-room suite located on the newly renovated Luxe floors of the North Tower.

At the bottom, you'll find pictures showcasing both the room and the view. The suite offers various amenities, such as a separate bedroom, two bathrooms, and a living room space adorned with contemporary fixtures.

My day began by indulging in the thrill of playing the freshly installed Joker Wild machine. The Plaza Casino had gained quite a reputation for offering these machines as part of their coin games promotion, and they were a hot commodity throughout the month of October. With great excitement, I decided to try my luck on the quarter machine and hoped to walk away with some winnings.

Oscar’s happy hour

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Kristina at Oscar's for happy hour, where we decided to invite a friend to join us. We indulged in a refreshing round of drinks and treated ourselves to some mouthwatering crab cakes, which happened to be an outstanding selection from the happy hour menu. Interestingly, I discovered that these delectable treats were also featured as an appetizer on the main menu. As we were enjoying our time, Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel made a surprise visit to our table, taking a moment to warmly greet us and share in the happy hour festivities.

It's the perfect moment to stroll down Fremont Street.

We encountered some acquaintances at Fremont Street for a brief period of time. The atmosphere was less lively and festive than expected, likely because of the chilly weather and a less busy weekend.

Once we had our fair share of outdoor enjoyment, it was time for us to retreat indoors and seek some warmth. For our evening meal, we satisfied our appetites with a delicious serving of Pop Up Pizza before making our way back to the Joker Poker machines. Quenching our thirst with a few refreshing beverages, we then ascended to our room to relish in the captivating scenery.

When the bands are still playing, the rooms facing Fremont Street can get quite noisy, sometimes even past midnight. However, we discovered a clever solution to tackle this issue. By utilizing the constant fan setting on the climate control unit, we were able to drown out the majority, if not all, of the noise.

Plaza improvements

Over the summer, a significant renovation took place on the upper levels of the North Tower. The reconstruction process involved a complete overhaul, down to the very core of the building, including the sturdy steel beams. The result is truly remarkable. As for the accommodation options, there is an enticing upgrade available for those seeking a touch of luxury. The king room, for instance, offers an enhanced experience for an additional $20 above the standard rate of the older rooms. In my opinion, this is an investment well worth considering. However, for those who desire even more space and comfort, the suite option is a splendid choice. With a $70 upgrade fee, it provides the convenience of two rooms seamlessly combined into one, with an added bonus of a cozy living room area.

The improvements at the hotel go beyond just the accommodations. Plaza has reintroduced the full pay jokers, now available in both quarter and half-dollar denominations. Unlike before, these games no longer offer free play or pay points. Additionally, Plaza has introduced a single zero roulette table with a minimum bet of $10 in the party pit, making it the only downtown location to offer this particular variation. Alongside these high-quality games, visitors will also have access to 10/7 Double Bonus, craps with 10 times odds, and standard blackjack tables that pay 3:2.

During quieter times, you might come across a six-deck blackjack table with a minimum bet of just $5. However, when things get busier, the minimum bet may increase to $10. On the other hand, if you prefer playing with just two decks, be prepared to place a minimum bet of $25. One advantage of these games is that you can double down after splitting your cards. Additionally, it's worth noting that the dealer will continue to draw more cards until they reach a soft 17.

The Benefits of Choosing Plaza as Your Preferred Option

Plaza Casino, located in the heart of Las Vegas, prides itself on maintaining the nostalgic charm of the old school gambling experience. With a wide selection of video poker games boasting a 100% payout rate, players can test their skills and luck while relishing in the traditional ambiance. The casino also offers single zero roulette, a game that provides better odds for players compared to its double zero counterpart. Additionally, craps enthusiasts can enjoy 10 times odds, maximizing their potential winnings with every roll of the dice. As for blackjack aficionados, Plaza Casino provides all the standard variations of the game, including the popular Free Bet Blackjack where players are rewarded with a 3:2 payout. The only exception to this payout ratio is the Most Liberal 21 blackjack game, which can easily be avoided by those seeking the traditional 3:2 payout. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a newcomer to the casino scene, Plaza Casino promises an authentic Las Vegas experience reminiscent of the old days.

Plaza, with its receptive approach, is known for its generous comps that make it effortless to secure complimentary rooms and other enticing perks. What sets Plaza apart is its CEO's involvement; he is frequently spotted on the bustling casino floor, engaging with guests and even offering opportunities to have a conversation with him.