Details about the Plaza Coin Game Giveaway

The casino floor at Plaza recently made an announcement, stating that they will be taking out all of their coin-operated video poker and slot machines. These machines are expected to be removed by the beginning of October.

I'm thrilled to share some exciting news with you! At the Plaza, we have an incredible offer that you won't want to miss. We are delighted to announce that we are giving away every single coin game in our inventory. Isn't that amazing? Currently, we have a total of fourteen coin games, with ten of them placed on the floor for everyone to enjoy and four safely stored in our operational area. It's worth mentioning that this is approximately half the number of coin games we originally acquired from the Las Vegas Club before its closure. However, over the past four years, we have gradually removed these machines from our gaming floor. Why, you might ask? Well, it's mainly due to various reasons such as breakage, minimal or no usage, or the need for replacement parts. We constantly strive to provide our guests with the best gaming experience, and that sometimes involves making necessary adjustments. So, if you're eager to try your luck and have an unforgettable time, come on down to the Plaza and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity!

The Plaza casino floor is currently hosting a variety of coin games.

  • Get your hands on the scorching Dollar Catch the Heat reels (2).
  • One upright version of the Joker Poker arcade machine that accepts half-dollar coins is available.
  • Unique Paraphrase for Google: Upright Quarter Joker Poker machine, numbered 1.
  • Two slanted-top Quarter Joker Poker machines.
  • Slant top Quarter Double Double Bonus machines (2)
  • Two Nickel Double Bonus upright games are available.

Plaza's generosity and thoughtfulness truly astound me as I have received confirmation from multiple Plaza employees that the coveted quarter joker upright will be bestowed upon me. Gratitude fills my heart for their kind gesture, and I am overwhelmed by their generosity. It warms my soul to witness such benevolence from Plaza, and I cannot express my appreciation enough for their thoughtful act.

Out of the entire collection, I must say that the Catch the Heat reels truly stand out as the most remarkable souvenir. These machines were actually designed specifically for the esteemed Jackie Gaughan, during his time at the iconic Las Vegas Club back in the 1990s. What makes them truly special is the baseball player’s jersey adorning the machine, proudly displaying the words 'Las Vegas Club' for all to see.

On the video poker machines, you'll find the pay tables readily available. They are permanently located on the top glass of the upright machines and displayed on screen stickers of the slant tops. The jokers included in the game offer a full pay. As for Double Bonus, the payout ratio stands at 9/5. Meanwhile, Double Double Bonus offers a payout ratio of 7/5. However, there might be a possibility to toggle the pay table, albeit it won't correspond to what is originally displayed on the machine.

Two machines, the nickel humpback keno ones, have been stored away since July. As for the remaining four, their whereabouts elude me. One of them, if memory serves me right, is an upright Joker Poker model, boasting a 99.29% version and accepting half-dollar coins. The identity of the last machine remains a mystery, although it is likely to be an upright Bonus Poker Deluxe or Triple Double Bonus contraption, possibly accommodating quarter coins.

Discover the method by which Plaza plans to distribute the coin-based games.

As a helpful assistant, I've crafted a unique passage for you: In compliance with gaming regulations, Plaza has come up with an exclusive offer for Nevada residents possessing a Royal Rewards card - an opportunity to win free games. Unfortunately, if you happen to reside outside of Nevada, you won't be able to take part in this promotion. The reason behind this restriction lies in the strict gaming laws that prevent Plaza from allowing the games to be taken out of the state.

Residents will partake in a competitive points race taking place in October. Victory will be bestowed upon the leading eight participants. Moreover, an exclusive video poker tournament will be held each week for the remaining five machines.

If you happen to secure a machine as the victor, I'm of the opinion that it will fall upon you to handle its transportation. I have doubts regarding the feasibility of loading it securely in a pickup truck. It is highly likely that you will have to consider renting a U-Haul instead.

The condition of the machines differs significantly. The cosmetic state of the uprights, in general, is quite good. As for the slant tops, they are slightly older, yet still in decent condition when taking into account how long these devices have been around. When it comes to the mechanical aspect, it's really a toss-up since these machines are at least two decades old.

Having witnessed the departure of the antiques from Plaza, I can't help but feel a sense of sadness. Since my relocation to Las Vegas in 2010, I've always been fond of playing the jokers. If you're still in search of coin games in the downtown area, fret not, for you can still find a few at Fremont, California, Main Street Station, and El Cortez. As for the locals market, there are some options available at Poker Palace, Jerry's Nugget, Eldorado, Skyline, Lucky Club, and even the Skyline, although I must mention that Skyline no longer offers full pay Deuces Wild, which I wrote about in a post last year, which is still mostly accurate.