There is much more to Video Poker than just pay tables.

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When it comes to selecting a video poker machine, the pay tables take the crown as the utmost crucial element. Within the same casino, these pay tables may differ significantly, leaving you with the imperative task of scouting for the finest one in your vicinity. Nevertheless, it's essential to bear in mind that this shouldn't be the sole criterion you contemplate when deciding which game to engage with.

Google users can find a range of elements, such as progressive meters, progressive meter rates, promotions, and perks for players club, in the list.

Progressive meters

In certain casinos, there are clusters of gaming machines that present an enticing opportunity for players. These banks of machines house a particular type of jackpot known as a progressive jackpot. The allure of this jackpot lies in its tendency to accumulate and increase in value over time. It reaches its pinnacle when a player achieves the highly coveted natural royal flush. However, some machines take it a step further by incorporating additional winning hands into the mix, including four of a kind or a straight flush. This variation adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the gameplay, keeping players on the edge of their seats as they chase after the elusive jackpot.

I find these meters to be quite valuable. The game's return is typically influenced by about 2% when a player achieves a royal flush. If a quarter royal flush is obtained, it usually results in a $1,000 payout. Furthermore, a progressive jackpot of $2,000 would contribute an additional 2% to the overall return of the game. Interestingly, every $100 wagered adds a mere 0.1% to the potential winnings.

For active $1 players, it's worth considering whether chasing a quarter progressive above $1,199 is worthwhile. The decision ultimately depends on your tax situation, and some players may argue that it's not worth the effort.

When it comes to considering the worth of a slot machine, it's not just about the initial amount on the meter. You should also take into account the additional amount that the machine adds to the meter with each bet. This is especially important when dealing with progressive meters. Typically, these meters hold anywhere from 0.05% to 0.2% of the bet and contribute it towards the progressive jackpots. Personally, I view this as an integral part of the game's overall return because eventually, the house will pay out this accumulated money.

Players club returns

There is quite a bit of variance when it comes to players clubs at different casinos. You'll find that certain local casinos, like Station and South Point, are known to give back 0.3% in rewards when you play video poker with a players card. On the other hand, there are others, particularly those that cater more to tourists than locals, that may only give back 0.05%.

When deciding on a players club, it's important to look beyond just the return. Different clubs may offer varying levels of comps that cater to individual preferences. Take Caesars Rewards, for instance, also referred to as Total Rewards. This particular program doesn't yield much in terms of returns for video poker, and even less for games with high-quality pay tables. However, if you're planning a visit to Las Vegas, you might find the hotel comps they offer to be quite generous, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on your trip. On the other hand, some other casinos might provide more enticing mailers, offering free slot play and food that are more appealing than what's available elsewhere. To find out which players club suits you best, it's worth playing an equivalent amount at several different establishments and evaluating which one meets your specific needs most effectively.


Local-oriented casinos often provide daily promotions that can greatly enhance your gambling experience. These enticing offers may include exciting activities like point chases, point multiplier days, thrilling drawings, and adrenaline-pumping slot tournaments. Each of these promotions holds significant value, and it's crucial for you to assess how much participating in them can boost your potential winnings. Surprisingly, engaging in just one of these events can potentially elevate your overall return by a striking full percentage point.

Illustration of the transformative power of a quality game

In Las Vegas, one can come across a popular game called 8/5 Bonus Poker. With five coins wagered and perfect play, this game has a return rate of 99.17%. But here's the thing, my friend, if you're on the lookout for some great deals or progressive options, this game has the potential to offer you even higher returns.

I always make it a point to play this particular game at a casino that offers a 0.3% return, as it instantly boosts my chances of winning to a staggering 99.47%. What's even better is that I often come across this game on machines that have progressives, which adds an extra layer of excitement. However, the ones I usually stumble upon tend to have a slightly lower return rate of 0.125%, bringing the overall odds of success just under 99.60%. But here's where it gets really interesting – if I manage to hit a quarter royal progressive jackpot worth $1,200 or an astounding $4,800 on dollar machines, it effectively pushes the game's return rate to around 100%, give or take a few hundredths of a percent. It's truly a thrilling experience to see those numbers inch closer and closer to the ultimate victory!

In my experience, I've noticed that certain casinos in the area have this particular game available, and some of them may have a day where they offer a multiplier on the points earned. This could either be a recurring event that happens regularly or it could be a special offer tailored specifically for you. By doubling the usual amount of points you can earn, the game's payout percentage reaches an impressive 99.9%, with the progressive jackpot meter starting at $1,000. Now, if the progressive jackpot for hitting a royal flush is approximately $1,100 when playing with quarters or $4,400 in total, then you can be sure that the game's payout percentage is a solid 100%.

The figures provided do not represent the forthcoming worth of mailers. These promotions might encompass complimentary slot play, dining options, or hotel benefits.