Las Vegas

Guide to the Reopening of Gambling in Downtown Las Vegas

During my visit, I discovered that ten out of the eleven casinos in downtown Las Vegas resumed operations on the 4th of June. The following details are derived from my findings.

Caesars Palace Casino

Exploration Experience of the Reopened Las Vegas Strip

On June 5, I finally ventured to the Las Vegas Strip for the first time after its reopening, choosing to wait until the morning. A total of 16 establishments were welcoming visitors.

Hotel Suite at Horseshoe (Bally's) Casino

Las Vegas Unveils Special Hotel Pricing for June 4 Reopening

Confirmed news states that Las Vegas casinos are set to resume operations on June 4, unless an unexpected situation arises. Initially, resorts had proposed various reopening dates, commencing from April.

View of Downtown Las Vegas from the Strat

Downtown Las Vegas Casinos Positioned for a Strong Recovery

Downtown Las Vegas is eagerly anticipating its reopening, and once it happens, I believe the casinos surrounding the Fremont Street Experience will experience unexpectedly positive outcomes in comparison to the rest of Las Vegas.

Sahara poker room

Envisioning the Future of Poker in Las Vegas: A Glimpse into 2020 and Beyond

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has issued guidelines instructing casinos on maintaining a clean and secure environment amid the COVID-19 outbreak, emphasizing the need for stringent measures. This includes restrictions on...

Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

The moment for Nevada Lottery has finally come.

The concept of a Nevada Lottery resurfaces periodically, with my initial endorsement back in March 2015. Throughout history, there have been ongoing discussions surrounding...

Bellagio Casino

Exclusive Hotel Deals for the Grand Reopening of Las Vegas

Latest News: On May 26, we published an informative piece regarding the pricing details for the highly anticipated June 4 Las Vegas grand reopening. Feel free to explore the article by clicking this link. Las Vegas...