Kristina's Account of Her Memorable 40th Birthday Getaway

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Kristina celebrated her 40th birthday recently. Extensive preparations were made for her party, which was held in the heart of Las Vegas. The assistance of Aquarius Wilkinson, our Plaza host, was invaluable in organizing the event.

When my family member and friend came to visit from another city, we were thrilled. We were even more excited when some of our local friends decided to join us as well. To accommodate everyone comfortably, we had booked a Luxe suite and two additional Luxe rooms on the same floor. Let me describe the suite to you. It is a spacious and elegant arrangement consisting of two rooms, both equipped with luxurious, private bathrooms.


We decided to stroll over to Binion's for a refreshing beverage and a little something to munch on. Our destination of choice was Whiskey Licker Up, where we managed to secure seats right by the railing, granting us a prime view of bustling Fremont Street. Indulging ourselves, we each ordered a couple of libations and treated ourselves to some delectable bites. Let me tell you, the chicken tenders they serve here are absolutely phenomenal.

After concluding our daytime activities, we proceeded to our respective quarters to prepare ourselves for the forthcoming evening agenda. Within our group of individuals, five of us decided to attend the highly anticipated "MJ Live" performance held at the renowned Strat venue. In order to fully immerse ourselves in the experience, we opted to purchase preferred seating, which rewarded us with a cozy booth situated in close proximity to the stage. As the show commenced, we were immediately captivated by the seamless fusion of Michael Jackson's iconic melodies, electrifying dance routines, and a sprinkling of comedic interludes. Every single one of us reveled in the spectacle that unfolded before our eyes.

My companion and I had no interest in attending, so we opted to indulge ourselves in the casino while the performance was ongoing. Since I seldom participate in table games, this appeared to be a valid justification.

Our journey commenced at a blackjack table with two decks. The minimum bet for this game is $25, and the payout ratio is 3 to 2. Players have the option to double down both before and after splitting their hand. Additionally, it is worth noting that the dealer will hit on a soft 17.

We decided to switch things up after an unlucky streak at the blackjack table, so we made our way to Roll to Win Craps. This game is a unique blend of technology and tradition, as it combines a digital betting screen table with actual dice. The best part? The minimum bet is only $5, and you can take advantage of five times the odds. Lady luck finally smiled upon me during one particularly impressive roll, which completely turned our fortunes around. As if on cue, just as I finished my victorious roll, the show we had been watching came to an end and the rest of our group joined us at the craps table.

We decided to return to downtown, making our way towards the Plaza. Once we arrived, we settled into the suite and took the opportunity to catch up while enjoying a few well-deserved cocktails. It became evident that we hadn't fully prepared ourselves for the evening ahead, but luckily our Plaza host, Aquarius, and the Omaha Bar came to our rescue. They provided us with a bottle of Tito's, ensuring that our suite was adequately stocked for the night.

The next day, we were fortunate enough to have a cabana at the pool. I decided to spend a couple of hours in the cabana, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and soaking up the sun. Meanwhile, Kristina and our visiting friends made the most of the day and spent a significant amount of time in the cabana as well. It was a delightful experience, sharing the space with loved ones and indulging in the poolside ambiance.


I decided to spend my afternoon in the casino, looking for some entertainment. As luck would have it, I bumped into one of my friends from the group. We sat down at a video poker machine, ready to try our luck. To start off, I chose the Joker Poker game, hoping for a winning streak. Miraculously, on my first try, I managed to hit five queens, which left me with a sense of excitement. Encouraged by my initial success, I switched over to the Bonus Poker Deluxe machine, determined to keep the winning momentum going. Surprisingly, I struck luck once again and ended up winning an additional $300. The thrill of the game and the unexpected winnings made my casino experience all the more enjoyable.

Celebrating with a delicious meal at Oscar's on my special day.

Our favorite downtown restaurant has officially changed hands from Hugo's Cellar to Oscar's. Last night, a group of six of us had the pleasure of dining there, and it was an exceptional experience. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the ribeye cap, which, I must say, is the best steak I have ever had. It never fails to impress, and this time was no exception. The majority of our group opted for this mouthwatering dish, and we were all blown away by its flavor and tenderness. Oscar's has truly established itself as a culinary gem in the heart of the city.

During our dinner, an unexpected surprise awaited Kristina as Aquarius made their way upstairs to reveal a sign above Oscar's, celebrating her birthday joyfully.

Following our meal, we ventured outdoors to capture some photographic memories. Subsequently, we returned to our luxurious suite to continue the festivities.

As the clock struck midnight, our group welcomed the arrival of a friend into the bustling casino. It was at this moment that the recently implemented mask mandate came into effect. Observing our surroundings, we noticed that the majority of patrons were dutifully adhering to the new regulation. However, our attention was soon drawn towards a particular incident involving a pair of individuals who stubbornly refused to comply. It was fascinating to witness a vigilant security guard intervening and swiftly escorting the non-compliant couple out of the premises.

Before going to sleep, we decided to have our final round of video poker. Kristina had a small victory while playing, whereas I experienced a slightly greater loss.

Kristina's event at the Plaza was truly outstanding. A big shout-out to all the individuals who contributed to its success.