A Detailed Account of My Experience at Plaza Cabana Suite

Plaza hotel roomPlaza hotel room

Every summer, my wife and I make it a tradition to book a luxurious Plaza cabana suite room. It's our little escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This year, however, we decided to spice things up a bit by reserving a second cabana suite for our dear friends who were visiting from sunny California. It was a delightful surprise for them, and they couldn't contain their excitement. To our delight, the two rooms happened to be adjoining, magically transforming into a spacious and comfortable two-bedroom suite. It was like having our own private oasis within the hotel. Our weekend getaway took place from August 14th to the 16th, a perfect time to unwind and soak up the summer vibes. We couldn't have asked for a more delightful experience.

After getting ourselves settled, we made our way over to the Joker Poker machines. Unfortunately, Lady Luck wasn't on our side this time around. Undeterred, we decided to take a stroll along Fremont Street to soak in the lively atmosphere. Surprisingly, the scene appeared quite typical for a bustling weekend evening.

A majority of the Fremont Street Experience still had ample room for people to move around comfortably. You can find several images in the photo gallery provided.

The Plaza was our destination as our friends joined us for an evening filled with blackjack games. Following our thrilling escapade, we decided to quench our thirst with refreshing beverages before making our way back to the comfortable sanctuary of our rooms. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that one of our suites boasted a charming separate seating area, providing us with an intimate space to unwind and continue our revelry. Time flew by as we reveled in the festivities until the wee hours of the morning, eventually succumbing to fatigue and retiring to our cozy beds.

Bingo time

The Plaza bingo room beckoned us with its allure, a siren call that we couldn't resist. Four companions, none of whom had ever indulged in the casino's bingo delights, embarked on this new adventure together. With a sense of anticipation and curiosity, we entered the casino, greeted by its vibrant atmosphere. The Plaza had long boasted about its bingo offerings, and it was high time for us to experience it firsthand.

We found ourselves at the Plaza, where the players club offered a generous $25 match play that we could take advantage of three times a day. Eager to try our luck, we decided to purchase $40 worth of cards each and settled into our seats. Adhering to the strict social distancing guidelines, every other monitor had been switched off, creating a safe and spacious environment.

I engaged in the afternoon game, which commenced at 3pm sharp. The spacious room was bustling with approximately 40 individuals, all eager to partake in the exhilarating activity. For the convenience of players, the game featured an optional auto-daub feature, allowing participants to sit back and let the system take care of marking their cards. However, a few players opted to manually mark their cards, an endeavor that appeared rather challenging and intricate in nature.

Kristina emerged victorious in the initial game and found herself in a five-way deadlock for another one. Among the four of us, she was the sole individual who tasted victory.

Oscar’s Steakhouse

We decided to treat ourselves to a delightful evening at Oscar's Steakhouse. To start off, we indulged in the most amazing crab cakes, which were simply out of this world. As for the main course, I couldn't resist ordering their exceptional prime bone-in ribeye, which exceeded all expectations. The rest of the group opted for various steak options, and we all left with contented smiles on our faces. To complement our meal, we savored a bottle of rich and flavorful red wine that perfectly complemented the steaks.

Fremont Street Experience

In the evening, my companions and I decided to explore Fremont Street. Unfortunately, we encountered a slight hiccup as the bars had already closed. It was quite a predicament because although children were freely roaming about, security strictly prohibited bringing drinks from any establishment other than the casinos lining Fremont Street under the canopy. Determined to find a peaceful spot amidst the commotion, we embarked on a quest to discover a suitable place for a drink. Eventually, we stumbled upon Freedom Beat at Downtown Grand and coincidentally reunited with another friend.

After a few rounds, my companions and I decided to make our way to the Plaza's Omaha Lounge. It was a cozy spot, where the stage had been cleared to make room for tables, creating a relaxed atmosphere. This arrangement allowed us to enjoy our drinks without being confined to the closed bar top.

More blackjack

I had a blast playing $10 blackjack with my buddies at Plaza while my wife opted to head back to our room. The atmosphere was lively and we enjoyed a few hours testing our luck at the tables. The dealers were all really amiable, although some were quicker than others in dealing the cards. Luckily, I managed to break even after my two blackjack sessions, unlike my unfortunate experience with Joker Poker.

Discover the wonders of the National Atomic Testing Museum and explore its captivating exhibits.

We decided to join our friends on their visit to the National Atomic Testing Museum before leaving town. Exploring the history of nuclear testing in the desert north of Las Vegas proved to be quite intriguing. Apart from the regular museum artifacts, there were a few video exhibits that added an extra dimension to the experience.

The museum had a rather amusing aspect to it that caught my attention. What struck me the most were the various exhibits adorned with poorly worded signs. It seemed as though these signs were meant to encourage visitor interaction, but unfortunately, they were off-limits due to the ongoing pandemic.

It is truly a pleasure to reunite with buddies amidst the dazzling lights of Las Vegas. The weekend proved to be an ideal escape from the turmoil that engulfs the world.