One-of-a-kind gambling establishments in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas.

Circus CircusCircus Circus

The article excerpt reveals that many Las Vegas casinos are run by big companies that own several properties. Although the exteriors may vary, the casino floors are quite similar if they belong to the same corporation. However, there are a few independent casinos in Las Vegas that provide players with a distinctive and exclusive gaming experience.

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Distinctive casinos located on the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

In my opinion, Wynn, Encore, Circus Circus, Treasure Island, and Strat provide unparalleled gaming adventures that cannot be compared to any other casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. Here's my rationale for believing so.

Wynn and Encore

In my view, the most exceptional casinos on the Las Vegas Strip are Wynn and Encore. Both establishments are under the management of Wynn Resorts. These two casinos boast an extraordinary feature - they share an address and are seamlessly linked by a vibrant shopping corridor.

At the heart of the bustling casino floor, you'll find an exclusive offering that sets Wynn and Encore apart from the rest of the Strip. Unlike any other property, these two resorts proudly feature the thrilling Blackjack Switch game. This unique variation adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the classic card game, captivating players with its innovative twist. Additionally, when it comes to Casino War, Wynn takes the crown as the sole Las Vegas casino boasting not just one, but two dedicated tables. This sets the stage for epic battles and intense showdowns, as guests engage in this fast-paced and easy-to-learn game. Experience the unparalleled thrill of these one-of-a-kind offerings, only at Wynn and Encore.

I feel compelled to share some interesting facts about Encore, the renowned Las Vegas Strip casino. Surprisingly, Encore was the final establishment in the area to introduce triple zero roulette, waiting until all the double-zero tables were already open. What a unique approach! Another remarkable feature of Wynn and Encore is their offering of the 17/7/5 Joker Poker, a highly favorable video poker pay table found at the denominations of $0.25 and $0.50. This makes it one of the best options available on the lively Las Vegas Strip. It's truly impressive how these establishments provide top-notch entertainment and gambling experiences for their patrons.

The level of service provided at Wynn and Encore is unparalleled, consistently delivering a lavish and opulent experience.

Circus Circus

Unique in its own way, Circus Circus sets itself apart from Wynn and Encore, transporting visitors to a completely different world of luxury. What makes it particularly special is the fact that it is the sole casino on the Las Vegas Strip to offer not just one, but two exhilarating Roll to Win Craps games. Additionally, it stands alone as the only establishment featuring the thrilling Double Exposure Blackjack.

Circus Circus stands out as the sole casino on the Las Vegas Strip that offers coin-operated slots, featuring reels with denominations of $0.25, $1, and $5.

Circus Circus stands out from other places with its exclusive amusement park and midway, which features the exciting Adventuredome. Guests have the opportunity to earn complimentary benefits for enjoying these exceptional offerings.

Treasure Island

In the heart of the famous Las Vegas Strip, lies two magnificent casinos under the ownership of Phil Ruffin. Circus Circus and Treasure Island, both offering an unparalleled gaming experience. Among the countless casinos in this bustling city, Circus Circus stands out as the sole establishment where players can indulge in the thrill of $10 3/2 blackjack. And if that's not enticing enough, Treasure Island takes it up a notch by being the exclusive venue to offer the exhilarating 3/2 $15 double-deck blackjack.

Treasure Island hosts the Strip's exclusive 3/2 stadium blackjack, a game that can only be found there. On weekdays, players can enjoy this thrilling card game for just $1, while on weekends, the stakes rise to $3. What sets Treasure Island apart is its state-of-the-art stadium machine, which not only offers blackjack but also features the only video Three Card Poker in all of Las Vegas. To join in the excitement, players need only place a minimum bet of $2, making it accessible to all levels of players.

Las Vegas is home to an exclusive high-limit salon, where the stakes begin at $50. This lavish room offers a unique gaming experience, featuring the only $50 double-deck blackjack table that abides by the rule of standing on soft 17. Additionally, it boasts the sole $50 European Roulette wheel in the entire city. So, for those seeking an elevated level of excitement and sophistication, this high-limit salon is the perfect destination.

The Strat

In my experience, the Strat stands out from other casinos on the Las Vegas Strip with its distinctive offerings. One of the notable features that sets it apart is the availability of $15 3/2 blackjack, which is quite rare in this area. Surprisingly, during the quieter periods, you might even stumble upon a blackjack table with a minimum bet of just $10. This kind of deal is hard to come by elsewhere, making the Strat a great choice for blackjack enthusiasts looking to stretch their gambling budget.

In Las Vegas, when it comes to casinos, the Strat stands out from the rest. Unlike other establishments, the Strat boasts a larger number of crapless craps tables compared to the traditional ones. Moreover, it is renowned for being the first casino to introduce the exciting game of crapless craps to its patrons. What sets the Strat apart even further is its generous offering of 10 times odds on crapless craps, making it the casino with the highest odds in all of Las Vegas.

The uniqueness of Strat lies not only in its casino, but also in the tower that stands tall and proud. With its three thrilling amusement rides and the exhilarating SkyJump, it offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Those who are avid players at the casino can easily earn complimentary benefits that grant access to the tower and rides, with the exception of the daring SkyJump.

One-of-a-kind casinos in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas.

I have singled out four specific downtown casinos from a group of 12 that caught my attention. These standouts include Circa, El Cortez, Golden Nugget, and Plaza.


I am particularly impressed by Circa's standout feature, which happens to be the largest sportsbook in the world. What caught my attention as well is the fact that they offer video poker on two different levels, giving their guests a unique and diverse experience. Another remarkable highlight of this establishment is their massive pool area, which not only provides a refreshing and relaxing space but also offers the opportunity to enjoy sports viewing and table games. Additionally, Circa boasts a high-limit salon that sets itself apart by being the only place in downtown Las Vegas where you can find a blackjack game that stands on soft 17.

El Cortez

The El Cortez casino floor boasts a range of distinctive elements that set it apart from the rest. In the heart of Las Vegas, this establishment proudly offers the sole 3/2 single-deck blackjack game in the city. With a minimum bet of just $10, its baccarat tables hold the record for the lowest wager requirement in downtown Las Vegas. Additionally, the El Cortez houses an impressive array of coin video poker games, surpassing all other casinos in Las Vegas in terms of variety and availability.

Golden Nugget

In Las Vegas, Golden Nugget boasts the most extensive array of $5 table games. Among them are Lucky Cat Blackjack, Crazy 4 Poker, Let It Ride, Mississippi Stud, Three Card Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold'em. It is worth mentioning that the Lucky Cat Blackjack game entails a mandatory $2 side bet, rendering it the least favorable blackjack game in all of Las Vegas for those playing at the minimum bet.

Golden Nugget stands as the sole establishment in downtown Las Vegas to still offer a Fortune Pai Gow Poker table, making it a distinctive and sought-after feature. Additionally, it proudly houses the final surviving live poker room within the vicinity, contributing to its unrivaled appeal.

I've got to tell you about Golden Nugget, the downtown casino that stands out for its incredible restaurant offerings. Now, I know this might not be directly related to gaming, but trust me, it's worth mentioning. You see, Golden Nugget boasts the most extensive selection of restaurants compared to any other downtown casino in Las Vegas. And here's the real kicker: it actually has more upscale dining establishments than all the other downtown casinos combined. But what really sets Golden Nugget apart is how easily you can earn comps to enjoy these fantastic venues. So, whether you're a foodie or just looking for a memorable dining experience, Golden Nugget is definitely the place to be.


I recently discovered the Plaza, a fantastic destination for gaming enthusiasts in Las Vegas. What sets it apart are the diverse and unparalleled gaming opportunities it offers. One of the standout features is its exclusive nonsmoking bar, located at the Sand Dollar Lounge. Not only does this bar provide a pleasant environment free from smoke, but it also boasts an impressive collection of video poker machines, with a remarkable payout rate of 99% and higher. It truly is a haven for those seeking a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, the Plaza has recently introduced a unique outdoor video poker bar, providing patrons with the opportunity to indulge in their favorite games while enjoying the refreshing Vegas atmosphere. Furthermore, for those who prefer a smoke-free gaming area, the Plaza has designated a dedicated BC Slots section that guarantees an enjoyable experience without the presence of smoke. With these distinctive offerings, the Plaza stands out as a premier destination for gaming enthusiasts in Las Vegas.

Plaza, located in downtown Las Vegas, is home to a unique array of offerings that truly set it apart from other casinos in the area. One of its standout features is the renowned full-pay Joker Poker game, widely regarded as the best video poker game available in the city. It's a game that entices both locals and tourists alike, thanks to its favorable payout structure and exciting gameplay. Plaza also boasts the distinction of being the last remaining casino that offers full-pay Deuces Joker Wild, further solidifying its reputation as a premier destination for poker enthusiasts. But that's not all – Plaza is also home to the only bingo room in downtown Las Vegas. This exclusive amenity draws players from far and wide, providing a captivating and enjoyable bingo experience in the heart of the city. With its diverse range of gaming options, Plaza truly stands out as a top choice for those seeking unparalleled entertainment and excitement in Las Vegas.

Plaza, the sole establishment in downtown Las Vegas, stands out for its exclusive offerings. Firstly, there is the captivating Most Liberal 21, a game with similarities to Super Fun 21, available only at Plaza. This particular game is cherished by enthusiasts for its unique features and thrilling gameplay. Moreover, Plaza proudly boasts the sole single zero roulette table in the entire downtown area. What distinguishes it further is that this table also offers the lowest minimum bet for roulette in the entire market, attracting both seasoned players and novices alike. Lastly, Plaza emerges as the unrivaled casino offering 235 Stud, an enticing card game that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

One-of-a-kind Las Vegas establishments catering to the city's residents.

Many of the casinos in Las Vegas are owned by prominent gaming companies, but some stand out with unique offerings as independent establishments.

South Point

South Point, the prominent locals casino in Las Vegas, catches the eye with its exceptional features. When it comes to bar video poker, it takes the lead by offering the most outstanding experience. Moreover, its players club boasts the locals market's highest return for video poker points, ensuring that players receive the best rewards. Additionally, South Point stands out with its availability of $5 3/2 blackjack, which can be enjoyed nearly 24/7.


I am delighted to inform you that Skyline is a truly exceptional casino for Las Vegas locals, offering an extraordinary selection of coin-operated video poker and slot machines. What sets Skyline apart from other establishments in the city is its unique claim to fame: it proudly hosts the very last 2/4 fixed limit hold'em game available in all of Las Vegas. This distinctive feature makes it a must-visit destination for avid poker enthusiasts seeking a traditional playing experience. Additionally, Skyline has remained committed to preserving a cherished tradition by continuing to offer their classic shrimp cocktail at the unbeatable price of $3.45. This delectable dish has stood the test of time and remains a beloved favorite among patrons. Whether you're a poker aficionado or simply looking to savor a delicious shrimp cocktail, Skyline is the perfect place to indulge in the best of both worlds.

Glistening Emerald Island and vibrant Rainbow Club

In downtown Henderson, you'll find two remarkable casinos: Emerald Island and Rainbow Club. Interestingly, these two establishments share the same owner. What sets them apart from the rest is their exceptional video poker offerings, which are widely regarded as some of the finest in the entire Las Vegas gaming market. Among the impressive selection, you'll come across games like 10/6 Double Double Bonus Poker (a version with a staggering 99.96% payout rate) and 16/10 Deuces Wild on Triple Play, Five Play, and Ten Play. Whether you prefer to play with $0.01, $0.02, or $0.05 denominations, both casinos have got you covered. Moreover, you'll have the flexibility of wagering up to 30 coins per line, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.

Emerald Island and Rainbow Club may not provide complimentary play mailers, but they have a plethora of promotions available. For avid players, delightful news awaits as they can enjoy free meals every single day.