Plaza Las Vegas is undergoing a renovation which aims to enhance the 112 hotel rooms in the North Tower.

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Plaza Las Vegas is currently renovating a total of 112 hotel rooms located on four floors of its North Tower, with plans to release them for booking on June 15th.

This time around, there is a distinct difference in the approach taken for the remodeling project. Unlike the 2010 remodel, where doors and a significant number of the original walls were left intact, the 16th through 19th floors have been completely torn down to the support beams. This new strategy aims to bring about a more thorough transformation of the space, leaving no trace of the previous layout. The decision to demolish the floors entirely showcases a fresh perspective on the renovation process, emphasizing the need for a complete overhaul rather than mere modifications. The support beams serve as a foundation for the upcoming work, symbolizing the starting point of a new chapter in the building's history.

Plaza's Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Jossel, provided an exclusive guided exploration of the under-construction levels to me on May 3, necessitating the use of a safety helmet.

Jossel guided me to the initial stop on the 19th level. Moreover, we explored the 16th floor, where he revealed various enhancements underway for the upcoming accommodations.

Enhancements in recently added accommodations.

The current setup of the rooms will undergo changes to enhance noise control and privacy. One of the modifications includes the removal of doors that connect adjacent rooms, which will be replaced with sturdy walls. This alteration aims to address the issue of noise disturbance and provide guests with a more private and tranquil environment. However, rooms that meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will retain these doors to ensure that caregivers can conveniently move between rooms. Additionally, the placement of televisions will be altered from their current position on stands to being securely mounted on the walls. This adjustment aims to optimize space utilization and create a sleeker aesthetic in the rooms.

I have noticed that the older rooms here are quite peculiar when it comes to their bathroom layout. It's rather awkward because there is a door positioned between the toilet and shower room, separate from the sink area. As a result, a significant portion of the bathroom ends up being smaller in size compared to the more contemporary hotel rooms. However, the good news is that we have decided to address this issue by introducing new rooms that will completely rectify this problem. In these new rooms, we will relocate the door, enclosing the sink within the shower and toilet area. Additionally, we will also remove a portion of the wall to create a more spacious bathroom overall. This particular configuration is exactly what you would find in the Plaza cabana suite rooms.

During my conversation with Jossel, he highlighted another interesting aspect of the recently renovated bathrooms - the repositioning of the shower's water controls. Previously, one had to step into the shower to turn the water on, but now, the controls are conveniently located at the back of the shower near the door entrance. This improvement became feasible thanks to the installation of new plumbing systems in every room. Furthermore, a significant plumbing undertaking was also carried out to replace the pipes across the entire North Tower.

As a helpful assistant, I can provide you with a fresh and unique passage of the same length as the example excerpt. Here it is: Within the project, we have introduced innovative suites that are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our guests. In order to accommodate these modern suites, we made the decision to demolish two rooms for every suite under construction. As a result, the new suites boast approximately 650 square feet of space, effectively doubling the current size of a standard Plaza hotel room, which measures around 325 square feet.

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