Exciting Transformations Happening at Stratosphere

How The Strat Hotel and Casino measures to other tall buildings

The Stratosphere revealed its plans for numerous enhancements to the location, and I observed various updates when I last visited.

Permit is needed for parking in recently added spaces.

As I step into the parking deck, I can't help but notice that the row of handicap parking spaces near the pedestrian bridge leading to the casino has vanished. It seems that there's a new and exciting development in progress, possibly a VIP parking program. To utilize these spaces, it seems that a special pass or permit is required. Curiously, throughout my three visits after discovering this change, I haven't spotted any vehicles occupying these spaces.

Timeshare desk moved

As I strolled down the escalators, I noticed that the timeshare desk had been relocated to the lower level, causing the walkway to become more congested. It seems that the reason behind this change is the partitioning of the space that used to accommodate the sportsbook, nearby bar, and a section of slot machines. Interestingly, plans have been unveiled to revamp the sportsbook and introduce a fresh restaurant in this particular area. Despite the narrower walkway resulting from the construction, I must say that I have never encountered any assertiveness or pushiness from these timeshare salespeople. This holds true for both their previous location and the current one.

Provisional placement of the sportsbook.

Tucked away at the summit of the escalators adjacent to the table game area, you'll find the provisional sportsbook. They've cleverly repurposed the space, outfitting it with comfortable seating and bar-top tables. Surprisingly, this spot was formerly utilized as a ticket office for the tower.

Currently, the sportsbook does not have a bar, but McDonald's is conveniently located nearby where you can find one.

Beverages are allowed to be carried back into the sportsbook area, but smoking is strictly prohibited.

Poker room downsized

According to Poker Atlas, the Stratosphere poker room, which used to have 12 tables, has been downsized to only four tables. However, once the remodel is finished, the poker room will have a total of 10 tables available for poker enthusiasts. Interestingly, the space that was once occupied by the missing tables has now been transformed into a slots area. It seems that some of the games that were previously located near the sportsbook have now found a new home in this renovated section.

Once the casino's remodel is complete, Stratosphere has plans to install a grand total of 10 poker tables. This exciting news was shared by none other than the renowned Las Vegas poker expert, RobVegasPoker, in a tweet that caught the attention of avid poker enthusiasts. Curiously, as one wanders through the casino, the poker room signage continues to hang above an area that is presently occupied by rows upon rows of slot machines. It seems that the poker room's future location is already prepared, eagerly awaiting its transformation into a bustling hub of poker action.

The Baccarat gaming area is now welcoming players

In the party pit, just beside the baccarat pit, you will find a brand new addition. This recently opened section boasts six dazzling tables, ready to bring you some thrilling action. The betting limits in this area range from a modest $10 to an exhilarating $5,000, catering to both casual players and high rollers alike. Interestingly, the video blackjack machine that used to be here has been relocated to the table games pit, adding more variety to that particular section. However, I did notice that the roulette machine, which used to occupy this very spot, seems to have disappeared. Its whereabouts remain a mystery, but fret not, as there are plenty of other exciting gaming options to explore in this vibrant casino.

The Stratosphere holds a special place as the top Las Vegas hotspot for me.

My wife and I are regular patrons of Stratosphere, making frequent visits every month. Our primary reason for going there is to enjoy the incredible performances at the renowned LA Comedy Club. Interestingly enough, the atmosphere within the club reminds me of the unique ambiance at the Riviera Comedy Club, where anything goes and a friendly vibe prevails. I find it captivating that the showroom at Stratosphere has incorporated furnishings from the old Riviera Comedy Club, which adds an authentic touch to the overall experience. It's fascinating to see these connections unfold, and it definitely enhances our enjoyment of the shows.

Whenever I have the chance, I make it a point to ascend to the pinnacle of the tower. It has become a cherished tradition for my beloved spouse and me to embark on the exhilarating SkyJump every time our tenth anniversary rolls around. I am constantly encouraging our visitors from other cities to partake in this awe-inspiring experience, yet the majority of them politely decline, deeming it too daring for their liking. In fact, it has been a full year since anyone has dared to accept my invitation. On our last outing, we braved the thrilling rides of the Big Shot and Insanity, but unfortunately, no one was brave enough to join us on the nerve-racking X-Scream.

In the bustling casino, I discovered a haven for gamblers seeking affordable blackjack tables with generous payouts. With a keen eye, I scoured the seemingly endless pits, ultimately finding the sought-after $5 tables that boasted a 3-2 payout. These hidden gems were conveniently nestled near the double deck blackjack games, enticing players with their enticing odds. Not only that, but the thrills of craps were also within reach, as I stumbled upon the captivating $10 craps tables offering a staggering ten times the typical odds.

The dining options at Stratosphere are the only aspect that receives criticism. A refresh is required, which the new owners seem to acknowledge. They have plans in motion to implement various dining changes. Surely, my wife and I will make it a point to sample every new option both before and after attending comedy shows.