SkyJump Trip Report

The Strat Hotel and Casino

2020 has been quite a whirlwind of a year, filled with ups and downs. It's been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. In an attempt to add a dash of excitement and create a lasting memory, I made up my mind to take on the SkyJump at The Strat. It seemed like the perfect way to bid farewell to this eventful year and welcome the new one with a thrill.

It was an unforgettable experience, the SkyJump adventure. Plunging down a towering height of 829 feet, it felt like a thrilling ride on a zipline that took a vertical route. The memory of that incredible moment is etched in my mind, as it was my way of celebrating our 10th anniversary with Kristina. Although it has been eight years since that daring feat, the desire to relive the adrenaline rush has been growing within me for quite some time. However, Kristina, on the other hand, hasn't shared the same enthusiasm as I do.

On the previous day, I made the choice to tackle it by myself while Kristina and our daughter observed from below.

Earlier this week, I made an attempt to secure reservations at the establishment. To my dismay, it was closed at that time. However, today I persevered and managed to get through to them. Much to my delight, they informed me that there would be no wait. Excited by this news, my companions and I decided to visit the place on Friday, December 11, around 1:15pm. After going through a necessary waiver process, we proceeded to settle the bill. To our pleasant surprise, the utilization of the locals discount, coupled with the video we had, resulted in a final payment of $141.

First things first, I had to suit up. And let me tell you, this suit was no ordinary attire. It boasted a vibrant Mountain Dew theme, which instantly injected a sense of excitement into the whole experience. Moving on to the next step, it was time to put on the necessary equipment. A helpful staff member was there to assist me, ensuring that everything was securely fastened. Once they tightened the gear, another staff member came forward to double-check and verify that I was good to go. As I glanced down at my wrist, I couldn't help but notice the camera, cleverly strapped on like a sleek watch. It was ready to capture every thrilling moment of the adventure. Before diving headfirst into the action, I was asked to step on a scale and have my weight recorded in kilograms. That number, serving as a little reminder, was carefully written on my wrist, symbolizing the start of an unforgettable journey.

Following that, the next step is to utilize an exclusive elevator, which transported me directly to the designated location.

As I reached the peak, a line awaited my arrival. With anticipation, I stood next in line, and they promptly guided me into the secure zone. Diligently, they meticulously inspected both my safety harnesses and the snugness of my shoes. To ensure accuracy, they even re-evaluated my weight. Finally, the moment arrived to connect me to the equipment, signaling the commencement of my daring adventure.

As I embark on the platform, I notice two hooks. Before stepping foot outside, one is introduced from an external source, accompanied by another upon entering the platform. Every aspect is well-prepared, with backups readily available. After meticulously verifying all safety precautions, they lead me to the far end of the platform. It's quite snug in that space, I must admit.

They insist on placing their feet precisely on the narrow yellow line that runs along the edge. Once in position, the next step is to take the leap.

Eight years ago, when I first took the plunge, I remember needing an extra countdown before I could gather the courage to jump. However, this time, as a member of the SkyJump team, I stood on the edge, ready to take the leap. The countdown began, starting from three, and with each passing number, my excitement and adrenaline surged. Finally, when the countdown reached one, I propelled myself into the air, feeling a rush of exhilaration and freedom. It's amazing how much you can contemplate in those few fleeting seconds while standing on that ledge.

In a controlled environment, taking that step voluntarily is an exhilarating and unconventional experience. It's an absolute blast, a unique opportunity to test your courage. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you feel up to the challenge. It's important to note that the staff members are not allowed to nudge or force you off; it's entirely your choice to take that leap. So go ahead, embrace the excitement, and dive into this thrilling adventure!

The initial video originates from my wrist camera, while the subsequent one captures Kristina's perspective from the ground.