Skyline Casino decides to eliminate Full Pay Deuces Wild from their game selection.

Skyline Casino recently made a disappointing move by downgrading the top video poker game, which had the highest return-to-player and limits.

At the Boulder Highway casino, I stumbled upon a hidden gem - approximately 20 quarter full pay Deuces Wild machines. What caught my attention was the fact that about half of these machines, located at the Skyline Casino, allowed 10-coin bets, making them essentially half-dollar games. To my surprise, this was the sole casino where I could find full pay Deuces Wild machines with bets exceeding $1.25. Talk about a rare find!

When I used to frequent casinos, I noticed that the machines there had a unique way of operating. They all functioned on coins, but were also equipped to accept bills. It was quite convenient because it allowed players to choose their preferred mode of payment. However, when it came time to cash out, things could get a little tedious. You see, players would have to gather a bucket full of quarters in order to collect their winnings. Thankfully, the Skyline Casino seemed to understand this struggle and took measures to make the process much simpler. They built trays right into the cabinets of their machines, which made cashing out a breeze. This was a stark contrast to other Las Vegas casinos, where coin slots and video poker machines were still prevalent, but lacked such thoughtful conveniences.

The change was first reported by VPFree2, indicating that all the machines had their paybacks reduced to below 100 percent. This was achieved by decreasing the payout for a wild royal flush from 25 coins to 20 coins for each bet made.

I have reason to suspect that VPFree2 may have made an error in their report regarding the full pay Deuces Wild machines at Skyline Casino. Curious to confirm this, I decided to visit the location specified by the bar. To my disappointment, the machines I found had a new lower payout on what could only be described as a less-than-desirable royal flush.

Customers appeared to have ceased engaging in the activity.

On Thursday, I paid a visit to the Skyline Casino and made my way to the Deuces Wild Corral located towards the rear. To my surprise, the entire area was completely empty, devoid of any signs of activity. Normally, during a weekday afternoon, this section would be bustling with enthusiastic players. The stark contrast in the atmosphere left me wondering about the reasons behind the sudden lack of patrons.

Curiosity getting the best of me, I inquired with one of the employees about the impact of the change on the business. To my surprise, the employee validated my suspicions, revealing that the players were far from pleased with the alteration. As a result, the activity on the machines had noticeably declined in the days following the relocation.

I am of the belief that the cause of this issue lies in advantage players exploiting both games and fellow players.

Over the past few months, I've observed a fresh influx of players in the Deuces Wild Corral at Skyline Casino. What struck me about these players was their youthful demeanor, which set them apart from the usual crowd. Unfortunately, it seemed that they weren't exactly well-liked by their fellow players. The primary reason for this disdain was their tendency to monopolize two or even three machines at once, completely disregarding the desires of other players who wished to try their luck. On top of that, these individuals were constantly consulting strategy cards, diligently ensuring that they made the optimal moves at all times.

I must say, it's quite unbecoming and could seriously undermine your intentions. Should you come across a favorable opportunity, refrain from monopolizing multiple machines simultaneously, especially if others are eager to partake. Such behavior unmistakably conveys that you are solely focused on personal gain rather than enjoying the activity itself. Moreover, repeatedly consulting strategy cards serves as another telltale sign that your presence is driven by a desire for advantage rather than leisure. Additionally, exercising politeness towards fellow players and staff can make a significant difference, a quality that appeared to be lacking as events unfolded.

It must have been a dreadful situation for Skyline Casino to take such a drastic step. Their branding was centered around Full pay Deuces Wild, but now they have considerably fewer attractions to entice players. The coin games, which usually offer the best odds, no longer qualify for players club perks.

There are still plenty of exciting games awaiting to be played.

I highly recommend trying out the fantastic 10/7 Double Bonus game that is still available. You can easily find it either near the bar or in the Deuces Wild Corral section, and the best part is that it only requires quarters to play. Additionally, both of these areas have coin-operated video poker machines, adding an extra level of excitement to your gaming experience.

On all machines, the standard Deuces Wild glass took the place of the pay table that used to be on the glass in the old game. Even with this change, the games continue to have a return rate of 99.89 percent. However, if you factor in the drawings, there's a possibility of achieving a return rate of over 100 percent.

The emergence of a fresh players' association appeared to signal the onset of the final chapter.

Last year, the Skyline Casino introduced a fantastic players club that has been a hit among gamblers. At its inception, the club encompassed all the slot machines, providing players with a plethora of gaming options. To sweeten the deal, the casino implemented a point multiplier system during most hours of the day, allowing players to accumulate points at an impressive rate of approximately 0.2 percent. However, the real excitement came with the nightly graveyard special, where players were generously rewarded with ten times the usual points. This incredible promotion enticed dedicated players, as those who managed to amass one million points, an equivalent of $100,000 in coin-in on the graveyard special, were rewarded with a whopping $1,000 cash prize. It truly became a race against time for players to reach the million-point milestone and claim their well-deserved reward.

Within a matter of weeks, the players club made some significant changes to their promotional offerings. Initially, they had introduced a lucrative promotion that included full pay Deuces Wild machines, which proved to be quite enticing for many gamblers. However, there were some players who preferred the $1 10/7 Double Bonus machines instead. Unfortunately, the club decided to discontinue the coin games, much to the disappointment of those who enjoyed them. As if that wasn't enough, they also downgraded the 100% $1 machines, further diminishing the appeal of the promotion.


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  1. Based on my personal experience, I must say that your article, John, is absolutely accurate. It's truly disheartening to see how this fantastic retreat, which provided a much-needed break from all the hustle and bustle, has come to such a sorrowful state.

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