Plaza Boasts the Supreme Video Poker Selection in Downtown Las Vegas

Today, only the quarter denomination is available for playing Plaza Joker Poker, where you could win a royal flush for just $0.50.

Over the past few weeks, there has been an interesting development at the Omaha Bar. Late in 2021, the Plaza decided to introduce brand new video poker machines with bar top features. Naturally, this caught the attention of seasoned players who frequented the establishment. However, their excitement quickly turned into disappointment as they noticed that the new machines were offering pay tables that are commonly found at the bars on the famous Las Vegas Strip. This news spread like wildfire among the savvy players, and needless to say, they were far from pleased. The allure of the Omaha Bar was its reputation for having a generous selection of machines with pay tables that exceeded 99%. Yet, with the introduction of these new machines, that number dwindled down to a mere four. However, things took an unexpected turn over the past few weeks. It seems that the Plaza management has listened to the concerns and feedback of the players. As a result, there have been some changes made to the machines at the Omaha Bar. These changes have brought back the much sought-after pay tables that initially attracted the players. This recent development has caused quite a stir among the regular patrons of the Omaha Bar. They are now filled with renewed hope and anticipation as they eagerly line up to try their luck on the newly altered machines. It appears that their loyalty and feedback haven't gone unnoticed, and the Plaza has made a conscious effort to restore the original appeal of the Omaha Bar. In conclusion, although the introduction of the new video poker machines at the Omaha Bar initially disappointed savvy players, recent modifications have brought back the beloved pay tables that made the establishment famous. The Plaza's decision to listen to the concerns of its patrons and take action has reignited the enthusiasm and excitement among the players.

At the Omaha Bar, we've recently made some exciting upgrades to our gaming experience. We've taken it upon ourselves to enhance the pay tables of all 12 brand-new Game King machines at Plaza. This means that now, at that very bar, we have a grand total of 16 devices offering video poker with a fantastic payout rate of 99% and above. But that's not all! If you prefer to enjoy your games at our sportsbook bar, worry not, because we have eight equally impressive machines waiting for you there as well. And here's the cherry on top: we haven't forgotten about our valued guests at the Sand Dollar Lounge. We've gone ahead and upgraded all of their machines with these incredible games too. So, whether you're a poker enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting gaming experience, Plaza has got you covered.

Explore the top-notch selection of video poker games offered at Plaza bars.

At Plaza's three bars, the most favorable video poker game is undoubtedly 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe, offering a remarkable return rate of 99.64% when five coins are wagered and optimal strategy is employed. Following closely behind is the second-best game, 9/6 Jacks or Better, boasting a respectable 99.54% return rate. Additionally, there are several other games that offer a return rate of around 99% or higher, such as 8/5 Bonus Poker, 9/7 Double Bonus, 9/6 Double Double Bonus, and 15/9 Deuces Wild.

I noticed something interesting during my recent visit to the Omaha Bar and the sportsbook bar. There are a total of twelve Deuces and Joker Wild machines available, but what caught my attention is that only four of them are actually the older machines at the Omaha Bar, while the remaining eight are located at the sportsbook bar. This particular version of the game is quite unique, as it offers the players five wildcards instead of the usual one or two. Surprisingly, this game is not available on any of the new machines that have been installed.

The available values for betting on these games range from $0.25 to $5 on the newer machines, while the older machines accept bets up to $1.

In downtown Las Vegas, there is a remarkable video poker game known as 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe. It is widely regarded as the finest bar game in the area. However, when it comes to the entire Las Vegas market, it falls just shy of claiming the top spot. South Point, a renowned establishment, offers an intriguing alternative called 16/10 Deuces Wild. This particular game, often referred to as Not-so-ugly-ducks or Not-so-ugly-deuces, boasts an impressive expected return rate of 99.73%. Those seeking the ultimate video poker experience in Las Vegas may find themselves torn between these two exceptional options.

For years, Four Queens reigned as the ultimate destination for bar video poker in Las Vegas. Its fame, however, took a hit when they made the decision to eliminate the beloved 10/6 Double Double Bonus Poker game from all of their bars just recently.

Video poker on the casino floor at Plaza.

In downtown Las Vegas, Plaza boasts the most exceptional video poker game. This game, known as full pay Joker Poker, offers a remarkable payout percentage of 100.65%. Located by the security podium, it is conveniently available in the quarter denomination. Interestingly, the only game in the entire Las Vegas market that surpasses this is the coveted full pay Deuces Wild. To indulge in that, one must venture to either of Arizona Charlie's locations or pay a visit to Sam's Town.

On the casino floor at Plaza, I noticed some modifications to the video poker offerings. Specifically, at the lower denominations, the pay tables on the newer Game Kings machines have been downgraded. However, I did manage to find a handful of games that still boast around a 99% payout rate. These particular games can be played at both the $1 and $2 denominations, making them a somewhat rare exception to the general trend of lower payouts.

I love exploring the older section of the casino floor where the legendary Games Kings reside. These machines are mostly fantastic, offering a wide range of game options. Among them, I noticed a Joker Poker machine and six others located closer to the cashier's cage. Additionally, I found nine machines near the bubble craps game that offer the same games as the bar, but with denominations up to $2. However, I did come across three machines near the bubble craps area that have slightly lower pay tables. If you're someone who prefers playing with a $5 denomination and would rather not sit at the bar, there's good news. You can find 8/5 Bonus Poker, 9/7 Double Bonus, and 9/6 Double Double Bonus machines near Pop Up Pizza.

Take notice of the 9/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe pay table while observing the machines on the floor, which bear a resemblance to the one depicted below.

When strolling around the Plaza, I couldn't help but notice that the last 10/7 Double Bonus Poker machine had vanished. It had joined the ranks of the esteemed Game Kings, where the odds of winning exceed 99%. However, if you happen to be in the downtown area and have a hankering for some 10/7 Double Bonus Poker action, fear not! You can find this game in both quarter and dollar denominations conveniently located near the bustling fast food joints at Four Queens. Alternatively, you can try your luck on not one, but two $1 coin machines situated near the front desk at California. So, whether you're craving a quarter-sized thrill or are ready to go all-in with the big bucks, there are still options aplenty to satisfy your Double Bonus Poker cravings.

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I have to say, it's really impressive how Plaza took the time to address the concerns of their players and rectify the issue that had left some patrons dissatisfied. It's crucial that if you're someone who enjoys playing video poker, you show your support for this action taken by Plaza by actively participating in their games. Who knows, if other casinos witness the positive outcome of this move, they might just take a similar approach. At the very least, if Plaza notices an increase in coin-in as a result of this change, it's highly probable that they will continue to offer these games.