Once upon a time in Plaza, the 'Back to the Future' Day was celebrated.

This serves as the second installment in a sequence of narratives aiming to spread uplifting recollections amidst these challenging times.

In August 2015, when Las Vegas Club closed its doors for good, I found myself reminiscing about my days as a regular patron of the establishment. Little did I know that fate had a surprise in store for me that night. As I made my way through the crowd, a familiar face caught my attention. It was none other than Jonathan Jossel, the CEO of Plaza, the sister property of Las Vegas Club. Our paths had never crossed before, but that night, on the brink of endings and new beginnings, our destinies intertwined.

During my frequent interactions with him, I formed a connection with Jossel, primarily because the gambling activities I engaged in shifted from Las Vegas Club to Plaza. In one of our conversations, Jossel excitedly informed me about an upcoming event at Plaza - a Back to the Future themed party scheduled for October 21, 2015. The remarkable aspect of this occasion was that Plaza would be transformed into Biff Tannen's Pleasure Palace, akin to its portrayal in the movie's sequel.

Normally, I wouldn't be inclined to do something like this, but my wife was really enthusiastic about it, so we decided to give it a shot. Surprisingly, it ended up being quite enjoyable, even for someone like me who isn't typically drawn to gatherings of this nature.

Celebration beneath the grandeur of Oscar's pavilion.

Under the dome of Oscar, the event unfolded. Plaza spared no expense, going all-in to create an unforgettable experience. The cast was well-represented with numerous lookalikes in attendance. Making a grand entrance were several DeLorean cars, each boasting unique modifications. Adding to the spectacle, a Dr. Brown Enterprises van was strategically parked near the Main Street entrance.

Plaza launched a temporary bar inside the gathering, utilizing the existing Irish pub with its outdoor seating area.

I remember attending a costume party where Jossel showed up dressed as Marty McFly, the iconic character from "Back to the Future." The party organizers had set aside several hundred dollars as prizes for the best costumes, but I can't recall who ended up winning it. What I do remember is that we all collectively voted for a guy who had dressed up as Biff, Marty's nemesis in the movie. To our disappointment, he did not win, which we found to be an absolute travesty.

We had a fantastic time in downtown Las Vegas, but unfortunately, we couldn't stay until the end. You see, my wife is a dedicated teacher and it happened to be a school night. Nonetheless, it was an unforgettable evening, as we embarked on a rare non-gaming adventure, exploring the vibrant heart of Sin City. It was a delightful departure from our usual routine, allowing us to experience the city's diverse offerings beyond the confines of the bustling casinos.

My admiration for Plaza's marketing strategies has been unwavering. It was during this particular occasion that I truly witnessed the finesse they possess. They distributed coupons to everyone, enticing them with complimentary plays and various other perks, all in the hopes of luring guests into their premises. I can only surmise that their ploy was at least partially successful. Judging by the bustling sales at the outdoor bar, it wouldn't be far-fetched to assume that the revenue generated alone covered the expenses of the event.

Plaza has experienced a substantial increase in its player community following this period. I credit a significant portion of its achievements to its innovative advertising strategies, such as this one.