Grand Opening of Carousel Bar at Plaza

Front of Plaza Carousel Bar in downtown Las Vegas

On Saturday, May 20, at noon, I had the pleasure of witnessing the grand opening of the Plaza Carousel Bar. Nestled in the Main Street entrance, right across from the vibrant Fremont Street Experience, this charming establishment breathed new life into the old front valet area. From noon until midnight, this delightful carousel bar welcomes patrons eager to indulge in its unique offerings.

Kristina and I arrived prior to the start, and she captured a video during our anticipation.

Plaza Carousel Bar opening day from the YouTube channel.

We indulged in a scrumptious meal at the Mexican Grill located within the food court. The experience was fantastic, especially since it was my inaugural attempt at their delectable offerings.

Video poker at Plaza Carousel Bar

At the bar, you'll find a collection of eight video poker machines. These machines, crafted by the renowned company Aristocrat, boast peculiar pay tables. However, the one that caught my attention is the Deuces Wild machine. What makes it stand out is its unconventional pay table, where a five of a kind awards 15 coins, while a straight flush only grants 6. Remarkably, this particular machine offers a respectable return of 97.6%.

In the realm of peculiar pay tables, we stumble upon the enigma known as Bonus Poker. Its quirkiness lies in the fact that it generously rewards a full house with 7 units, and a flush with 5 units. However, when it comes to quad fives to kings, the payout dwindles down to a mere 20 units. Curiously enough, this game boasts an overall return percentage of 97.2%. As we delve deeper into the realm of video poker, we find that most of the other titles hover around the 97% mark or slightly below. The available denominations for these captivating games are $0.25, $0.50, and $1.

At the $0.50 and higher denominations, both the Omaha Bar and Sand Dollar boast games that surpass the 99% payout rate, which is quite impressive. It's worth noting that while the pay tables at this bar are slightly better than those at the sportsbook bar, the real winners lie in Omaha Bar and Sand Dollar. These two establishments offer a more favorable gambling experience with higher chances of winning. So, if you're looking for the best odds, head on over to either the Omaha Bar or Sand Dollar, where the games are truly rewarding.

The Carousel Bar machines offer a variety of slot titles, such as Buffalo. Additionally, you can find Keno and blackjack games on these machines.

The screens are often plagued by the issue of glare, causing a significant inconvenience. One cannot help but notice the flashing lights that are spread across the machines. While indulging in their gameplay, players are treated to complimentary beer and well drinks.

Drinks we ordered

I went ahead and placed my order at the bar. Opting for something tropical, I chose the Carousel Grand Pineapple, a delightful rum concoction that arrives in a real pineapple. My friend Kristina, on the other hand, went for the Amalfi Swing, a zesty vodka beverage topped with a sprinkle of Pop Rocks along the rim. We eagerly awaited our drinks, anticipating the unique flavors that awaited us. Sipping on my first sip of the Carousel Grand Pineapple, I couldn't help but be transported to a sunny beach in my mind. The combination of rum and pineapple was truly a match made in heaven. As Kristina took a sip of her Amalfi Swing, her face lit up with delight. The tangy citrus notes perfectly complemented the effervescence of the Pop Rocks. Impressed by our initial choices, I decided to indulge in another round of the Amalfi Swing, relishing in its refreshing qualities. Meanwhile, Kristina decided to switch things up and ordered a frozen pina colada, a classic tropical treat. The bartender skillfully poured the liquor into the mix before blending it to perfection. We couldn't help but notice that the rum used was none other than Captain Morgan, known for its smooth and rich flavor.

Additional Plaza establishments set to open in the near future.

In downtown Las Vegas, the Plaza is buzzing with three exciting projects on the verge of completion. Just a week or so away from its grand opening next to the Carousel Bar, an innovative nonsmoking casino promises a refreshing experience for visitors. Right above, a delightful outdoor dining area for Oscar's awaits, offering a perfect spot to savor delectable meals while enjoying the vibrant city atmosphere. Nearby, the finishing touches are being applied to a brand new Pinkbox Doughnuts establishment, which has taken the place of the party pit near the south main entrance. The anticipation is building, as the grand opening for all these thrilling Plaza additions is set to take place during the second weekend of June.

Plaza nonsmoking casino under construction.