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It began about 17 years ago when Plaza first opened its doors in Las Vegas. Since then, it has easily become my go-to casino, with its 50th anniversary coming up on July 2, 2021. What sets Plaza apart from other casinos in the city is its commitment to providing a top-notch gambling experience. One of my favorite features is their offering of full pay Joker Poker, a game that combines strategy and luck for maximum excitement. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a novice trying your luck for the first time, Plaza has something for everyone.

The sequence of events commenced with an exclusive poker competition.

In 2004, I had the pleasure of experiencing Plaza for the first time. It was an exciting occasion as a bunch of my fellow online poker enthusiasts decided to organize a special tournament in the renowned Plaza poker room. Back then, the room was located in the central hub of the players center, which served as a lively gathering spot for avid players.

We thoroughly enjoyed our exclusive tournament experience. Opting to participate in the midnight tournament became a customary practice for me during my trips to Las Vegas.

Down the road, this would turn out to be a fantastic addition. I used to frequent the poker tables at Plaza, but when it came to video poker, my go-to spot was Las Vegas Club, which happened to be under the same ownership. It soon became evident that this little arrangement would prove to be quite advantageous.

Plaza's renovation kickstarted its revival.

The Plaza underwent a complete renovation and was temporarily closed in the late 2000s. After almost a year of extensive remodeling, it finally reopened its doors to the public in late 2010. As a result of my frequent visits and loyalty to the Las Vegas Club, I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to stay in one of the newly refurbished rooms on the hotel's inaugural night. It was an exciting experience to witness the transformation firsthand. The Plaza had managed to acquire fixtures and furnishings from the abandoned Fontainebleau project located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. There was speculation that this luxurious resort might eventually be redeveloped as The Drew, but only time would tell.

There was a limited turnout at the venue, with the casino operating at a reduced capacity. The accommodations were of high quality, but regrettably, the snapshots I took during the preliminary reopening seem to have vanished without a trace.

There is a door at Oscar's, located in the former Firefly space, that opens into the old dining area behind you if you are at the host stand. At the Plaza relaunch, there was a secret Italian restaurant called Simpatico.

During my time at the Las Vegas Club, I accumulated an extraordinary number of complimentary rewards through my dedication to playing video poker. These rewards proved to be quite advantageous as I was able to exchange them for numerous enjoyable evenings dining at Oscar's and Simpatico. This unexpected benefit offered by the new Plaza was truly delightful and added an extra touch of excitement to my experiences.

Over time, the condition of Las Vegas Club deteriorated until it was ultimately purchased by the future proprietors of Circa in 2015.

Jonathan Jossel, the CEO of Plaza, showcasing his remarkable Marty McFly impersonation.

The closure of Las Vegas Club marked the night when fate brought me face to face with the CEO of Plaza, Jonathan Jossel. Throughout the years, our conversations have revolved around the industry and my personal encounters within his esteemed establishment. What truly captivates me is his accessibility to players, which undoubtedly contributes to the allure and reputation of the Plaza. The casino operates in a manner reminiscent of the traditional local establishments, evoking a sense of nostalgia and charm.

Jossel, a master of promotion, always seems to have a trick up his sleeve. Among his many brilliant ideas, one that stands out in my mind is the one that took place on October 21, 2015. That day, the Plaza transformed into Biff Tannen's Pleasure Palace from the iconic film "Back to the Future II." It was as if we had stepped into the movie itself. The entire area under the Plaza dome was meticulously themed to recreate the atmosphere of that memorable night. I remember being so captivated by the experience that I felt compelled to write a blog post about it. If you're curious to learn more about how it all unfolded, you can find the details in my article here.

Exploring the wonders of Plaza's casino

Moving from Las Vegas Club to Plaza, I noticed that some of the older coin games I used to play had made the transition as well. It didn't feel like a huge change, especially considering that many of the slot employees were working at both properties.

The Plaza used to be just another casino where I played my favorite game regularly starting in 2015, but my perception of it has greatly evolved over time.

Customer service is definitely a priority at Plaza. The staff at this downtown locals casino has very low turnover, which allows them to establish personal connections with the regular customers. It's quite evident that they genuinely enjoy working there, as they always seem cheerful and content. I find Plaza to be similar to a neighborhood casino, where the focus is on building relationships and ensuring that the customers have a positive experience.

When it comes to Plaza podcasts, there's this one episode that stands out as my absolute favorite. It was the time when Mary Meyers made a guest appearance. Let me just say, she's hands down the most exceptional casino employee I've ever come across. And trust me, I've encountered quite a few incredible ones, especially at the Plaza. Every single one of them contributes to creating an atmosphere at the Plaza that makes it feel like a cozy local casino in my view.

Over time, the coin games began to deteriorate and finding replacement parts became increasingly difficult. As October 2019 rolled around, it was finally time for the machines to bid farewell.

Plaza bestowed upon me a coin game that quickly became my absolute favorite.

During the pandemic closure, I found solace in the quarter full pay Joker Poker machine at Plaza. Loyalty was rewarded when, out of the 35 coin games brought over from Las Vegas Club, I was allowed to select one without participating in any contests. This particular machine had been my companion for a remarkable 15 years, and it continued to function flawlessly. Its presence was a saving grace, preserving my sanity amidst the challenging times. The Plaza held competitions for the remaining dozen coin games, but I felt fortunate to have my trusted Joker Poker machine by my side.

After the coin games were distributed, Plaza reintroduced Joker Poker with the convenient ticket in/ticket out system. At first, I was skeptical, but looking back, I believe that the physical aspect of inserting coins actually enhanced the enjoyment. However, I eventually grew tired of it and began focusing my attention on playing Bonus Poker Deluxe. It was during this time that Kristina decided to join me in a game of Deuces Wild.

Kristina's recent trips to the bingo room have transformed into delightful date nights that frequently conclude with an exciting bingo session. Her remarkable winning streak has been a source of entertainment for everyone involved.

I typically enjoy playing video poker at Plaza, although occasionally I like to switch things up.

Every now and then, I like to branch out and try my luck with different types of games apart from video poker. For quite some time, the classic coin reels at the Las Vegas Club were conveniently located right next to the coin Joker Poker machines. On occasion, I would indulge in playing these intriguing Catch the Heat machines. It's fascinating to note that the first video showcases the impressive top jackpot of the vintage coin game, while the second one depicts the more modern version that can be enjoyed by players in the present day.



Following a significant victory, I might engage in playing games of chance in a pit.

I hit the biggest video poker jackpot of my life at Plaza.

When I find myself all by my lonesome at the craps table, I tend to opt for playing from the don't pass. It's a strategy I favor, but I shy away from placing bets on it when there's a lot of excitement and action happening. Another table game that captures my interest is Ultimate Texas Hold'em. It's quite a thrill to participate in these rounds. However, you won't catch me betting against my fellow players when it comes to the don't pass. The possibility of a royal flush might tempt some, but I'm well aware that it often leads to a less-than-desirable outcome.

Plaza, in my opinion, offers a delightful diversion from my usual video poker routine, even though these games often outsmart me. It's refreshing to have a change of pace and engage in these games that Plaza so generously provides. By immersing myself in these entertaining challenges, I am not only entertained but also paying homage to Plaza for their commitment to delivering enjoyable gaming experiences. Some might consider this mindset as a bit old-fashioned, but I find it to be an apt portrayal of what Plaza represents—a place that values customer satisfaction and offers an array of engaging games.

Diverse range of games available at the plaza table.

In the table game pit, you'll find a great deal of value. Typically, the blackjack games with six decks commence at a reasonable $10. Additionally, we have a double deck table where the minimum bet is set at $25. Rest assured, these games follow the standard rules of double down and hitting soft 17. Furthermore, it's worth noting that if you hit a blackjack, the payout is 3:2.

Plaza also possesses a unique blackjack variation known as World's Most Liberal 21, priced at $10 and boasting rules akin to those of Super Fun 21.

Sometimes, when I walk into a casino, I can't help but feel the adrenaline rush as I survey the different table games available. There's always a wide variety to choose from, but some games stand out for their $10 minimum bet requirement. These games include craps, double zero roulette, and the ever-popular poker table games like Three Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold'em, Let it Ride, Face Up Pai Gow, and I Luv Suits. It's exciting to see the bustling crowds gathered around these tables, eagerly placing their bets and hoping for a stroke of luck. Whether it's the fast-paced action of craps or the strategic play of poker, these games offer a thrilling experience for both seasoned gamblers and newcomers alike. So, if you're feeling lucky and have at least $10 to spare, why not give one of these games a try? You never know what fortune might have in store for you.

As a helpful assistant, I'm here to provide you with an alternate passage that maintains the same essence and length as the given excerpt. Please note that the following text has been uniquely generated and is not a copy of the provided excerpt: In downtown Las Vegas, the Plaza stands out with its exclusive single zero roulette wheel. Normally, the minimum bet at this table is set at $10, but during busier periods, it can rise to $15. Comparatively, on the famous Strip, this particular game usually comes with a hefty price tag of $100. The Plaza has built its reputation on providing fair gambling options, making it a name synonymous with value in the world of casinos.

The odds in craps are multiplied by ten, while the payout in the field is tripled for a roll of twelve.

Plaza video poker

In downtown Las Vegas, Plaza stands out as the ultimate destination for video poker enthusiasts. Ranked second in the entire market, this establishment offers an unparalleled experience. With two games that boast a remarkable return of over 100% when five coins are wagered and perfect play is executed, Plaza truly raises the bar. Here, players can immerse themselves in the thrilling world of video poker, where skill and strategy meet opportunity, leading to potentially impressive payouts. Don't miss out on the chance to indulge in the best video poker experience in downtown Las Vegas, only at Plaza.

In the vicinity of the security podium, you can spot three Joker Poker machines in their entirety, all of which offer full pay. As you make your way towards the back of the casino, two machines featuring 10/7 Double Bonus Poker catch your attention, available in quarter, half-dollar, and dollar denominations. It's worth noting that these Double Bonus machines are situated in separate clusters, each boasting the coveted full pay Double Bonus Plus variant. However, it is important to mention that none of these captivating games provide any slot points upon playing.

Plaza slots

I'm not really into the whole slot scene, but I can tell you that Plaza has a special area near the cash register dedicated solely to Wheel of Fortune games. Right behind the keno podium, you'll find a designated space with BC Slots branding. Oh, and if you're into the old-school Vegas vibe, there are even some throwback slots near the cash register. And let me tell you, there are so many other slots scattered all over the casino floor. You'll find hundreds of them everywhere you look!

Plaza hotel rooms

Throughout the years, we have had the pleasure of residing in numerous Plaza rooms. I carefully accumulate our complimentary benefits, reserving them for a couple of extravagant evenings annually. Here, you will find a collection of travel accounts:

Luxurious accommodation featuring a spacious suite with an adjoining Cabana room.

An additional recount of a Cabana room getaway experience.

Plaza Luxe Suite

Plaza mini suite