Fremont Street Experience is keeping these Downtown Las Vegas Blackjack Games a secret!

Free Bet Blackjack table at Plaza CasinoExperience the excitement of playing Free Bet Blackjack at the renowned Plaza Casino.

I just wanted to bring your attention to the fact that downtown Las Vegas blackjack games were poorly covered by Fremont Street Experience. It's quite disheartening to see them resort to plagiarism by using an outdated blackjack survey. As a result, they ended up reporting numerous games that were not even in existence at the time the article was published.

Let's delve into all of that, shall we? The article, to my astonishment, not only failed to mention deserving games that actually exist but also went so far as to portray fictitious games. It's mind-boggling, really. I stumbled upon this intriguing evidence while perusing the Wayback Machine, where the article was preserved, documenting its subsequent removal by Fremont Street Experience. It's clear that my notification played a role in its demise. This discovery raises numerous concerns and warrants further discussion.

El Cortez offers the finest blackjack experience in downtown Las Vegas.

In its so-called insider's guide, Fremont Street Experience made a glaring omission by failing to mention the most exceptional blackjack game in downtown Las Vegas. What they neglected to highlight is that this particular game isn't just the finest downtown, but it reigns supreme across the entire Las Vegas gaming market. It's astonishing how they missed this crucial detail, as this blackjack game is truly unrivaled in terms of quality and excitement.

Las Vegas is home to a rare gem - a $10 single deck blackjack game that offers a generous 3:2 payout. This particular game is a true rarity, as it stands as the final one of its kind in the city. Players who indulge in this game have the opportunity to double down on any two cards, although this option becomes unavailable after splitting. However, fear not, for there are other variations available at El Cortez. For instance, there's a $10 double deck blackjack game that also provides a chance to double down before and after splitting. Additionally, there's a six-deck blackjack game that follows the same rule. Regardless of the variation you choose, keep in mind that all El Cortez blackjack games follow the soft 17 rule, meaning the dealer will hit on a soft 17 hand.

Downtown Grand

Outside of a high limit room, the best six-deck blackjack game in downtown Las Vegas can be found at Downtown Grand. Starting at just $5, the game may increase to $10 during busy periods. What sets this game apart is the player-friendly rules it offers. Players have the option to double down on any two cards and after splitting. Additionally, late surrender is available, providing an advantage to players. Aces can be re-split into four hands, allowing for more strategic opportunities. It is worth noting that the dealer hits soft 17 in these tables. Such favorable conditions make it possible for a $10 player to lose only around a nickel per hand when utilizing perfect strategy.

In Downtown Grand, you can find an enticing $25 double deck game where the dealer hits soft 17. The rules are player-friendly, allowing you to double down both before and after splitting your cards. Just like the other games mentioned throughout this informative article, the payouts on a blackjack are a generous 3:2.

During off-peak times, when visiting downtown Las Vegas, you may come across an exclusive $5 craps game that grants players 10 times the usual odds.


At Plaza, you can find two excellent blackjack games with a 3:2 payout. In both of these games, the dealer hits on soft 17. If you prefer a lower minimum bet, there's a six-deck game available for $10. This game allows you to double down before and after splitting. Alternatively, if you're willing to wager $25, you can enjoy a double deck game with the same rules. Plaza offers a variety of options for blackjack enthusiasts, catering to different betting preferences.

In downtown Las Vegas, Plaza has a unique offering for those seeking a break from the monotony of blackjack. Their single zero roulette table stands out among the bustling casino floors. With a minimum bet of $15, this game provides an exciting alternative to the regular options available. On the renowned Las Vegas Strip, one would typically find this game with a minimum bet of $100 or even higher. So, if you're looking for a thrilling roulette experience without breaking the bank, Plaza's single zero table is the place to be.

Golden Nugget

I find it quite intriguing that the report we are currently ridiculing seems to have conveniently omitted the three casinos that offer excellent blackjack options. It is highly probable that these establishments were left out because they do not contribute to the Fremont Street Experience. However, what perplexes me even more is the absence of any mention regarding the favorable blackjack games available at the Golden Nugget. The article, supposedly written by an unnamed insider, did not bother to verify whether one could partake in a game of $5 3:2 blackjack at this renowned casino, but failed to acknowledge the existence of other impressive gaming opportunities it provides.

Nowadays, at Golden Nugget, you'll need $50 to participate in a 3:2 game. Such games are exclusively held in the high limit salon, known for its exceptional service.

The double deck variant features the option for double down both before and after splitting, while the shoe version includes the surrender and re-split aces choices. In both games, a soft 17 is considered a hit.

Prominent high-limit blackjack games await in downtown Las Vegas

The double deck variation mentioned at Golden Nugget is also available at Golden Gate for a price of $50. Circa and The D offer this particular game for $100 or $200.

In my recent recollection, I came across an intriguing tidbit about a blackjack table at Circa. This particular table, with its six decks, sets itself apart from the rest by standing on all 17's. What caught my attention even more was the fact that it's the lone downtown Las Vegas blackjack game that has this unique rule. Interestingly, I remember reading about this in an article from Fremont Street Experience. However, I couldn't help but wonder where they obtained this information, as they failed to cite their source.

I'm excited to share that there's an abundance of fantastic blackjack games in downtown Las Vegas! However, it's important to note that the options don't end there; you'll find even more captivating games throughout the entire city of Las Vegas. By December 1, we'll be releasing a comprehensive newsletter that will provide you with detailed information about every table game available in Las Vegas, including their minimum bets and rules. To gain access to this invaluable resource, all you need to do is pay a nominal fee of $15. But wait, there's more! If you use the special code vegas2021, you'll receive a delightful $3 discount. So, go ahead and seize this opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Las Vegas gaming!

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