Fremont Street Experience copied our content without permission.

If you are one of my followers on Twitter, you are well aware of the significant issue we have been facing with content theft, which has caused considerable harm to our overall business strategy.

Due to the multitude of issues associated with providing up-to-date Las Vegas blackjack survey data on this website, we have made the decision to discontinue its publication. In its place, we have opted to introduce a members-only newsletter that will offer comprehensive information. Further information regarding this exciting new feature will be shared with you in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

I had only come across offshore gambling affiliates as the plagiarists I discovered previously, until I stumbled upon this headline posted on Fremont Street Experience's official website.

As someone who possesses firsthand knowledge, I undoubtedly consider myself to be the ultimate authority on the matter. However, it may not be readily apparent to readers. Interestingly enough, the Fremont Street Experience failed to acknowledge my contributions by omitting my name entirely. Furthermore, they neglected to provide any reference or citation to the source of their information. In fact, the article was cleverly crafted to give the impression that the author themselves had insider knowledge, when in reality, it was actually my expertise that was being presented. Curiously, there is no mention of an author anywhere in the byline of the article.

After noticing the problem, I immediately contacted an individual who provided me with an email address to reach the content manager of Fremont Street Experience. I took the time to explain the issue in detail to this person. As a result of my persistent efforts, the article was eventually removed, although I never received any form of response or acknowledgement.

We got a response on Monday, just before noon. The article was taken down by the company and they said they would deal with it. However, Fremont Street Experience's response did not satisfy us. Instead, we received a letter from a lawyer that was quite threatening.

The worst part is that the article, which focuses on downtown Las Vegas blackjack searches, has surpassed us in the Google search rankings. It's difficult to accurately quantify the extent of the financial setbacks our business has suffered, but I strongly believe that the losses we've incurred due to this article being active for half a year must amount to a significant five-figure sum. However, the monetary aspect is not the most disheartening aspect of this situation.

In hindsight, we acquired valuable knowledge regarding licensing safeguards after encountering a rather peculiar situation. You see, there exists a particular website that acquired the licensing rights to our 2018 survey. Now, what's interesting is that they have been manipulating the survey without any actual updates, merely altering the year to present it as a 2021 Las Vegas blackjack survey. It seems their aim is to masquerade as the current version published by us. However, this incident has taught us an invaluable lesson about the importance of stringent licensing measures moving forward.

On April 26, 2021, I decided to explore downtown Las Vegas and see what blackjack options were on offer. Naturally, I turned to the Fremont Street Experience for guidance. Little did I know that I would soon discover their trust had been misplaced. It appears that the information they provided was not entirely accurate. Intrigued, I delved into a variety of sources to uncover the truth.

At the Golden Nugget, they offer 3:2 tables with varying minimum bets of $5, $10, and $15. Interestingly, the Super Fun 21 game is no longer available there. It's rather amusing that the author mentions not knowing how to play this game, considering the unclear description provided later in the article.

In April 2021, Main Street Station wasn't operating, yet rumor had it that they offered $5 blackjack with a 3:2 payout. Curiously enough, the temporary COVID test tent they set up seemed suspiciously like a cover for their clandestine activities. However, it's worth mentioning that at present, Main Street Station no longer offers $5 blackjack since its reopening. Nonetheless, it's intriguing to learn that this popular establishment provided such an opportunity three years ago.

According to the article, both the Cal and Fremont used to offer a $3 blackjack game, but that hasn't been the case for approximately three years.

I highly doubt anyone could have known about downtown's only stand on soft 17 blackjack game without consulting our Circa Casino Guide. The fact that the survey they seemingly relied on was published in 2018 and did not include Circa only strengthens my skepticism about its accuracy. Nonetheless, Fremont Street Experience didn't hesitate to utilize our blackjack information, as they mentioned our declaration in their own content. While they failed to attribute it to us, I can't say for certain if they intentionally omitted it or not. Regardless, their reliance on our data is quite apparent.

FSE's insider blackjack guide for April 2021 is filled with numerous additional errors and exclusions, all of which align flawlessly with our comprehensive Las Vegas Blackjack Survey from 2018.

I consider this act as an act of intellectual theft.

In my view, failing to give credit where it's due is a clear example of plagiarism. When someone claims ownership of information that doesn't belong to them, they are essentially engaging in this unethical practice. Based on this perspective, I cannot deny the fact that Fremont Street Experience copied our content without seeking permission or acknowledging our contribution. This act of plagiarism had a profound and lasting negative impact on, leaving us in a state of irreparable damage.

Fremont Street Experience's misuse of our data is not the only issue at hand; they are also disseminating inaccurate information, which is more recent than ours. This misinformation, boosted by FSE's authoritative domain, surpasses our own content in search engine rankings.

I have a strong conviction that Google may be imposing penalties on our website due to its perception that the data incorporated by FSE was plagiarized from our previous survey, which in Google's eyes, is seemingly more reliable and accurate than the information we painstakingly compiled and published this year.'s chances of survival are slim when faced with fierce competition from plagiarists.

Publishers like Fremont Street Experience have single-handedly jeopardized our business with their blatant act of content theft. The value of our website heavily relies on the backlinks generated when others write about our content - a crucial aspect of building up its reputation. Regrettably, due to the self-centered actions of such publishers, our financial and traffic objectives have remained unattained. Their disregard for ethical practices has dealt a crippling blow to our endeavors.

Our intellectual property holds immense value, and we cannot permit its misuse in such a manner. It represents our core asset, and we must take a firm stance to safeguard it. It is essential to assert ourselves and bring to light those individuals who fail to acknowledge the significance of our work. It is disheartening to witness their inability to carry out basic tasks, such as crediting our research by including a name and a backlink within an article.

I am deeply disheartened by the way this group, to whom I have been a steadfast supporter for many years, has chosen to treat me in such a manner. It is truly puzzling as to why they would neglect utilizing their own resources to procure accurate information. It appears to be counterintuitive to provide erroneous gambling advice to their valued visitors. It seems that they are willing to go to any lengths in order to surpass our ranking for search terms related to downtown Las Vegas blackjack.

Maybe they have a guilty conscience, unfollowing me on Twitter after years of following my work. FSE, who I'm quite acquainted with, seemed to lose interest in my content a few months back. They were familiar with my work, but it seems like something shifted in their perspective.

This situation was not destined to unfold in this manner.

Even though it would have meant allowing a major corporation to escape without consequences, I would have been inclined to forgive them if they had offered a sincere apology and a commitment to refrain from repeating their harmful actions. Such leniency, however, would have allowed them to avoid taking responsibility for the significant harm they caused to our business.

They didn't even have the decency to respond to our email, let alone offer an apology. Instead, Fremont Street Experience attempted to manipulate the situation, hoping to deceive us and downplay the harm they caused. Despite deleting the article, they have shown a complete disregard for our well-being, dismissing the significant damage, stress, and wasted time that their actions have inflicted upon us. It is disheartening that they couldn't even muster up the respect to acknowledge their wrongdoing and make amends.