Urban Center Weekday Excursion Update

Fremont Street Experience, CircaJune 2021's Fremont Street Adventure

Las Vegas, being a popular tourist destination, offers the advantage of frequent visits from friends residing in other cities. This Tuesday, I had the pleasure of hosting an old acquaintance who decided to pay a visit to Sin City. Taking on the role of a tour guide, I embarked on a journey to showcase the wonders of Las Vegas.

I rarely engage in table games, but I do have a penchant for video poker. Nevertheless, once in a blue moon, I find it refreshing to switch things up a bit. And so, with eager anticipation, I awaited the perfect opportunity to spend an entire day indulging in a game of craps alongside an old and dear friend.

I met my friend downtown and we decided to start our day at Caesars Palace, where we picked up Kristina. Knowing that she wasn't interested in spending the day playing table games, Kristina decided to head home. However, we made plans to meet up with her later in the evening and enjoy a nice dinner together.

Lunch at Circa

My day kicked off in downtown Las Vegas with a delightful lunch at Circa. It must have been around 11am when we arrived. To my surprise, the area seemed relatively quiet, with not much activity taking place. Nevertheless, we decided to explore the sportsbook, taking in the atmosphere and excitement of the place. Afterward, we indulged ourselves with a scrumptious meal at Victory Burger, savoring every bite.

My companion desired to engage in the 3:2 Free Bet Blackjack game, but sadly, it was premature for the upper-level gaming area to commence operations.

It's time to engage in some exciting table games.

We decided to make our way to Golden Gate, hoping to find some action. Unfortunately, Free Bet Blackjack was still unavailable at this particular establishment. Undeterred, we opted to indulge in a game of Ultimate Texas Hold'em with a $10 minimum bet. The open table games in the general area were all set at this minimum, catering to a more casual crowd. However, if you were feeling a bit more adventurous, the high limit area had two tables—one with a minimum bet of $25, and another with a minimum bet of $50.

We both made a decent win and decided to move on, despite the dealer's impressive straight flush with the 5 and 7 of clubs in the first hand. However, we didn't consider it as an omen of what was to come.

We decided to make our way to Plaza, hoping to try our luck at Free Bet Blackjack. To our disappointment, the game was temporarily unavailable, so we opted for a round of craps instead. The minimum bet for craps was set at $15, which seemed reasonable considering the atmosphere of the casino. As we scanned the gaming floor, we noticed that all the other available games had minimum bets of either $10 or $15, except for double deck blackjack which had a different pricing structure.

Our experience with craps was rather unpleasant. The double deck blackjack game, requiring a minimum bet of $25, didn't go as planned. Therefore, we made the choice to try our luck with craps at a different location.

My friend and I decided to try our luck at Binion's, where they had a $10 craps game. Entering the casino, we were instantly drawn to the table near the Fremont Street entrance. It had a completely different vibe, one that I had almost forgotten. We spent a couple of hours there, rolling the dice and enjoying the excitement of the game. Not only did we have a great time, but we also managed to recoup some of our losses from our previous craps session at the Plaza. It was a satisfying feeling, knowing that we had made a dent in our unfortunate streak. I could tell that my friend was having just as much fun as I was, as he too couldn't help but immerse himself in the lively atmosphere.

While engaging in a lively game at the craps table in Binion's, I discovered an interesting tidbit: there is no complimentary bet available on the numbers 4 or 10. It appears that the commission for these bets must be settled immediately. My intuition tells me that this rule likely applies at Four Queens as well.

I decided to venture into The D, a renowned casino in town. My friends and I were eager to try our luck at the various games they offered. Our first choice was the elusive 3:2 Free Bet Blackjack, which had a minimum bet of $15. Unfortunately, luck wasn't on our side and we ended up losing a bit of money there. Undeterred, we moved on to the craps table, hoping for a change in fortune. However, things didn't go as planned and we lost even more before finally having a stroke of luck and making a glorious comeback.

Experience a delightful evening meal at the exquisite Other Mama

We were picked up by Kristina downtown, and she drove us back to our destination. In Spring Valley, we had a delightful dinner at Other Mama, located at the intersection of Durango and Twain. The restaurant boasts an extensive menu featuring a wide array of options, including sushi, seafood, vegetarian, and meat dishes. To our delight, the selection of oysters was abundant, with various enticing varieties to choose from.

As always, it was an amazing experience. Other Mama, with its delightful ambiance and delectable menu, never fails to impress. Among their exquisite selection of drinks, Svetlana holds a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, on this particular visit, the restaurant wasn't bustling with activity since the Golden Knights had a game. Unlike many establishments, Other Mama doesn't have any TVs, allowing patrons to truly immerse themselves in the dining experience without distractions. It comes as no surprise that most nights, the restaurant is fully booked, given its popularity and the exceptional quality of its offerings.

Returning to the game of craps

I wasn't able to convince Kristina to come along for a night of craps with us. So, we left her at home and made our way to Red Rock. To our delight, there was an open craps table with a minimum bet of $15. At first, the game seemed unpredictable and rough. However, everything changed when a woman approached the table and exchanged her chips for a small amount of money. Her roll seemed to stretch on for what felt like 30 to 40 minutes. Remarkably, she managed to roll every number, hitting points with uncanny precision, especially the 4 and 10. It was the kind of roll that every player hopes for when they sit down at a craps table.

Once we finished rolling the dice, we determined that it was time to call it a night and depart from the casino. With a satisfying victory under our belts, we decided to cash out our winnings. Before bidding farewell to the bright lights and grandeur of the casino, my companion indulged in a brief game of baccarat. Only then did we proceed to drive back to Caesars Palace, where I dropped him off before heading home.

It was rather surprising to witness the bustling chaos that unfolded at Caesars Palace on a seemingly ordinary Tuesday night in Las Vegas. Having grown accustomed to the leisurely pace that had enveloped the city for the better part of the past year, I was taken aback by the frenzy that had gripped the renowned establishment at the late hour of 11pm. The valet area, usually a convenient spot for parking, seemed impenetrable, leaving me with no choice but to drop off my companion at the closest point accessible to me. With a sigh of resignation, I decided to call it a night and bid farewell to the bustling scene before me.