Las Vegas

Discover the Ultimate Guide for Table Games in Las Vegas.

Discover the comprehensive guide to Las Vegas table games, which made its debut in our autumn 2022 newsletter. Unearth the essential information on minimum bets and regulations for live tables throughout Las Vegas.

A Comprehensive Handbook on Electronic Table Games in Las Vegas

Discover the section of our Las Vegas surveys dedicated to electronic table games, where you can explore the minimum bets and rules for video versions of popular games such as baccarat, blackjack, and craps.

Club Fortune has eliminated all of its live table games.

Club Fortune, situated in Henderson, Nevada, made the decision to eliminate its live table games by November 2022. Previously, this casino boasted affordable betting options including $1 roulette, $3 craps, $5 blackjack, and pai gow.

Raiders Blackjack pays 6:5

The Evolution of Blackjack in Las Vegas since 2010

Las Vegas has witnessed several alterations to its blackjack scene over the years since 2010. We possess the complete dataset that demonstrates both the improvements and setbacks experienced by players.

Graphs depicting the results of a survey on table games in Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, we developed a set of visually appealing graphs showcasing the various varieties of craps, including crapless craps, as well as pai gow poker and roulette games, along with their corresponding odds.

Blackjack at The Strat

The Ten Best Table Games to Play in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, boasts a staggering 72 casinos, each brimming with excitement and endless possibilities. Within these lavish establishments, a breathtaking total of almost 3,000 live tables await, ready to transport you into a world of thrilling games and fortunes waiting to be won. Curious to know which games reign supreme in this gambling mecca? Look no further than the number of casinos where they are dealt, which serves as a testament to their popularity. Discover the pulse-pounding allure of the most sought-after games in Las Vegas, as evidenced by the sheer multitude of establishments offering them.