Celebrating a special occasion in the luxurious Jubilee Premium Suite at Bally's

Hotel Suite at Horseshoe (Bally's) CasinoLuxurious Hotel Suite available at the renowned Horseshoe (Bally's) Casino.

On Monday, Kristina and I marked our 18th anniversary with a unique celebration. Wanting to make it special, we decided to venture into uncharted territory. To explore our options, I logged into Caesars Rewards and eagerly searched for available reservations on our preferred dates. Through my experience, I've discovered that this method often uncovers hidden gems, free rooms that are not tied to any specific offer. Given that our anniversary fell on a Sunday and Monday night, I was optimistic about finding a diverse range of choices to suit our tastes and preferences.

During my visit to Bally's, I couldn't help but be drawn to the Jubilee Premium Suite available as part of my complimentary room selection. Spanning approximately 1,700 square feet, this spacious suite entices with its two-room layout. Ultimately, after careful consideration, my companions and I made the unanimous decision to opt for this luxurious accommodation.

Bally's Jubilee Premium Suite offers a luxurious and exclusive accommodation experience.

The room at Bally's was pretty much par for the course. Although the last renovation took place in 2013, it managed to hold up fairly well. The furniture and doors showed a bit of wear and tear, but nothing too drastic. Strangely enough, there was a faint scent of smoke lingering in the air, despite the fact that it was designated as a nonsmoking room. I couldn't help but notice a sign on the bar warning guests that smoking within the room would lead to a hefty $500 fine.

Our stay at the hotel was quite delightful. The room we were given boasted a spacious bathroom, complete with a luxurious Jacuzzi tub situated right in the center. What made it even more special was the fact that the bathroom seamlessly flowed into the bedroom, creating a sense of openness and elegance. From our windows, we were treated to a breathtaking view of the Paris Las Vegas pool and tower, as well as the iconic Bellagio fountain. Throughout our stay, we had the pleasure of watching several captivating shows right from the comfort of our room. It was truly a magical experience, especially considering that the sidewalk in front of the hotel remained relatively deserted, allowing us to enjoy our own private oasis amidst the bustling cityscape.

On our initial evening, we decided to unwind and take it easy. To satisfy our hunger, I ventured over to the Bally's food court and grabbed some Sbarro, which I then brought back to our room. Following our meal, I indulged in a few rounds of Big Split Poker during the subsequent two days. This particular video poker game possesses distinct features akin to those found in Pai Gow Poker. Interestingly enough, my luck was on my side, and the winnings from those games made it possible for us to have our room comped.

Bugsy and Meyer’s special occasion meal

On our anniversary, my partner and I decided to head home and enjoy a small, refreshing lunch. We intentionally kept it light, saving room for the dinner we had planned. With much anticipation, we made reservations at Flamingo's renowned Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse. One advantage of dining there was that they accept Diamond Celebration vouchers, and I had wisely used them to cover a portion of our bill. As our main course, we opted for the impressive tomahawk ribeye for two. Its taste was truly exceptional, and we relished every tender bite. However, we couldn't help but notice something peculiar—the steak knives seemed to struggle in effortlessly slicing through the meat, which left us slightly perplexed.

I made a special mention of our anniversary on the booking, and as a delightful surprise, we received a complimentary chocolate mousse adorned with a sweet message of 'happy anniversary' written in luscious chocolate syrup.

Bally’s mini golf

For our 18th anniversary celebration, my spouse and I decided to indulge in a lighthearted escapade after our scrumptious dinner. Down at the lower level of Bally's, just beside the sportsbook, lies an arcade that boasts various recreational offerings. Among these delightful amusements are a quaint little bowling alley and the whimsical Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf. It dawned upon us that embarking on an 18-hole mini golf adventure would be the perfect way to commemorate our special milestone together. With a few friendly strokes between us, Kristina emerged victorious, triumphing by a narrow margin. The experience itself was a sheer delight, as it had been a good decade since we last indulged in the playful game of mini golf.

The mini golf course had ample spacing, ensuring a comfortable experience for all. To maintain crowd control, patrons were instructed to schedule appointments with a 10-minute gap between each party. Only if there was available space could walk-ins be accommodated. As a duo, we found ourselves slightly clustered towards the end, with a group of three and another of four ahead of us. However, we simply stepped back and patiently waited, allowing the other groups an opportunity to proceed before us.

We returned to our room for the evening, experiencing an extraordinary 18th anniversary celebration.