Celebrate your special occasion at Bally's Jubilee Premium Suite on your anniversary.

Hotel Suite at Horseshoe (Bally's) CasinoLuxury accommodations await you at the Hotel Suite located within the renowned Horseshoe (Bally's) Casino.

On Monday, Kristina and I marked a special milestone in our relationship - our 18th anniversary. Wanting to make this celebration unique, we decided to venture into uncharted territory. Curious about what surprises awaited us, I logged into Caesars Rewards to explore the possibilities for booking our desired dates. Over time, I've discovered that this platform often unveils hidden gems - complimentary rooms that are not tied to any specific offer. Given that our preferred dates fell on a Sunday and Monday night, I felt optimistic about finding a wide range of options to choose from.

As I made my way to Bally's, I couldn't help but notice that they had graciously provided me with a Jubilee Premium Suite as part of my complimentary accommodations. This spacious suite boasts not one, but two beautifully appointed rooms, offering a total of 1,700 square feet of luxurious living space. Without any hesitation, my companions and I unanimously agreed that this was the perfect choice for our stay.

Bally's Suite of Exquisite Luxury - Jubilee Premium

As soon as I entered the room at Bally's, I couldn't help but notice its familiar ambiance. It had that distinct touch of familiarity that one would naturally associate with this establishment. The room had undergone its most recent renovation back in 2013, which was evident from the slight signs of wear on the furnishings and doors. However, despite these minor imperfections, the room remained perfectly acceptable. I did detect a subtle hint of smoke lingering in the air, even though it was designated as a nonsmoking room. In fact, there was a prominent placard on the bar that sternly warned guests about the consequences of smoking in the room, specifically highlighting a hefty $500 fine.

The bedroom had an open layout, seamlessly connected to a spacious bathroom that boasted a luxurious Jacuzzi tub positioned in its center. From our vantage point, we were treated to a mesmerizing view of the Paris Las Vegas pool and tower, while the iconic Bellagio fountain added an extra touch of allure. Our windows became our very own private theater, as we delighted in watching numerous captivating shows. Interestingly, the sidewalk in front of our abode appeared almost deserted, lending an air of tranquility to our surroundings.

On our initial evening, we decided to unwind. I grabbed a bite from the Bally's food court, opting for Sbarro, and brought it back to our room. Following that, I indulged in a few rounds of Big Split Poker during our stay. This particular video poker game possesses certain resemblances to Pai Gow Poker. Surprisingly, my winnings from this game covered the cost of our room, which is why we were able to enjoy it on a complimentary basis.

Bugsy and Meyer's special celebration of their years together

On our anniversary, my partner and I decided to head back home and indulge in a delightful, yet modest, lunch. We intentionally kept it light, knowing that we wanted to make the most of our dinner plans later in the evening. With that in mind, we made reservations at the renowned Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse, nestled within the iconic Flamingo Hotel. The best part was that they graciously accepted Diamond Celebration vouchers, which I had thoughtfully saved for this special occasion. Once seated, we wasted no time in perusing the menu and ultimately settled on the delectable tomahawk ribeye for two. The steak arrived, adorned with an enticing aroma that instantly made our mouths water. While the tenderness of the meat was beyond reproach, we did find it peculiar that the steak knives struggled to effortlessly slice through the perfectly cooked ribeye. Nevertheless, we thoroughly enjoyed every bite, savoring the flavors of our anniversary celebration.

I made sure to mention on the booking that we were celebrating our anniversary. As a special treat, we received a free chocolate mousse dessert adorned with a delightful 'happy anniversary' message scripted in chocolate syrup.

Bally’s mini golf

For our 18th anniversary celebration, my wife and I opted to indulge in a little bit of lightheartedness after our dinner. Down at Bally's, there's this intriguing arcade situated on the lower level right next to the sportsbook. Within this arcade, you can find a delightful and compact bowling alley, as well as an enthralling miniature golf course called Twilight Zone by Monster Mini Golf. It struck us as the ideal way to commemorate our special day - playing 18 holes of mini golf, as it perfectly aligned with the number of years we had spent together. Much to my surprise, Kristina emerged victorious, clinching the win by a mere couple of strokes. We hadn't played mini golf in nearly a decade, so it was an absolute blast and a perfect reminder of the joyous times we had shared in the past.

The mini golf course had a great layout, with enough space between each hole. To ensure a smooth flow of players, it was mandatory for patrons to schedule their visits, leaving a 10-minute gap between parties. However, if there was availability, walk-ins were allowed. Unfortunately, when we arrived, there were already groups of three and four ahead of us, while we were just a party of two. As a result, we decided to hang back and let the other groups proceed first, giving them the opportunity to move on before we started playing.

We returned to our accommodations for the evening after a truly remarkable celebration of our 18th anniversary.