Bally's and Flamingo Poker Rooms to Temporarily Shut Down for an Eight-Week Period

Poker at Horseshoe (Bally's) CasinoExperience the thrill of playing poker at Horseshoe (Bally's) Casino, where the cards are dealt and the stakes are high.

Bally's and Flamingo, two renowned establishments on the Las Vegas Strip, have notified poker enthusiasts that their poker rooms will remain shut until November 26 as per the announcement on Bravo Poker.

For weeks, the poker world in Las Vegas has been abuzz with a certain rumor. According to the grapevine, the staff at these local poker rooms is being pulled away to lend a hand at the prestigious World Series of Poker and the ever-bustling Caesars Palace poker room, which never sleeps.

The World Series of Poker is set to take place at the Rio Convention Center from September 30 to November 23. Interestingly, a series of announcements were made regarding specific dates, but without any explanation provided. What caught my attention was the uncanny alignment between these dates and the prestigious poker event, with a few additional days before and after. It's quite intriguing how these announcements coincide perfectly with the World Series of Poker, giving rise to speculation and curiosity about any potential connection. Nonetheless, the reasons behind these synchronized schedules remain a mystery, leaving us to wonder what surprises and excitement await during this highly anticipated poker tournament.

A few weeks ago, the Harrah's poker room on the Las Vegas Strip, operated by Caesars Entertainment, remained closed after the pandemic shutdown. Similar to the situation at the Rio poker room, which also never reopened, the remaining jackpot funds were recently distributed to the lucky winners. It is unfortunate that both establishments were unable to resume operations, but at least the jackpot prizes found their rightful recipients.

Planet Hollywood's poker room reopened, but unfortunately, it ceased operations for good in the month of July.

MGM Resorts, just like Caesars Entertainment, has chosen not to reopen their poker rooms on the Las Vegas Strip. The Excalibur and Mirage poker rooms remain closed, much to the disappointment of poker enthusiasts. However, there is a glimmer of hope for Mandalay Bay poker players, as their poker room reopened for five shifts a week during the summer. It seems that the decision to reopen poker rooms is not a unanimous one among the major casino companies in Las Vegas. Each company must weigh the risks and benefits, considering factors such as customer demand and public health concerns. While some poker rooms remain closed, other areas of the casinos are bustling with activity as visitors eagerly return to the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas, once bustling with poker room activity, has seen a significant shift in recent times. The pandemic forced the closure of several poker rooms, including those at Bally's and Flamingo. However, amidst these closures, a glimmer of hope emerged with the opening of the World Series of Poker at Rio. As a result, there are currently 19 poker rooms operating in Las Vegas, a far cry from the heyday when the market boasted over 50 such establishments around a decade ago.