Article: Mirage Casino Set to Introduce Exciting Modifications to Blackjack Gameplay

Blackjack table at MirageImmersive Blackjack Experience at the Mirage Casino

There seem to be upcoming alterations to the game of blackjack at Mirage, as it is set to undergo a transformation and become Hard Rock in the future.

In this discussion, we will address significant alterations. One point of interest that is conspicuously missing pertains to the classification of 6:5 games. As of my most recent update, all blackjack tables below $25 at the renowned Mirage resort adopt the 6:5 payout ratio. These particular tables are predominantly situated adjacent to the casino cage and sportsbook. Conversely, the 3:2 blackjack tables can be found within the pit area adjacent to the high-limit salon.

There seem to be two upcoming modifications on the horizon for Mirage's double-deck blackjack.

In our most recent survey of blackjack games at Mirage, we came across a document shared on Twitter that highlights two significant downgrades. It pertains to the last remaining double-deck blackjack game available at Mirage. What made this game unique was that the dealer would stand on soft 17, granting players the advantage. Furthermore, players had the opportunity to double down both before and after splitting, and they could split all pairs, except for aces, up to four hands. This particular game was highly sought after by avid blackjack players. However, with the recent downgrades, its appeal and advantages have diminished significantly.

I recently came across some intriguing information regarding a particular game that seems to be undergoing some changes. It appears that in the near future, or possibly even now, this game will have a soft 17 rule implemented. Furthermore, there will be a restriction on splitting, allowing players to split only once for any pairs. These modifications, it seems, will result in a significant increase in the house edge of the game. By consulting The Wizard of Odds Blackjack House Edge Calculator, it becomes evident that the original rules, with a cut card utilized, yielded a 0.25% house edge. However, with the introduction of these new rules, the house edge jumps up to 0.5%. It's fascinating how even slight adjustments can have such a notable impact on the dynamics of the game.

In Pennsylvania, where most blackjack rules are officially documented, it is quite common to come across live blackjack games in Las Vegas that allow splitting only once. As far as I know, this particular rule modification is not widely practiced in the casinos of Las Vegas. It's interesting to note that Pennsylvania casinos have the flexibility to adjust the number of splits allowed, making it the only rule they can alter.

Having observed other Hard Rock casinos, I can confidently state that the alterations to the double-deck blackjack were to be expected. It is worth noting that double-deck blackjack is not a widely offered game within the company. Whenever it is dealt with using double-decks, there is almost always an unfavorable rule in place, such as restrictions on doubling down only on 10 and 11 or not allowing it after splitting. Given that double-deck blackjack is susceptible to card counting, it is not unusual for a more cautious approach to be taken in dealing the game.

An alteration is on its way for the game of six-deck blackjack.

At Mirage blackjack tables outside of the high-limit salon, the document reveals a significant change - the elimination of the option to re-split aces. The revelation came to me when I carefully examined the salon rules, which explicitly stated that players were allowed to re-split aces up to four hands. Interestingly, this crucial note is conspicuously absent from the rules on the casino floor.

At all 3:2 six-deck tables in Las Vegas casinos, including those owned by MGM Resorts, players used to have the advantage of being able to re-split aces up to four hands. This rule, previously in effect and followed by all MGM Resorts properties, was particularly favorable for players at six-deck blackjack games. However, the recent change in rules has resulted in the removal of this advantageous feature. As a consequence, the house edge has increased by approximately 0.08%. This alteration has impacted the potential profitability for players engaging in six-deck blackjack games at MGM Resorts casinos in Las Vegas.

There are a variety of Las Vegas Strip casinos that operate independently, such as Treasure Island, Venetian, Palazzo, Wynn, and Encore. These particular establishments have the unique policy of allowing players to re-split aces in all their 3:2 shoe games. However, it is worth noting that most Caesars casinos in Las Vegas have a different approach, as they do not permit the re-splitting of aces in any of their blackjack games. Nevertheless, there is one exception to this rule - Caesars Palace. This renowned casino and resort allow players to re-split aces when playing with shoe decks in their exclusive salon.

In retrospect, it was entirely foreseeable that the Hard Rock casinos operating in different markets would have restrictions on re-splitting aces. It was just as anticipated as the adjustments made to the double-deck games. By permitting the re-splitting of aces in their establishment, the salon is effectively vying for the patronage of high-stakes players, thus enabling it to remain competitive with neighboring casinos. Meanwhile, this strategic move allows them to extract a slightly larger portion of the profits from the lower-stakes games, where there is significantly less competition due to the 3:2 payout ratio.

Bet limit changes

As a dedicated assistant, I am here to provide you with a custom-written passage that mimics the length and structure of the provided excerpt. Please find it below: In the revealing document, it is stated that individuals who lack a rating within the casino will only have the privilege of playing a single hand, which should not exceed ten times the minimum bet displayed. On the other hand, those who possess a rating are granted the opportunity to engage in up to three hands simultaneously. A rated player is recognized by the establishment through the use of a casino card, ensuring their familiarity. Conversely, the unidentified status of an unrated player creates a sense of mystery within the casino's walls.

Casinos often implement a game protection policy to safeguard against unexpected wins from unfamiliar players in vulnerable games, such as double-deck blackjack. It's not uncommon to find similar policies in many gambling establishments. While this policy shouldn't be overanalyzed, it could potentially reveal the new owners' attitude towards accepting losses.

What is the comparison between the reported changes at Mirage/Hard Rock and other casinos in terms of competition?

In Las Vegas, there is a blackjack game that is highly regarded among players. This particular game can be found at various MGM Resorts casinos, including Mirage, as well as at the salon in Treasure Island. What sets this game apart from others is its legacy double-deck format and the fact that the dealer must hit on soft 17. This rule gives players an advantage, making it the best blackjack game in terms of the house edge in all of Las Vegas.

I must say that removing all re-splits from the game and making it hit soft 17 does more harm than good, as it actually makes it worse by 0.10% compared to the $15 Treasure Island double-deck game. However, it's important to note that it still outperforms the double-deck blackjack games at most Caesars casinos and the Boyd Gaming properties in downtown Las Vegas.

When it comes to evaluating the floor blackjack game, the crucial factor to consider is the minimum bet. Without this information, it becomes challenging to make a fair comparison. Assuming the minimum bet remains at $25, losing re-split aces shouldn't be a cause for concern. In fact, it's still a better option than most other $25 games within a reasonable walking distance, excluding Treasure Island, of course. Nevertheless, if you're on the lookout for slightly superior six-deck blackjack games at the same price range, you can find a handful of MGM casinos that fit the bill.

Having extensively researched the matter at hand, I regret to inform you that I have been unable to personally corroborate the legitimacy of the document mentioned in the tweet. However, considering my extensive knowledge on this subject, I have absolutely no grounds to question its veracity. Regrettably, I encountered some difficulties in attempting to reach out to Mirage for their perspective on the matter.

I would like to express my gratitude to @PrettyDece for ensuring that I caught sight of the particulars. It's possible that I might have overlooked it because the tweet was posted during the late hours.