Rampart excursion summary: Gambling, card games, and a delightful Earl Grey Café experience.

Rampart CasinoRampart Casino

I had a delightful surprise when my college-bound son paid me a visit during the Thanksgiving holiday. Since he studies in a different state, it was a rare occasion to have him back home. With our family gathered under one roof, we made plans for the evening before Thanksgiving. Opting for a change of pace, we agreed to hit the town and try our luck at a game of craps. While Kristina and the rest of our visiting relatives chose to stay in the comfort of our cozy abode, my son and I embarked on a thrilling adventure, seeking the excitement and camaraderie of the casino.

I recall a memorable experience we had one summer when we decided to pay a visit. Our destination of choice was Suncoast, a place we heard so much about. Unfortunately, our excitement was dampened by a frustrating incident involving a comp conversion, which proved to be a major time-waster. Determined to avoid a repeat of such inconvenience, we opted to explore an alternative option: Rampart. Conveniently located near both Suncoast and the Rampart-Summerlin Parkway exit, we were intrigued to see what this place had to offer.

I love playing craps at Rampart because the minimum bet is only $10. What I find really exciting is that they allow players to take up to 10 times odds on the pass line, come, don't pass, and don't come bets. This is actually one of the best craps odds you can find in Las Vegas, which is tied with many other casinos for the second highest odds. It's incredible how Rampart offers such favorable odds for players who enjoy this popular dice game. So, if you're looking for an exhilarating craps experience with great odds, Rampart is definitely the place to be.

We were pleased to discover that the table game sections at Rampart do not allow smoking. Additionally, there are designated slot areas where smoking is prohibited.

The first night at the casino was a blast, as my son and I indulged in six hours of nonstop fun. We had an absolute blast, gambling side by side and cherishing the time spent together. The night seemed to be passing by uneventfully until my son suddenly struck a remarkable winning streak on 4's. It was a sight to behold as the table erupted in cheers and applause. One fortunate player managed to score an impressive $7,000 from his roll, while another lucky individual pocketed around $3,000. As for me, I walked away with a satisfying $1,000 in winnings. Not to be outdone, my son also had a stroke of luck, walking away with a respectable $500 in his pocket.

We managed to win approximately $2,500, but that's not the end of the story. Believe it or not, one generous player who walked away $7,000 richer decided to tip him $100. And if that wasn't enough, another player even handed him $75. I couldn't help but express my surprise, highlighting that this kind of generosity is far from the norm in the world of craps.

We decided to treat ourselves after a successful gambling session at the casino. With a stroke of luck, we managed to score a complimentary voucher worth $60 from the gaming pit. Excitedly, we headed over to Earl Grey Cafe, knowing that we were in for a real treat. Little did we know that this dining experience would far surpass any previous meals we had ever enjoyed at a casino cafe.

The following game of dice provided a contrasting experience compared to the initial one.

After our failed attempt at Rampart two days ago, my son and I made the decision to give it another shot on Friday. It turned out that our previous experience was just a fluke, as we couldn't seem to win anything that day either. Feeling frustrated, we eventually gave up on the dice game and decided to try our luck at a blackjack table instead.

At Rampart, you'll find two enticing choices for blackjack enthusiasts. Firstly, there's the invigorating double deck blackjack variant, where you have the opportunity to double down before and after splitting your cards. Additionally, there's the captivating six-deck blackjack option at Rampart, which offers the added features of surrender and re-splitting aces. It's worth noting that in both games, the dealer hits soft 17. On top of all this excitement, both options have a reasonable $10 minimum bet requirement and offer a generous 3:2 payout. So, whether you prefer the fast-paced action of double deck blackjack or the strategic intricacies of six-deck blackjack, Rampart has got you covered!

Double deck blackjack was our game of choice. Helping my son was permitted, allowing me to lend a hand. The cards were dealt in a pitch style, meaning he had to familiarize himself with the card tucking process as well as the proper actions for split and double down hands.

We ended up not only recovering our initial investment in craps but also making a profit. The dealer experienced a series of unlucky hands, which worked in our favor. After concluding our gaming session, we decided to return to Earl Grey Café. To our delight, the experience was equally fantastic as it had been two nights prior. The quality of the food and service exceeded any expectations I had for a restaurant within a casino setting.

Rampart, a place near my residence, has never been a regular spot for me despite living here for over a decade. However, that is about to change. My friend Kristina and I recently paid a visit to Rampart, not only to enjoy a meal but also to explore the options for playing video poker in one of its designated smoke-free zones.

During our two nights of play, I witnessed a multitude of ill-advised wagers in the game of craps. These regrettable decisions were thoroughly addressed in an article that focused on the common errors people make when placing bets in this dice game. The piece was published on one of our sister sites dedicated to providing players with an edge in their gambling endeavors.