Las Vegas Strip Excursion Review – June 12, 2020

Circus CircusCircus Circus

Last week, I made a trip to the Las Vegas Strip to gather some information for my report. Today, I decided to visit the same area at the same time to compare the two Fridays and see if there were any noticeable differences. My main focus was to observe the changes in traffic and the gaming scene. Additionally, I was excited to explore the newly opened Linq, as it was my first time visiting this establishment.

I couldn't help but notice the stark contrast in the bustling atmosphere of the casinos. The increase in activity was impossible to miss. It was as if a wave of excitement had swept through each establishment. While some casinos seemed to be just a bit busier, others were teeming with customers, their floors filled with an impressive tenfold increase in patrons compared to the previous week.

The bustling strip of North Las Vegas

The north side of the Las Vegas Strip is considerably less bustling in comparison to the other parts. This is not surprising, but it becomes more apparent during times of economic hardship.

When I first arrived at the Sahara, my attention was immediately drawn to their impressive Blackjack Switch table, which happens to be the only one I've come across in the entire Strip. What intrigued me even more was the fact that the minimum bet was a mere $5. As I explored further, I discovered that their selection of tables was somewhat limited. In the front pit, I stumbled upon games such as craps, Ultimate Texas Hold'em, 00 roulette, and 6:5 blackjack. However, the high limit area proved to be more enticing with its $50 stand on all 17 blackjack and baccarat tables. Unfortunately, the Asian table game pit remained closed, and there were no immediate plans for its reopening. On a brighter note, the Sahara poker room was set to open its doors on June 18th, which undoubtedly added to the excitement buzzing around the casino.

I decided to drop by The Strat, and boy was it bustling compared to my visit last week. The place had really stepped up its game, literally, by introducing a second pit for table games. Now, alongside the classic favorites like craps, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, they had also added $5 Heads Up Hold'em and Three Card Prime to the mix.

Circus Circus was our next destination, and to my surprise, it remained unchanged. The familiar sight of closed table games greeted us, but the good news was that they were set to reopen by June 26th. As for the available options, they offered a $5 stadium 00 roulette and a 6:5 blackjack. Interestingly, compared to the previous week, there seemed to be a slight increase in the number of customers, which brought a livelier atmosphere to the casino floor.

When I stepped foot inside Treasure Island, I immediately noticed that there wasn't much happening. However, upon closer inspection, I discovered that the table game pit had introduced some exciting additions. They now offered a game of $10 craps, along with the classic favorites of Three Card Poker and blackjack. What caught my attention the most were the two stadium gaming setups, both of which were buzzing with activity. Interestingly, the newer setup didn't require a dealer, making it a unique and innovative experience.

I noticed that there was hardly any distinction between Wynn and Venetian, except for a slight increase in the minimum bet for certain tables. Surprisingly, both casinos seemed to be busier compared to the previous week, although it wasn't a dramatic surge in activity. This could be attributed to the fact that neither establishment was particularly slow last week. As I strolled past the poker room at Venetian, I couldn't help but notice that it was almost at full capacity. The scene appeared quite typical, except for the fact that the tables were limited to hosting only five players at a time.

The heart of the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

The heart of the Las Vegas Strip witnessed a significant surge in activity compared to the previous week. The pedestrian walkways appeared to be quite typical in appearance. The casinos exhibited a livelier atmosphere with an increased number of enthusiastic players taking their seats.

To my eyes, Caesars Palace seemed significantly more crowded. The area surrounding the dome tables, which had been closed during my previous visit, was now open and bustling with activity. As for the betting limits, the majority of the carnival games had a minimum of $15, while the other games mostly required a minimum bet of $25.

During my visit, I noticed that Flamingo had opened the pit in the back near the sportsbook, and interestingly enough, the limits remained unchanged from last week. On the same day, both O'Sheas and Linq had also opened their doors to customers. O'Sheas caught my attention with their enticing $15 craps table and 6:5 blackjack. Meanwhile, Linq offered a variety of games including the popular $5 High Card Flush, $10 000 roulette, and 6:5 Free Bet Blackjack. Additionally, they featured $15 00 roulette and Pai Gow Poker, as well as $25 3:2 eight-deck blackjack and $50 double deck. As for Harrah's, there was nothing particularly new compared to the previous week, although it seemed to be bustling with more activity.

It's already 6pm by now, and I decided to head over to Bellagio. The scene was reminiscent of my visit last week, but noticeably more bustling this time around. Surprisingly, the fountain show didn't seem to attract many spectators, despite the pleasant combination of cloudy weather and a gentle breeze that made it ideal for outdoor activities.

As an assistant, I can provide you with a unique passage that meets your requirements. Please note that the following excerpt is generated by AI and may not reflect real-world opinions or facts: Out of all the bustling casinos in town, it's safe to say that Cosmopolitan takes the crown. After the extensive conversations held last week, highlighting the concerns of overcrowding and the absence of face masks, I decided to conduct a personal survey. My task was simple: count the number of individuals wearing masks within the premises. The results were intriguing. Approximately 16 percent of the players at Cosmopolitan had chosen to don a protective face covering. This percentage might have placed the casino at the bottom of the list when compared to others, but it was not a significant deviation from the average.

The southern section of the Las Vegas Strip

During my recent visit, I made it a point to explore the southern end of the Strip, where the three vibrant MGM Resorts casinos stood. The energy here was palpable, with a constant stream of people bustling about. It was certainly busier than the quieter north end, but it still couldn't compare to the lively atmosphere of the central part of the Strip. As I strolled through the area, I couldn't help but notice a few signs that had escaped my attention on previous trips. One sign caught my eye, indicating designated no smoking areas within the casinos. It was reassuring to see that efforts were being made to accommodate non-smokers. Another sign, perhaps aimed at maintaining cleanliness, politely asked patrons to refrain from eating on the casino floor. It was a small reminder to respect the shared space and preserve the overall experience for everyone.

During my recent visit, the MGM Grand experienced the most significant improvement compared to my previous trips. Surprisingly, it wasn't due to a bustling atmosphere, but rather because it went from being nearly deserted last week to a more reasonable level of business. This sudden change had an impact on the minimum bet required for a 3:2 blackjack game, causing it to increase to $25. However, the minimum bets for all other games remained unchanged.

Following our previous destination, we arrived at Excalibur, which had recently debuted. Surprisingly, it appeared to be quite calm, with only a triple zero roulette table and blackjack offering 6:5 odds.

Yesterday, I concluded my journey at New York-New York. As I strolled through the casino, I couldn't help but notice a vibrant stadium gaming area that had replaced the once lively party pit. This new setup boasted thrilling games like 00 roulette, 6:5 blackjack, and baccarat. While the high limit salon remained closed, the other tables maintained their usual limits. Surprisingly, the casino was bustling with activity, surpassing the previous week's crowd and rivaling the energy of almost any other establishment. Despite the influx of guests, there was still ample space for more visitors to join in on the excitement.