The future of Jokers Wild appears uncertain

Jokers Wild Casino in Henderson, Nevada

A player stepping into Jokers Wild, a quaint casino nestled where Boulder Highway meets Warm Springs in Henderson, would hardly guess that it falls under the ownership of Boyd Gaming. Although the sportsbook bears the Boyd brand, the unassuming property keeps its ownership discreetly hidden from the discerning eye.

Jokers Wild, the one and only casino in its program, utilizes the Prime Rewards card instead of the Boyd Rewards players club. However, an update has occurred since the publication of this article, as Jokers Wild has recently become a part of the Boyd Rewards program.

The card formerly utilized at Eldorado in downtown Henderson was once in possession of Boyd Gaming. However, in 2020, Boyd Gaming sold the property to the owners of Railroad Pass, leading to its transformation into Pass Casino.

Henderson's carefully designed residential area encompasses the coveted gaming license of Jokers Wild.

In the northeastern part of Boulder Highway, nestled between Jokers Wild and Water Street, lies Cadence, a promising planned community currently in the works. A recent publication by the Las Vegas Fox affiliate sheds light on the aspirations of a master developer who envisions the addition of a brand new casino resort tailored towards the local community. The developer holds high hopes for this venture, given the prime location and the ongoing construction efforts in the area. With the potential for a vibrant atmosphere and convenient access to nearby amenities, this new locals casino resort could become a hub of entertainment and leisure for residents and visitors alike.

According to a story from Fox Las Vegas, it seems that Boyd Gaming has changed their plans for the development of a new casino. Initially, the idea was to close down Jokers Wild and transfer its license to the new establishment. However, state law prohibits the construction of another locals casino in such close proximity to Jokers Wild. As a result, Boyd Gaming has decided to shift gears and develop the new casino right on the Jokers Wild parcel.

It's interesting how the article deliberately avoids mentioning Boyd Gaming, going out of its way to conceal the association. Furthermore, it highlights the fact that an undisclosed company possesses both a closed casino on Boulder Highway, which remains unnamed. This particular establishment happens to be the Eastside Cannery.

Jokers Wild has undergone significant changes due to the pandemic, altering its previous state.

Back in the day, Jokers Wild used to attract a dedicated group of casino-goers who preferred playing low-stakes table games. They used to offer a tempting deal of $1 craps with 10 times the odds from Monday to Friday, and it would go up to $2 on weekends. The craps table was always buzzing with activity, hardly ever finding a moment of respite.

Jokers Wild Casino in Henderson, Nevada
Jokers Wild table game advertisement from 2019

At Jokers Wild, I found two blackjack games with enticing features. Firstly, there was a six-deck game where the payout ratio was a generous 3:2. In this game, players had the opportunity to double down before splitting, enhancing their chances of winning. However, it was important to note that after splitting, doubling down was no longer an option. On the other hand, there was also a double deck blackjack game available for a slightly higher minimum bet of $5. This game offered the unique advantage of allowing players to double down both before and after splitting, which could significantly boost their potential winnings. It was worth mentioning that in both games, the dealer would hit soft 17, adding an interesting twist to the gameplay.

In 2019, the Jokers Wild casino experienced the removal of their $2 Three Card Poker table, while double zero roulette continued to offer a minimum bet of $1.

In the present day, electronic table games have taken over the space where the traditional gambling area used to be. Additionally, the sportsbook has been transformed into a more streamlined betting experience through the use of kiosks.

Late last year, the $1199 royal on 9/6 Double Double Bonus machines vanished from the casino floor, leaving behind a sense of nostalgia. It was just a few years ago when the 10/7 Double Bonus games also disappeared, marking the end of an era. Now, as I walk through the vast expanse of the casino floor, I am surrounded by rows upon rows of slot machines and video poker terminals. The changes in game offerings reflect the evolving tastes of the patrons, but part of me still longs for those old favorites that once brought excitement and big wins.

In the locals market, where Skyline, Rainbow Club, and Emerald Island are conveniently located, 8/5 Bonus Poker (99.17%) falls short of being the top video poker game, as stated by VPFree2.

I've always been let down by the fact that Jokers Wild doesn't offer any Joker Poker video poker games that you can actually play. It's a real shame because they could have at least included the 18/7/5 version, which has a similar payout to 8/5 Bonus Poker.

Revitalizing Jokers Wild appears to be a promising endeavor.

Having visited Jokers Wild a couple of times during the pandemic, I couldn't help but notice its lackluster atmosphere. It had transformed into nothing more than a sprawling slot parlor, devoid of any excitement or vibrancy. However, there is hope on the horizon with a potential new development on the property. This could inject some much-needed life into the establishment and serve as a significant improvement. The truth is, the area is sorely lacking in major casino properties, and this new addition would undoubtedly meet the demand for a thrilling and upscale gambling experience.

It seems that Fiesta Henderson has officially shut down for good. I reckon the same fate might have befallen Eastside Cannery. If you're on the lookout for some table games around here, your best bet would be to make do with smaller establishments such as Club Fortune, Pass, and Skyline.

Sunset Station and Sam's Town are the nearest prominent gaming venues in the vicinity. Sam's Town is under the ownership of Boyd Gaming.