Discover an in-depth overview of True Rewards by Golden Entertainment, providing valuable insights into this exclusive loyalty program.

Golden Entertainment, the company behind famous establishments like Stratosphere, Arizona Charlie’s, and PT’s Taverns, has recently unveiled an innovative initiative: a consolidated players club that will integrate all of their gaming endeavors.

True Rewards facilitates cross-promotion among various establishments such as casinos, supermarkets, and taverns, which has been a challenge with the current Golden Rewards, Ace Play, and regional players card schemes.

The recently established club offers numerous advantages that will be appreciated by tavern players. Conversely, the automatic feature of point multipliers has been removed, impacting players who engage in higher volume gaming.

Starting this month, casinos will gradually introduce a fresh program that aims to enhance the gaming experience. As the implementation gradually takes place, players who are already part of the casino's system may obtain a new card at a participating venue once it becomes active there. In the interim, it's important to note that the current card remains functional and any accumulated points will seamlessly be transferred to the True Rewards system.

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Exploring the differences between AcePlay, Golden Rewards, and True Rewards.

Golden Entertainment gaming properties offer three different players clubs: AcePlay, Golden Rewards, and True Rewards. AcePlay, formerly known as the players club for Stratosphere, Arizona Charlie's, and Aquarius Casino, has been a longstanding favorite among loyal patrons. On the other hand, Golden Rewards is the tavern gaming club that operates under various brands such as PT's and Sierra Gold, catering to those seeking a more casual gaming experience. However, the newest addition to the players club family is True Rewards, which encompasses all Golden Entertainment gaming properties. With its enhanced benefits and rewards, True Rewards aims to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable gaming experience for players across the board.

The earning rate of points is consistent across AcePlay and True Rewards in most games. Video poker enthusiasts accumulate one point for every $2 they wager, while full pay machines necessitate $4 in coin-in for a single point. Slot players, on the other hand, receive a point for every $1 they bet. As for bars and restaurants, they generously award 15 points for every $1 spent.

As an AI assistant, I can generate unique text that is not plagiarized from the example provided. Here's a new passage using the same sentence count and length: Having implemented AcePlay, they introduced tiers beyond the basic level, granting lucrative point multipliers. This system commences with a two-fold increase, progressively escalating to four times the initial value. However, with the recent changes, this arrangement becomes null and void. The individuals who will feel the impact of this modification the most are the devoted players at Arizona Charlie's, especially those who tend to wager larger sums. Nevertheless, I anticipate that the management will extend exclusive promotions to these esteemed customers, aiming to compensate for the altered benefits they have previously enjoyed.

In the True Rewards program, it seems that the tier points are accumulated at a similar pace as the comp points. This means that players who enjoy penny slots can earn tier points more rapidly compared to those who prefer video poker. The AcePlay tier points formula was cleverly designed to take into account the house edge, ensuring that the earning rate aligns with players' gaming preferences. Thus, the system offers a fair and balanced approach for players of different games to progress through the tiers.

Below are the listed tiers and benefits for your reference. It's important to take note that taverns and supermarkets have a higher threshold for tier points compared to casinos. The accumulation of tiers depends on the amount of play during the last six months for locals and the entire year for tourists.


Redeeming points

In the realm of point redemption, there are three distinct avenues that players can explore. The first option entails converting 500 points into a lavish sum of $1, which can be utilized for free play at various casinos. This convenient process can be effortlessly accomplished directly on the gaming machine itself, sparing players any unnecessary hassle. It is important to note that the return on investment differs depending on the type of game being played. Slot players can expect a modest return of 0.2 percent, while video poker and keno enthusiasts will receive a slightly lower return of 0.1 percent. However, those who frequent full pay video poker machines can anticipate a marginally reduced return of 0.05 percent when it comes to free play.

When it comes to earning rewards, there are different requirements at taverns and supermarkets compared to the Golden Rewards program. Previously, players had to accumulate 2,000 points per $1, which seemed less favorable. However, the new system awards one point for every dollar wagered in video poker, equivalent to the previous program's earning rate. The only difference is that players now need to have $2 coin-in per point. Thus, while the numbers may vary, the outcome remains essentially the same in terms of earning potential.

Under the Golden Rewards program, players at the tavern had a separate account specifically for receiving food and beverage comps. These comps could be redeemed at a rate of 300 points for every $1 spent, which is equivalent to the AcePlay system. However, cash back was not an option within the Golden Rewards program. In the past, players could earn cash back by accumulating 600 points per $1 through AcePlay. But now, with the revised system, it takes 1,000 points to receive that same $1 cash back.

The primary benefit of cross-marketing is magnified through True Rewards.

When Golden Entertainment took over Stratosphere and its sister casinos, I noticed a problem: the tavern customers were not being targeted by the full-service casinos for cross-marketing. However, that all changed in December. I was pleasantly surprised when I received an enticing offer for a complimentary room at Stratosphere, all because I had played a bit at a PT's establishment several months prior. Despite the tempting offer, I decided not to take advantage of it and redeem the free room.

In the past, the AcePlay club faced challenges in effectively promoting their casinos across different brands. I remember playing at Arizona Charlie's Boulder and receiving enticing offers for free play specifically at that location. However, I did not receive similar offers for the other two AcePlay casinos that were actually closer to my residence. Unlike the local casinos operated by Boyd Gaming and Station Casinos, the free play I received was not transferable to other properties within the AcePlay network. Nevertheless, it is safe to assume that such issues will be resolved moving forward.

This is a great development for Golden Entertainment, as it merges two important areas of their business. By creating a new players club, they are able to bring together their tavern customers and casino patrons. This strategic move not only allows them to attract more customers but also has the potential to draw them away from rival establishments. Consolidating all the excitement and gaming options under one brand is a significant advantage for Golden Entertainment.

Discover the top-notch video poker games exclusively offered at the renowned casinos of Golden Entertainment.

At Stratosphere, you'll find a range of video poker machines in the taverns that typically have a payout rate of 97 to 98 percent. It's worth noting that most machines at Stratosphere adhere to this standard. VPFree2, a reliable source for video poker information, highlights that the top video poker game available there is the 8/6 Bonus Poker Deluxe, which can be played with a $1 denomination and boasts a return rate of 98.49 percent. In addition to this, you can also enjoy other games such as 30/8/5 Bonus Poker and 9/5 Jacks or Better. If you prefer quarter games, the best option at Stratosphere is the 7/5 Bonus Poker, which offers a respectable return rate of 98.01 percent.

At Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, we take pride in offering our players the finest selection of video poker games in the entire system, as confirmed by VPFree2. Among our top-rated options is the highly sought-after $1 10/7/5 Double Bonus, boasting an impressive payout of 100.17%, complete with a progressive jackpot for added excitement. If you prefer the thrill of Triple Deuces Wild, we have you covered with a fantastic offering of 10-coin nickel denomination machines, delivering a solid return of 99.92%. For those who enjoy playing at the quarter level, our Loose Deuces Wild game offers a payout percentage of 99.20%, ensuring a thrilling experience with each hand. And let's not forget about our diverse selection of Bonus Poker machines, offering a generous payout rate of 99.17% across various denominations, including nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and dollar. Moreover, we provide an array of exciting game variants such as multi-hand, Super Times Pay, Multi-Strike, and Spin Poker, guaranteeing endless hours of gaming pleasure. Your search for the ultimate video poker destination ends here at Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, where exceptional gameplay, lucrative payouts, and a wide range of options await you.

When it comes to video poker games at Arizona Charlie's Boulder, there's definitely a smaller selection to choose from. According to VPFree2, the best option available there is a version of Deuces Wild that offers a payout of 98.91 percent. This particular game can be played on multi-hand machines, giving you even more chances to win. As for the denominations, you'll find a range of options including nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and dollar. So whether you're a casual player or a high roller, there's a video poker game at Arizona Charlie's Boulder to suit your preferences.

Arizona Charlie's offers some of the best low limit blackjack games in Las Vegas. In this market, both of their properties have double deck tables where you can double down before and after splitting, and even re-split aces. It's worth noting that the dealer hits soft 17 in these games. If you prefer playing with a shoe, you'll find the same rules apply. What's great about these games is that the minimum bet can be as low as $5, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of blackjack without breaking the bank.