Main Street Station

What I Long for About Shuttered Casinos in Las Vegas

Following the pandemic closure, Las Vegas casinos were given the green light to resume operations on June 4th. However, there are still seven casinos in the Las Vegas Valley that have not yet reopened.

View of Downtown Las Vegas from the Strat

Downtown Las Vegas Casinos Optimally Positioned for a Strong Recovery

Downtown Las Vegas is eagerly anticipating its reopening, and once it happens, I believe the casinos surrounding the Fremont Street Experience will thrive, showcasing outstanding performance in contrast to the rest of Las Vegas.

Sahara poker room

An Insight into the Future of Poker in Las Vegas, Beyond 2020

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has issued guidelines instructing casinos on maintaining a clean and secure environment amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, thereby minimizing the risk of transmission. Imposing restrictions...