Things I Long for in the Absence of Las Vegas Casinos

Main Street StationMain Street Station

After the pandemic closure, Las Vegas casinos got the green light to reopen on June 4th. However, not all of them flung their doors wide open. Surprisingly, there are still seven casinos in the Las Vegas Valley that remain closed. In addition to these seven, there are also two other casinos in Clark County, just a stone's throw away from the bustling city of Las Vegas, that have yet to welcome back their eager patrons. In this blog post, I will delve into the topic of which Las Vegas casinos are still closed, shedding light on the reasons behind their decision and also sharing some of my personal favorite aspects about each of these properties.

Main Street Station

The property in Las Vegas that I miss the most is Main Street Station. In my opinion, it will likely be the first one to reopen. I anticipate this happening once tourism from Hawaii starts approaching its usual levels.

In Las Vegas, Main Street Station offers its patrons an above-average video poker experience that is bound to endure. One of the highlights is the enhanced pay tables, complemented by an exciting scratch-off ticket reward for achieving a natural four of a kind. While the prize is typically around $5 or less, the anticipation of potentially winning substantial drawing tickets adds an element of thrill. Additionally, the bar features the coveted 9/6 Jacks or Better game, widely regarded as one of the finest bartop games in all of Las Vegas.

Main Street Station showcased an exceptional assortment of coin games, such as Treasure Chest Poker and Aces No Faces, which are expected to make a comeback in the future.

I want to highlight the amazing options available for table game enthusiasts. Downtown Las Vegas offers an exceptional deal, especially for blackjack players. One can enjoy playing low limit 3:2 double deck blackjack, which is quite remarkable. However, it's worth noting that double down after splitting is not allowed in this particular game. On the other hand, the craps game in downtown Las Vegas is truly outstanding. They offer an impressive 20 times odds, which is the highest you'll find in this area. So, for anyone looking to have an exhilarating time at the tables, these options are definitely worth considering.


Currently, Palms stands as one of the prominent Las Vegas establishments that remains temporarily closed, along with three other Station Casinos properties.

Finding its new identity, Palms was a casino that captivated me for reasons beyond its gambling offerings. Upon its remodel, it struck me as a delightful fusion of Red Rock and Palace Station. Despite this, there were few distinguishing features in its games that set it apart from other casinos within the Station family. Clearly, Palms was still in the process of discovering and establishing its unique persona.

In my opinion, the Cantor sportsbook at the casino was truly exceptional, standing out among the top choices for locals. What made it even more convenient was its close proximity to the fantastic casino food court, just a few steps away. If you were craving for some delectable Mexican cuisine, Chronic Tacos provided an excellent option right there. And let's not forget about Earl of Sandwich, conveniently located right next to it, offering a delicious variety of sandwiches. For entertainment, the movie theater had some amazing early week specials, giving you a chance to catch your favorite films at a discounted price. And if you were in the mood for live shows, the Pearl Theater hosted some truly magnificent performances that you wouldn't want to miss out on.


The Fiestas are shut down, one located on Rancho at East Lake Mead in North Las Vegas, and the other at Lake Mead Parkway and US 95 in Henderson.

The thing I miss the most about Fiesta Henderson is playing Joker Poker and getting paid in full. Unfortunately, that particular game disappeared a few months prior to the pandemic shutdown. Like most of the Station Casinos, both Fiestas had the same selection of video poker games. However, what set the Fiesta properties apart was their unique mailer system, which was different from the larger casinos owned by Station Casinos. The great thing about it was that you could receive double mailers for playing the same games.

In the Fiesta pits, players were in for a fantastic bargain with $5 3:2 double deck blackjack and $3 10 times craps. These exciting table games were included in the separate mailers, ensuring that everyone could enjoy the thrill. It was truly a remarkable opportunity to experience the exhilaration of the casino. The mailers extended their enticing offers beyond just slot machines, catering to those who preferred the strategic allure of table games. The Fiesta pits became a hub of excitement, drawing in players from far and wide. With such incredible deals, it was no wonder that the casino was buzzing with eager gamblers. The chance to play blackjack and craps at such affordable rates was a rare find indeed. The Fiesta truly knew how to cater to its diverse customer base, ensuring that everyone could find their favorite game at a price that was hard to resist. These exclusive offers made the casino experience even more unforgettable, leaving players with memories of thrilling wins and unforgettable moments.

The addition of the drive-thru sportsbook window was a clever idea. Although mobile betting has made this feature less necessary, it still provided an enjoyable experience.

Texas Station

Santa Fe Station now offers a variety of advantages, setting it apart from other Station Casinos establishments in Texas. For instance, patrons can indulge in affordable, yet thrilling video poker games such as Ultimate X and Big Split, all while enjoying favorable payout rates. Moreover, the newly opened oyster bar at Santa Fe Station presents an enticing option for lunch, featuring delectable lunch specials that were once exclusively available at the now-closed oyster bar in Texas Station.

Texas Station, with its array of enticing offers, truly stood out among the Station Casinos properties. Unquestionably, the $5 3:2 double deck blackjack and the thrilling Pai Gow Poker experiences were nothing short of incredible deals. Equally remarkable was the $3 craps game, where players could enjoy a remarkable ten times the odds. However, what truly set Texas Station apart was its unique triple payout on 12 in the field—a feature that was exclusive to this particular establishment.

Eastside Cannery

A few years ago, Boyd Gaming acquired Eastside Cannery, a casino located on Boulder Highway. However, despite the acquisition, Eastside Cannery faced challenges in attracting customers and generating revenue. The economic downturn in Las Vegas further exacerbated the situation, as the nearby Sam's Town, also owned by Boyd Gaming, made Eastside Cannery seem unnecessary.

I frequented the Boyd Gaming establishment, where I found the usual selection of games popular among the locals. However, what set this place apart were the electronic table games, which were known for their generous point rewards. Interestingly, this was the sole establishment under the Boyd Gaming umbrella that featured a double deck blackjack game where players were allowed to re-split aces.


The owners of Railroad Pass, in late 2020, purchased Eldorado, which is set to reopen under a new name. It seems that the new owners have decided to pay homage to their existing property by renaming Eldorado as The Pass. Boyd Gaming, the previous owner, sold the property to make way for this change.

The old school sportsbook and keno lounge by the front door were the aspects of Eldorado that I cherished the most. Additionally, I adored the coin 10/7 Double Bonus machines, which were the final remaining coin games downtown Henderson had to offer. If players were seeking these particular games in the vicinity, they would need to make their way to Skyline Casino on Boulder Highway.

I absolutely love the benefits that come with Eldorado, one of which is the unique players card it offers compared to other casinos under the Boyd Gaming brand. This distinctive feature allows players to receive extra mailers and rewards. Interestingly, the players club utilized at Eldorado can also be found at Jokers Wild, another casino that is still under the ownership of Boyd Gaming. It's worth mentioning that Jokers Wild underwent some changes during the pandemic closures, transforming into a slots-only casino. As a result, all the traditional table games were taken off the gaming floor, making way for the introduction of electronic table games.

The Jean location of Terrible's Casino

In 2015, Terrible's purchased the Goldstrike located in Jean, previously owned by MGM Resorts. Situated along I-15, this casino is conveniently positioned between the California state line and Las Vegas. Interestingly, the property's lone source of allure used to be a collection of vintage movie cars. Curiously enough, I happened to catch sight of what appeared to be a portion of this exhibit within the recently established Chevron station across the highway during the past few months.

I used to love the feeling of being able to spontaneously visit a quiet, secluded rural casino with a handful of enjoyable games as a temporary escape from the bustling Las Vegas scene. It was just a short drive away, but it felt like entering a completely different world. Until it changed ownership, this place had those rare Deuces Wild machines that paid out in coins and offered great odds. Even after the property was closed down, there were still a couple of Jacks or Better machines with favorable payouts that I would occasionally indulge in.

The Terrible’s Casino website has been removed from the online realm, while their Facebook page has been completely deserted. This unfortunate turn of events might not augur well for the prospects of the establishment moving forward.

Primm is home to Buffalo Bill’s.

Buffalo Bill’s, the only one of the three Primm casinos that remains entirely closed, holds a special place in my heart. What I long for the most, in particular, is the amusement park that was once a vibrant part of this establishment. Sadly, the amusement park ceased its operation a few years ago, leaving Buffalo Bill’s with limited non-gaming attractions. However, one aspect that stood out among the three Primm casinos was Buffalo Bill’s exceptional video poker offerings.

Buffalo Bill's future is very much in doubt without a substantial investment, given the online reviews of the hotel highlighting its disrepair and the abandonment of the amusement park. It seems that the property's viability may not be justified by its location in the coming years.