Journal: Circus Circus Adventuredome Travel Review

Circus CircusCircus Circus

Kristina and I hadn't been to the Adventuredome at Circus Circus in years, but we recently discovered that we had a wristband for a buy one get one free deal that was about to expire at the end of the month. Excited by the opportunity, we made a spontaneous decision to finally utilize it.

Arriving at 11am on Wednesday, my companions and I were excited to visit Adventuredome, but to our disappointment, we discovered that it wouldn't open until 1pm. It had been quite a challenge to obtain accurate operating hours for the amusement park. Despite my efforts to confirm the timings through Circus Circus's social media channels, I received no response. The website hadn't been updated since March 2021, leaving us uncertain and relying on outdated information. Nevertheless, we patiently waited until 1pm, eager to embark on our thrilling adventure.

Exploring Circus Circus and Slots A Fun during our wait.

During our exploration of the vicinity of Circus Circus, we strolled through several neighboring casinos. A notable observation that stood out from our visits was the closure of Circus Circus' sportsbook. Gone are the days of placing bets and soaking in the lively atmosphere of the sportsbook. Instead, a kiosk has taken its place, situated in the bar area adjacent to it. This change brings a different dynamic to the establishment, offering a more compact and convenient option for those seeking a wager.

During the week, the Circus Circus pit takes a break from 4am to noon, so keep that in mind if you plan to visit during those hours. As for the table games, they have remained unchanged since our previous survey. However, it's worth noting that all the blackjack games at Circus Circus now pay 6:5, except for Double Exposure Blackjack, which offers even money. This particular game is quite unique to Las Vegas, as you won't find it elsewhere. In addition to blackjack, Circus Circus also offers other table games such as craps, 00 roulette, 000 roulette, and Three Card Poker. So, if you're looking for some classic casino action, you'll find a variety of options to enjoy at Circus Circus.

The bar at Slots A Fun was closed when I visited, as the place seemed eerily deserted. However, I did notice that they had recently introduced a handful of electronic table games, video poker machines at the bar, and a small selection of slot machines. Surprisingly, a significant portion of the venue remained unused, including the former restaurants and the adjacent store. It was a shame to see such wasted space in an otherwise lively establishment.

The current operating schedule of the Adventuredome at Circus Circus in February 2022.

  • Operating hours from Monday to Thursday are from 1pm until 8pm.
  • Friday operating hours: from 11 in the morning until midnight.
  • Saturday hours of operation: 10am until midnight
  • Operating hours on Sunday are from 10am until 9pm.

Our thrilling experience at Adventuredome was unlike any other.

We arrived back at 1pm, and to our surprise, it was already moderately crowded. Nevertheless, there were fortunately no queues for the attractions.

I had a blast exploring the thrilling rides at Adventuredome. Our adventure began on the Disk'o ride, where we spun and twirled in exhilaration. Next, we hopped on the Road Runner roller coaster, feeling the rush as we soared through twists and turns. Seeking even more excitement, we eagerly queued up for the NebulaZ, a brand new addition to the park. The futuristic theme and mind-bending twists left us in awe. To add a touch of whimsy to our day, we decided to try out the new swing and tea cup rides. As we soared through the air on the swing ride, and spun around in the whimsical tea cups, laughter filled the air.

Loco was the subsequent attraction on the list. It is the latest addition to the thrilling roller coasters at Adventuredome. This exhilarating ride holds the top spot as my personal favorite in the park.

When it comes to roller coasters, I've always had a blast riding the older one known as Canyon Blaster. However, what sticks in my mind every time I hop on is the realization that I'm actually too tall for the safety restraints. Standing at a height of 6'2", I reckon the maximum comfort level for someone on Canyon Blaster is about two inches shorter than me. It's a shame because after riding it, I always end up with a slight neck injury, just as I anticipated. Luckily, two days down the line, everything is back to normal and my neck feels perfectly fine.

During our visits, we often found the Canyon Blaster with remnants of the old log flume ride visible as we ascended the first incline. However, Loco, which now occupies much of the space previously occupied by the log flume, is no longer in operation. It was quite rare to find the log flume open during our visits, as it was mostly closed.

Towards the back of Adventuredome, we first headed for the bumper cars and the pirate ship, seeking some thrilling amusement. Once we had our fill of those exhilarating rides, we decided to go on a few of them again, relishing the adrenaline rush. Unfortunately, the Sling Shot was temporarily closed, preventing us from experiencing its exciting catapulting motion. As for the Inverter, it's not our cup of tea, as it fails to captivate our interest. However, we did notice that the remaining rides were more suitable for younger children, providing them with a milder and less intense experience.

At Loco, we faced the sole queues during our visit. It required around three rounds before we could hop on it. Other than that, we didn't encounter any delays. This enabled us to navigate through Adventuredome in approximately two hours. If the place is bustling, I reckon it would easily take twice that amount of time, if not more.