Experience an unforgettable tale: Riviera Liquidation Sale

In the midst of the crisis, I made a bold choice to journey back through the annals of time and regale you with tales of my thrilling escapades in the dazzling city of Las Vegas, a place I have called home for a decade. Brace yourself, for this is but the opening chapter of an epic saga that shall unfold before your very eyes.

In May 2015, the Riviera bid its final farewell as it permanently shut its doors after being acquired by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority earlier that year. The purchase was made with the intention of expanding the renowned Las Vegas Convention Center, and the authority proudly boasted about the upcoming frontage on the Strip, recognizing its significance. However, an unexpected turn of events has now unfolded, as the coveted Strip frontage is currently up for sale, unraveling an intriguing and separate narrative altogether.

Living in Las Vegas was an unforgettable experience, and one memory that stands out above all others is our liquidation sale adventures. But before I delve into those, let me save the tales of Riviera's final days for another time.

The Riviera Pinball Hall of Fame is an iconic destination for pinball enthusiasts.

My daughter and I used to have fun playing at the Pinball Hall of Fame located at Riviera. Interestingly, we discovered two unique games there that were not found at the main Pinball Hall of Fame near UNLV.

During the liquidation sale, my companion accompanied me on numerous occasions to Riviera, and it saddened her to learn of its impending closure. As the end drew near, we managed to enjoy a few rounds of play, although our excitement was cut short when the pinball machines were abruptly removed several days prior to the complete shutdown of the entire establishment.

Presented below is an image showcasing the transformation of my daughter's beloved game spot at the Riviera Pinball Hall of Fame.

Snippets from a spine-chilling film

During the sale, a large portion of the property was accessible for visitors to explore, and there were minimal security measures in place. This encompassed areas that had previously been blocked off when the casino floor shrank and a restaurant shut down several years ago.

I explored multiple areas during my adventure, including various offices, the antiquated reception desk, the holding room for security personnel, the culinary spaces, fitness facilities, and even the concealed sections of the stage where performances took place. Interestingly, the cage was the sole region explicitly marked as off-limits; however, I did encounter a minor setback when I was asked to leave a storage area tucked away behind the aged front desk. This particular storage space had an additional entrance leading directly to the pool area.

The security personnel warned me about being banned if they ever caught me in restricted areas once more. However, I chose to disregard their warning and managed to avoid detection thereafter.

Walking through the liquidation sale at the Riviera, I couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. The hallways were filled with abandoned carts, remnants of the hotel's final weekend of room service. As I made my way further, I noticed broken items scattered about, evidence of buyers hastily inspecting their potential purchases. The offices and security areas were in disarray, with people rummaging through documents, creating a chaotic mess. It was an eerie sight, reminiscent of scenes from the deserted and pillaged movie set of Casino.

At the southern tip of the Mediterranean Tower, perched high above, was a state-of-the-art fitness center. Remarkably, I noticed a charming balcony adorned with a putting green, providing a splendid view. From this vantage point, one could gaze upon the pool, which sadly remained unutilized, owing to its unfortunate tendency to leak water into the casino below.

Uncover hidden 'Casino' film location found on highest level of Monaco Tower.

Here are two captivating moments captured on screen in the movie Casino: the encounter between Sam and Nicky in a luxurious Riviera suite, and the mesmerizing ballroom scene where Sam ties the knot with Ginger.

The suite I stayed in during my trip to Las Vegas was quite impressive. Spanning across two stories, it offered ample space and a touch of luxury. The first floor featured a charming wet bar and a cozy gathering area, perfect for socializing and unwinding. Upstairs, I discovered a comfortable bedroom that provided a peaceful retreat after a long day exploring the city. I was particularly enchanted by the breathtaking view from my suite. Positioned on a corner, I could admire the dazzling lights of the Strip in one direction, while the other showcased the splendid sight of the Las Vegas Hilton and convention center. As I ventured out onto the floor, I noticed that there were other suites available with a similar two-story layout. Although they differed slightly in terms of furnishings, they exuded a classic charm with their elegant yet older decor.

A variety of tabletop games were available for purchase.

Derek Stevens, the owner of two downtown Las Vegas casinos, purchased numerous table games from Riviera. The slots, however, were not made available to the public and were exclusively procured by him. As a result, a significant portion of these games found their place in his establishments, adding to the diverse range of entertainment options for the visitors.

Additional areas worth exploring

Room 901 of the Mediterranean Tower caught my attention amidst the numerous offices and older suites that filled the building. While most of the furnishings within were subpar, this particular suite had an intriguing aura. One of the standout features was a bed, noticeably labeled as not available for purchase.

The hallways appeared post-apocalyptic, a scene that was frequently observed.

We managed to explore the Monte Carlo Tower during our visit. Upon entering, we found that a few of the rooms were still in reasonably good condition. Interestingly enough, the very first picture we took showcases one of these well-preserved rooms. We had the opportunity to purchase a dresser and two end tables from this particular room. However, it's worth mentioning that the other pictures we have are from the Monaco Tower rooms. Unfortunately, these rooms were mostly devastated prior to our arrival, leaving them in ruins.


Exploring behind the scenes at the Starlite Showroom and the comedy club, we discovered a scene of utter chaos. The once pristine areas were now mere remnants of their former selves. As we entered the dressing room of the Starlite Showroom, our eyes were drawn to a heartfelt farewell message affixed to the wall with tape.


What we bought

I was thrilled to participate in the Riviera liquidation sale, where my friends and I managed to spend a total of $1,000. Among all the incredible finds, my personal favorites were the box office signs from two shows and the renowned Pinball Hall of Fame. It was an absolute delight to stumble upon these treasures, as the show signs adorned the box office window, situated on the bustling casino floor. Equally exciting was discovering the iconic Pinball Hall of Fame sign located at the bottom of the escalators, tucked away in the charming small parking area beneath the casino.

We decided to purchase a couple of additional cardboard signs, along with three furniture items, which were part of a suite that appeared to be in pristine condition, save for some minor scuffs caused by the wheels of suitcases.

At The Strat, you'll find the LA Comedy Club, which has taken over from the Riviera Comedy Club. The new club has managed to retain a lot of the furnishings and fixtures that were once part of its predecessor. Additionally, they've also brought on board some of the former employees and comedians from the Riviera. One interesting feature to note is the Riviera Comedy Club sign that we purchased, which is currently on loan to our friends at the LA Comedy Club. If you take a look at the wall, you'll see it hanging there. You'll find it on the opposite side of the storage room doors, right next to the VIP booths. It's usually illuminated before the shows start.