Graveyard of Unusual Las Vegas Blackjack Variations

In my observations, I have compiled a register of diverse renditions of blackjack that were formerly popular in Las Vegas, but alas, are now absent from the scene. These variations, for the most part, had a brief lifespan, enduring merely a year or two. Certain versions, however, vanished even prior to their commencement, ceasing to exist after a mere trial period.

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The diagram provided illustrates the annual table count for each game documented in the Las Vegas Blackjack Graveyard.


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In downtown Las Vegas, at the Fremont Casino, there was a variant of Blackjack known as Bet 'Em All. Back in 2016, when we conducted our survey, we discovered that this game was being offered on two tables. However, the popularity of Bet 'Em All grew rapidly, leading to an increase in the number of tables to six in 2017. It seemed like the game was thriving and attracting more players. But, to our surprise, when we revisited the casino in 2018, all the tables offering Bet 'Em All had vanished. It was as if the game had disappeared overnight, leaving us puzzled about its sudden disappearance.

In Arizona and Mississippi, the game developed by this company remains available in casinos, offering players the unique opportunity to support and wager on bets made by their fellow players at the table. Such a concept is widely embraced in European gambling culture, where camaraderie and communal betting are highly valued. Surprisingly, however, this innovative game failed to gain traction in the bustling gambling hub of Las Vegas. Nonetheless, for those seeking an alternative and interactive gaming experience, venturing to the casinos of Arizona and Mississippi might just be the ticket.

Blackjack Frenzy

In early 2022, the doors of Sahara welcomed the exhilarating sensation of Blackjack Frenzy. With a minimum bet of $10, this thrilling game blended the exhilarating elements of Spanish 21 and Super Fun 21. One of the enticing features of this game was the ability for players to double down after making a successful hit. Adding to the excitement, there were special bonuses awaiting those who achieved certain 21 hands. However, it is worth noting that the payout for a blackjack was 6:5. Unfortunately, the presence of Blackjack Frenzy at Sahara was short-lived, as it was later removed from the casino's offerings within the same year of its introduction in 2022.

Burn 20

In 2011 and 2012, I had the opportunity to experience a unique blackjack variant called Burn 20 at Binion’s. What made Burn 20 stand out was its rule that the dealer never began with a hard 20. Whenever the dealer revealed a 10-value card, a careful examination of the hand would take place to determine if a hard 20 was present. If the dealer indeed had a hard 20, the hand would be discarded and redrawn. Intriguingly, after the initial discard of a hard 20, blackjack would join the ranks of the discarded hands. This clever addition ensured that players would never find themselves up against a hand worse than the first one.

When it was established that the dealer did not possess a hard 20, we would commence the hand. At any given moment, the dealer would retain an ace and a 9, constituting a soft 20. In order to counterbalance this particular regulation, the casino would reward all players who did not exceed the limit or acquire a natural blackjack when the dealer drew to a total of 22.

Change It 21

From 2014 to 2017, the Fremont Casino in downtown Las Vegas hosted an event called Change It 21. This unique blackjack game offered players the opportunity to discard a card after the dealer had checked for blackjack, with a cost equivalent to 50% of their original bet. For example, on a $10 game, replacing a card would cost $5. The fascinating aspect was that this action could be performed both before and after a split. Interestingly, any blackjack hand that was hit by changing a card was an automatic winner since the dealer had already completed the check for blackjack.

Double Attack Blackjack

Throughout our surveys in 2020, Double Attack Blackjack proved to be the sole game that consistently made an appearance, never being offered on more than two tables. Back in 2011, you could easily spot this game at El Cortez and Bally's. However, El Cortez decided to discontinue it around 2013, leaving Bally's as the only remaining option. Unfortunately, as fate would have it, even the Bally's game vanished from existence in 2020.

Double Attack Blackjack offered a remarkably low house edge, distinguishing it from other variations. Nevertheless, its strategy proved to be intricate.

In this game, we utilized a specialized deck called Spanish Blackjack. In this deck, the tens were intentionally excluded, while the face cards remained. The dealer, to start off, was dealt the opening card face-up, granting players a glimpse into their initial advantage. Capitalizing on this information, the player had the option to double their original bet. It's worth noting that winning a round of blackjack resulted in an even money payout. Additionally, players were granted the freedom to double down or surrender their hand at any point during gameplay.

Down Under Blackjack

The Excalibur casino in Las Vegas featured the exclusive Down Under Blackjack in 2018, which unfortunately became a thing of the past. This unique blackjack variant offered a 6:5 payout ratio.

At the beginning of the game, the dealer would carefully examine the cards to see if there was any chance of a blackjack. Once that was done, a sophisticated machine would then ascertain the value of the card that the dealer held face down. It would inform the player whether the hidden card was a low-value card ranging from 2 to 5, a mid-value card from 6 to 9, or a high-value card like a ten or an ace. Armed with this valuable knowledge, the player had the ability to adjust their strategy accordingly. However, there was one caveat to this advantage. In return for this privilege, the dealer had the power to declare all active hands as a push in the event that they themselves achieved a hand total of 22.

Player’s Choice 21

Around 2013, a fascinating variation of blackjack called Player's Choice Blackjack emerged at the renowned Venetian casino, captivating players for approximately a year. In this intriguing version, players were granted the opportunity to place two separate bets, adding a delightful twist to the traditional game. As the cards were dealt, three of them found their way into the player's possession, and with skillful maneuvering, they ingeniously transformed this trio into two distinct blackjack hands. Astoundingly, one of the cards was skillfully utilized twice, showcasing the player's cunning strategy. To further heighten the excitement, this unique variant incorporated a compulsory three-card bonus bet, compelling players to match the value of their original bet.

Power Blackjack

In 2011, during our initial survey at Paris Las Vegas, Power Blackjack made its debut with just one table. It continued to be a part of our survey until 2013. A unique feature of this variant was that players had the option to discard their first double-down card and replace it with a new one when they had a total of 10 or 11. Additionally, players were allowed to split any hard 15 or 16 hands. An interesting twist was that if the dealer drew a 22, all live hands were pushed, resulting in a tie.

Quick Pay 21

In December 2019, during my visit to Planet Hollywood, my eyes caught sight of Quick Pay 21 for the very first time. It was an exhilarating game that seemed to captivate the attention of many players. However, to my surprise, when I returned in 2021, the game had vanished, leaving only memories behind. Quick Pay 21 offered not just one, but two intriguing bets to its players. The first was the classic blackjack wager, a staple in the world of card games. The second bet, on the other hand, provided players with a choice between surrendering or continuing to play, adding an element of strategy and decision-making to the already thrilling game.

When playing blackjack, there are various options available to the player. For instance, if I have a hand value of 20, I can opt to collect even money or choose to receive half of my original bet amount on a hand value of 19. Another choice I have is to push when my hand value is 18. This means that if I decide to take the guaranteed money, known as a Quick Pay, the bet will push and I will receive the agreed amount. However, if I decline the Quick Pay, the game proceeds as usual, with the added element of a side bet on whether the dealer will make a hand value of 18 or higher. In this scenario, the dealer pushes all live hands when they have a hand value of 17. When the player decides not to take the Quick Pay, their flat bet and the surrender-or-play bet are combined and treated as a regular blackjack wager.

Super Fun 21

I remember the good old days when Super Fun 21 used to be the talk of the town. It was the year 2023 when I last caught a glimpse of this exciting game at Sam's Town. What made Super Fun 21 so appealing was its inclusion of numerous rules that favored the players. However, there was one catch - most blackjack hands paid even money. Oh, but here comes the twist! If you were lucky enough to have a suited diamond hand, you'd get double the payout. Those were the moments when players would hold their breath, hoping for that perfect combination. I recall the late 2010s, when Super Fun 21 reached its peak popularity with a whopping 14 tables scattered across Las Vegas. But, as time went by, the number dwindled. By 2021, only one table remained, and it was a sad sight to witness. Eventually, Super Fun 21 vanished from Sam's Town, leaving behind memories of an exhilarating game that once brought joy to many blackjack enthusiasts.

Triple Attack Blackjack

I stumbled upon Triple Attack Blackjack during my visits to Harrah's on the renowned Las Vegas Strip back in 2012 and 2013. It was quite a sensation during those years, captivating both seasoned gamblers and curious newcomers. The game had a unique twist, offering players a triple opportunity to strategize their moves and maximize their chances of winning. However, it seems that this thrilling variant of blackjack has since vanished from the casino scene, leaving behind fond memories for those lucky enough to have experienced it. It's a shame that Triple Attack Blackjack is no longer available, as it brought a refreshing change to the traditional game and added an extra layer of excitement to the already vibrant Las Vegas atmosphere.

In this thrilling game, I found myself engaged in a battle of wits against the house. The deck of cards, consisting of eight Spanish 21 decks, was devoid of tens, yet filled with all the captivating face cards. Before being dealt any cards, I boldly placed my first-attack bet, ready to take on the challenge. Upon receiving my initial set of cards, a surge of adrenaline coursed through my veins, urging me to place a second attack bet. Anticipation filled the air as the dealer's door card was unveiled, enticing me to make a third attack bet. Throughout the game, I had the option to double down or split my hand, but there was a catch - I had to wager the cumulative amount accumulated from all three of my relentless attack bets.

In order to compensate for these excellent regulations, there were a couple of downsides. The payout for blackjack was limited to even money, and the dealer would tie with all active hands if they had a total of 22 points.

War Blackjack

War Blackjack, an optional side bet, was introduced as a captivating addition to the regular game. Those who chose not to participate enjoyed a standard blackjack experience. Meanwhile, participants engaged in a thrilling game of war against the dealer, where the ace held a low value. Both the player and the dealer were dealt an up card, and in the event of a tie, the dealer emerged victorious. However, if the player emerged triumphant, they had the opportunity to parlay their bet and winnings with their original blackjack wager. Of course, this decision was contingent upon the specific combination of cards in the player's hand and the dealer's face-up card.

In 2014, a thrilling variant of Blackjack known as War Blackjack emerged onto the scene. Initially, it made its debut at popular establishments such as Excalibur, The D, and Tropicana in Las Vegas. However, the game's popularity continued to grow, eventually catching the attention of Plaza, who decided to incorporate it into their casino offerings. This decision proved to be a hit among players, as War Blackjack became a sought-after game at Plaza. Fast forward to 2018, and Las Vegas witnessed the last sighting of this enthralling game at Plaza, leaving players eagerly awaiting its return.

Zappit 21

In 2016, Palazzo introduced Zappit 21, a thrilling 3:2 blackjack game. However, after just a year, it vanished from the scene, leaving players yearning for its unique gameplay. Much to their delight, Zappit 21 resurfaced at Green Valley Ranch and Excalibur, this time as a 6:5 game. Its popularity soared as players reveled in the exhilaration of this revamped version. Nevertheless, as the years went by, Zappit 21 gradually faded away from the Las Vegas casino landscape, leaving behind memories of its brief but unforgettable presence.

In Zappit 21, when players received a hand totaling 15, 16, or 17, they had the option to discard both cards and request a fresh set. No matter the value of the dealer's door card, this strategy was consistently the optimal choice. In the game, a total of 22 led to a tie between the player and the dealer.

Zombie Blackjack

Zombie Blackjack, a peculiar variation of the classic card game, made its debut in Sin City back in 2017. Its initial presence was restricted to a select few establishments, namely Binion's, Four Queens, and Venetian, where players could indulge in its unique gameplay. However, as with many novelties, the popularity of Zombie Blackjack waned, causing it to fade away from those casinos after a mere year of existence. Nonetheless, hope sprang anew when Red Rock Casino decided to incorporate this intriguing variant into its offerings in 2018, albeit with a less favorable payout ratio of 6:5. Sadly, even at Red Rock, the allure of Zombie Blackjack proved to be short-lived, lasting only around a year before it vanished from the gaming floor. As the game became a mere relic of the past, it found refuge in the virtual realm, where now, in the present day, this peculiar twist on blackjack can only be experienced in online casinos.

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