The Museum of Blackjack in Las Vegas

Since 2011, I've been gathering extensive data on blackjack games in Las Vegas. To kickstart this endeavor, I would annually stroll down the lively Las Vegas Strip and explore the bustling casino district in December. The following year, in 2012, I expanded my research to include the renowned Palms and Red Rock Resort. As my dedication grew, so did my data collection, and in 2014, I incorporated the esteemed Orleans casino into my ever-growing list. Eventually, by 2016, I had successfully documented almost all of the local casinos, thereby amassing a comprehensive database of Las Vegas blackjack tables.

I always find that December is the ideal moment to tackle this task. Once the National Finals Rodeo concludes its run, I embark on my mission and complete it just in time for the Christmas holidays. The temperature drops just enough to make my daily walks, spanning several miles, an enjoyable component of the job.

My wife, Kristina Mehaffey, is a true master of data analysis. With her remarkable skills, she expertly transforms the information I gather into organized spreadsheets. Once she completes this crucial step, I dive into crafting engaging content that is tailored specifically to the data we've collected. Together, Kristina's data organization and my content creation form the foundation for an invaluable guide, designed to assist blackjack players in Las Vegas.

Let me share with you the process I undertake. First and foremost, I embark on a journey to each and every casino, meticulously counting the abundance of blackjack tables that grace their floors. Then, I take it upon myself to meticulously categorize these games, taking into account everything from the minimum and maximum bets, the number of decks employed in each game, and the very rules that the house adheres to when it comes to blackjack. These rules encompass vital aspects such as the payout ratio, whether it's a generous 3:2 or a less appealing 6:5, as well as whether players are allowed to double down after splitting, surrender, and re-split aces, and how many times they can do so. Additionally, I make a point to tally up the myriad of blackjack variants that manifest within these establishments. In order to ensure utmost accuracy, I make it a habit to engage in conversation with the dealers themselves, confirming any rule changes and gaining valuable insight into the inner workings of these captivating games.

Over the past decade, this data has revealed numerous trends. One crucial trend it highlights is the advent of the 6:5 contagion that swept through the Strip. Additionally, it sheds light on the gradual disappearance of other advantageous rules, like the ability to split aces multiple times. This data encapsulates the timeline of these shifts, providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of the gambling industry. It serves as a testament to the ever-changing nature of the game and the need for players to adapt to new circumstances.

Kristina, our data expert, will generate dozens of graphs to visually illustrate the captivating story behind the evolution of the game covered in our Las Vegas Blackjack Museum. The data we possess provides valuable insights into how this popular game has transformed and adapted to the ever-changing market. With compelling visualizations, we aim to engage visitors and enrich their understanding of the game's journey. At our museum, we delve into all these intriguing topics, creating a comprehensive repository of knowledge for enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

The ongoing work of the Las Vegas Blackjack Museum will see periodic updates with new content being added during the spring and summer seasons.

Articles about the history of blackjack in the Las Vegas Blackjack Museum.

Presented below is a compilation of informative articles that delve into the fascinating evolution of Las Vegas blackjack throughout the years. Together, they provide a comprehensive overview of the transformative journey this iconic card game has undertaken in the last decade.

Present Blackjack Variations in Las Vegas

In the vibrant market of Las Vegas, a wide array of blackjack variants awaits the eager gambler. The undisputed favorite among players is Free Bet Blackjack, a game that has captured the hearts and wallets of many. Yet, this bustling city offers not just one, but a whopping ten alternative options for those seeking a twist on the traditional blackjack experience. With a plethora of choices at hand, players can indulge in a variety of captivating gameplay styles, each promising a unique and thrilling adventure. The blackjack aficionados among us are truly spoilt for choice in the dazzling realm of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Blackjack Variants Repository

I've seen my fair share of table games come and go, you know? It's a constant cycle in the casino world. Some games become the talk of the town, the next big deal, if you will. They draw in crowds, entice the players, and capture the allure of the gambling scene. But then there are those games that simply vanish without a trace, never to be seen again. In this section, I'm here to shed some light on the blackjack variants that once graced the tables of Las Vegas since 2011 but have now become a part of the city's gaming history. These games, although retired, have left their mark on the minds of those who experienced them. They had their own unique twists, rules, and strategies that kept players intrigued and entertained. It's always fascinating to explore the evolution of casino games, especially when it comes to blackjack. The game itself has a rich history, and its variants have added even more excitement to the mix. While some of these games might not be available anymore, their impact is still felt within the gambling community. So, let's take a trip down memory lane and discover the blackjack variants that once graced the iconic casinos of Las Vegas. Although they may no longer be dealt on the tables, their legacy lives on, reminding us of the ever-changing nature of the casino world.

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